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Healthcare is the improvement of health via the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, recovery, or cure of disease.

History Of Breast Cancer

The history of breast cancer dates back to the early Egyptian period. The number of breast cancer-affected females is rising every year. In 2008, it was observed that the number of females suffering from breast cancer rose to 1.38 billion all over the world. The early medical literature describes no possible treatment for breast cancer. William Stewart Halsted experimented with the process of mastectomy by the surgery of breasts; in

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How Do Emergency Department Throughput Times Effect Patient Outcomes?

Introduction As they say, the Slower you go, the sicker you become. ED swarming has been a substantial problem for the United States for a long time now. Hospitals are facing an increase in demand for emergency services, but there are fewer resources available. This leads to poor patient flow and lengthened hospital stay in the ED. ED crowding is a major health issue that directly affects the apprehensions of

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Three Phases Of The Nurse-Patient Relationship

Q. Identify three phases of the nurse-patient relationship and discuss how the phases can be helpful in communicating effectively to patients, patient’s families, and other healthcare professionals. A healthy nurse-patient relationship is significant for the growth of the patients and the eradication of their problems. This connection between the nurse and the patient exists so that patients and their families can benefit from interactions. A healthy relationship is maintained through

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Coronary Artery Disease

Coronary artery disease is one of the leading killer diseases globally. Coronary artery disease (CAD) is also among the most known heart complications affecting both men and women. Coronary artery disease is a result of the deposition of materials called plaque in the inner walls of blood vessels supplying blood to the heart. Cholesterol is the most common plaque material that builds up in the arteries. Tar from tobacco is

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Hypertension And The Influence Of The Neighbourhoods

Health issues concerning lifestyle behaviours have increased in the United States in recent years. Hypertension can be regarded as a deadly health concern in the world. The management of hypertension is so sensitive that if a patient fails to receive medication, it may lead to mortality. Following a recent study, African Americans are the most vulnerable group, with a record of one adult in every three living with the disease.

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The Lacking Workforce In Healthcare And Nursing

Nursing is the most important department in the health professions, and it has more than 3M registered nurses across the US. Nowadays, giving safe, high-quality, and adequate health care is the foremost concern for any health facility in the world (Law & Rowe, 2018). But, in the United States, it is becoming a question that is asked by the affected people. The new healthcare laws have imposed a significant challenge

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Health Care Administration Models To Resolve Communication Problems

Introduction Organizational administration and a system of delivering performance are essential elements of health sectors. It requires monitoring and continuous regulations to eliminate the distance between the providers and the patient. Patients also have the assertion that advancements in technological components will benefit them. The communication process between care providers and patients can be improved using advanced methods of transmitting views and messages. Healthcare delivery systems are influenced by the

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Ethical Implication And Genetic Testing

Introduction Every advancement in gene testing brings scientists a step closer to exploring the far extents within the medical field. Gene testing has helped the field of medicine, science, and public health in realizing the extent to which it can prove useful. However, there have been several issues related to public health, social policies, and medicine that have led to various unfavorable circumstances. One of the major ethical issues related

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Mental Stability and Condition of the Workers at Samsung Company Article Review

Executive Summary This article gives insights into mental health issues and their effects on business operations. A primary focus of this review was the mental stability and condition of the workers at Samsung Company. The task team was determined to understand the procedures, mandates, processes, programs, and structures of the primary wellness units. This is due to the increased number of mental health concerns in the company. More employees now

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Diagnosis & Pathology Essay

The patient has type 2 Diabetes that hasn’t been controlled for a long time. The patient has an increased amount of melatonin that has suppressed bone autophagy and increased the risk of bone fracture (Zhang et al., 2016). Uncontrolled diabetes is also a cause of nerve damage and peripheral neuropathy.

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The Use Of Antibiotics

An antibiotic is a class of antimicrobial medication used in the prevention and treatment of bacterial infection by either killing or inhibiting the growth of that bacteria. Antibiotics are less effective against viral infections like influenza or the common cold. They can be administered in a broad spectrum depending on symptoms and signs presented or in a narrow spectrum. Antibiotics can be given orally, intravenously, or applied topically to easily

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Fetal Abnormality

Introduction Fetal abnormality remains one of the contentious moral issues portrayed as a fight between the fetus’s right to life and the mother’s right to decide. Some moral theories support the abortion of fetuses with congenital diseases, while others protest against abortions irrespective of the predicted biological, physical, or psychological problems. Fetal abnormality is the abnormal development of a fetus in the mother’s womb, which, if not removed, leads to

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Fundamentals Of Reimbursement In Healthcare

Part 1: Medical Necessity And Criteria In this contemporary world, information technology has been implemented in every mode of our life. It displays and acts as an important part of the security and growth of any organization. In a medical context, it is very critical to own a relative amount of digital services to make a smooth workflow (Coppler et al., 2016). However, the cost and billing of hospital amenities

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Hypertension Disorder In The United States

Introduction America has been grappling with hypertension disorder to the point it occupies the discussion in the public domain on health matters. Regarding hypertension as a killer, the disease helps to sensitize the need to fight its prevalence in society. The management of hypertension is so sensitive that if a patient fails to receive medication, it may lead to mortality. Appreciating the vulnerability of African Americans is a single step

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Discussion And Analysis Of The Arm Stroke

Breaststroke is a type of swimming style where the swimmer glides and uses the breast, whereas else the trunk does not rotate. The head is usually online with the trunk and also floats over water for a long hence a comfortable but slow style for swimming. The swimmer lies horizontally on the water’s surface, gliding on the chest. The arms extended forward, hands together, and palms facing downward. The arms

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A Case Of Division Among Generations

Introduction This case is about an old worker, Stanley, who has been working with the Spring Creek Residence for the last 35 years and ended up being ignored and avoided when the management of the company hired the new staff. Discussion Stanley is the oldest worker at Spring Creek Residence. When the executive director of the organization hired new Registered Nurses, Stanley tried to make a bond with them, but

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Medical Care Against Cost

Medical financing by the government is limited to particular procedures, consultations, and medicine. Several commissions are mandated to determine the medical and ethical reasoning behind the public financing of medical requirements: Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC). A post in the Washington Post in 2010 addressed the financing of a drug, Provenge, meant for advanced prostate cancer patients. As a rule, when deciding on the

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Undernutrition is more prevalent in children and pregnant women. According to UNFAO approximations, out of 7.3 billion people in the world,1 in 9 or 795 million are facing chronic undernourishment. 780 million belong to developing countries, indicating a 12.9 percent aggregate. Whereas, people in developed nations are also malnourished, 11 million in total. (FAO,2015)It has about 3 million lives annually.

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Limited Access To Healthcare In The United States

In the United States, access to healthcare services remains a great challenge, affecting both rural and urban residents. There are many reasons why consumers encounter challenges in accessing healthcare. Some of these reasons include transport challenges, geographic locations, provider availability mobility, language barriers, and lack of or limited health insurance. The paper discusses the issues of limited access to healthcare and provides potential intervention approaches. I am interested in the

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Lee Medical Hospital Services

Lee Medical Hospital is a psychiatric hospital which specialises in the treatment of chronic mental illnesses. Examples of these mental disorders are schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and clinical depression. The main vision of Less Medical Hospital is to become a tertiary health centre of global leadership and excellence in mental health care. Similarly, the mission of this organization is to promote person-focused service that is accessible, integrated, cost-effective, and comprehensive. Lee

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