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I Had a Black Dog Video Analysis


A hybrid essay involves conveying real-life experiences in the form of a story. The topic at hand is based on a book written by Matthew Johnstone. However, for this paper, the video version of the book is to be analyzed. The video is captioned ‘I Had a Black Dog’ and centers around a medical illness that has proved to be fatal many a times. The video was made by World Health Organization in collaboration with Matthew Johnstone who talks about overcoming his depression. The reference to the color black can be taken as a negative connotation and it can be associated with depression. The reason for using black can be found in the color’s negative energy and depression is negative energy that brings people down by not only isolating them from others but also by bringing down the individual’s self-esteem. Depression is a severe mental disorder that needs to be treated immediately otherwise it can be fatal.


The lack that affects both physical and mental health is a severe illness. The lack of significant influence can play in everyday life. Mandy is my beautiful black and white shirts dog. He walked smoothly and started barking without fear. Whenever he had such a chance, he spent most of his time wandering colorful butterflies outside and walking on the grass. Mandy was very entertaining on the visits and the food he ate. I began to understand that people have more personality and people who are cute. Other people became angry at uncontrollable levels, and they hit back and forth and blinded. When it comes to eating, I prefer to mix the sausages, eggs, and pedigrees, which is not enough of what your dog should feed. Unlike most dogs, Mandy likes to wear hair and dust with fleas (Architectonics 2006).

Strongly, the dog is the closest friend to the person. It’s a dog’s love friend. He is willing to go, master, every time. He fits his tail and puts his hand forward and shows his love to the master. These relationships continue to be seamlessly change towards new types of dogmatic interactions, which benefit from the collection. As a result, the belief is that dogs can provide company, love, and support to people with difficulties or loneliness. The dogs helped people hunt, animal husbandry, and protection. However, the role of the dog changed when the society from small rural communities moved to larger megacities. Over the years, more specialized dogs have helped to improve the quality of human life in many ways. The animals are called therapeutic dogs. Therapeutic dogs are beneficial; to provide physical and psychological stability for students and healthy diseases, to help raise the feeling of the federal government, and to take medicine to treat dogs at the moment.

The physical effects of depression can gain/lose of weight aging, fatigue, insomnia/drowsiness, trauma, and nausea. Video “I had a black dog, and my name was sad,” explains the depression that he felt older. This affects daily life because it is not younger and healthier, but later it feels old and weighing. It influences how they communicate, how well they work in the workplace/school, and changes their daily lives. Studies show that people with depression are exposed to premature raises because of the stress and anxiety they feel. The lack of your food does not often understand; People often stop eating or watching if they feel taste. Video affects black dog food and affects daily life, which means anorexia in severe cases that are not like eating eats, resulting in weight loss. They do not want to meet friends or family over dinner or dinner, and define themselves at home; so, they do not have to be close to eating people. The lack of food and nutrients also gives you fatigue and wear. Given that the depression of the envelopes is boring, the person who is always there may be overheating, and it is hoped that the food will fulfill their empty feeling. As a result, gaining weight or weight loss; It can affect how people feel and can be very familiar with the body themselves (Didion 2000).

The presence of depression will affect daily life in many ways, but one of the leading ways to influence it is constant fatigue. Imagine that you are working to pass the day when you feel sad and too tired of the time. The man in the video said he had to use superhuman strength to get a black dog to the sun. Usually, insomnia is the feeling of fatigue. People with depression are often waking up in the middle of the night and cannot dream back and want to sleep all day to escape. It affects people’s daily lives and always tired of business ethics, they do not want to see others, they do not clean their homes, and they are proud of their appearance and appearance.

Depression can erase life and life from day to day, as it affects the physical well-being of a black dog. Depression can usually be easily treated with the help of family, friends, and doctors. Depression treatment is relatively easy, but many people are afraid to ask for help because they are mentally ill. “After my grandmother died, Armenia became more and more alienated, and the Old face and secret of my heart took over the internal organs in the Kaybettim Eastern life. Life was suburban and how young the world of INSA Tenafly is a happy community, and it’s a strange shadow in my grandmother’s memory, and now you need to remind you that it is something “- he said. Balakan speaks here about the deep cultural memory, almost crying in his head, tips for him to look for Armenian history. If a grandmother wishes to tell everything, she reveals that she wanted her grandmother to know her cultural past, due to the influence of Armenians. In other words, despite the hundreds of independent reports on the Armenian Genocide, the desire to learn was to restore the essential truth of Armenia, and it was the influence of victims, as well as Blake’s grandchildren (Fleckenstein et al. 2002).

Aunt Anna, “Where were you,” said Aintín Ann, our souls Monet and Donald Duck, Mallarme, and we sold barbaric people who did not know the difference between the Michener defined. It would be like the other – Armenia was a thin piece of yellow plastic cheese nuts in long soft corduroy. Before the mother, and dad kebab gave views on how nice to have a place, and members of both sides of the family, the food, both women looked at the call to the plates and bowls around. Table. ”

Aunt Anna thought that the lifestyle of the Balakskuyu family distracts from Armenian origin and loses its memory of the massacres of its people, similar to the Turkish government. Of course, it was wrong; There were memories or thick shades, which offered them a print tinker, a grandmother of at least Balakyane Peter. Anna is probably the uncompromising rage against the Holocaust (Bass 1999).

“In this way, I’m quiet, I love the subtlety it respects my field and plays with some games against a team, I would like to talk for one hour because of the game strategy. Armenian stomach and an immediate solution, and we have shown our love for each other, “he said. In the absence of PART III Relations, the Balatsky school football team on Monday, the ice between himself and his father seems to be melting. He shows his grandmother and sticking baseball. Walk with dirt on foot to the new clock-bottom and wet rain T-shirts. Santana and Richie Haven repeated the day in the rain and the sun, rain in the rain. The man who gave me a bag of clay and took it from my wife. Football’s summer raises pumped uncomfortable with the bar’s cookies, and I did not know where I belonged, but I started feeling the day in the Woodstock university, I think it will be. Two months ago, when we signed up with our friends and school years together and pretend they will meet with the other college party grid in the years ahead.

Balakan immediately presents readers with a new place with components of two short visual and hearing sentences, which means it’s time to get there. Woodstock says instantly, adding a sudden feeling. Using a marijuana writer is a recurring theme in the Dili AP and Composition, the ideas of drug students may change, or at least give a better understanding of their use of literary impacts. I do not know what you’ll find when my parents come into the room very soon the next morning. Charlene and me? Or under your veil? He could not get it because I forgot to tell him I’m going to sleep with Allen and Peter, and I’ll stay at the Charlene’s house. Indeed, the data is not accurate what was ever seen, but the apartment’s heat with a living room, my friend, screaming that the horse and the corridor, and they heard groaning up and down the ladder under the window said, he sat in his car, and I looked for him to go by car.


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