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Many doctors and nurses in the hospital are allowed to access the documents and other relevant information concerning patients in the healthcare centers. Database of various outpatients and inpatients in the hospital to be maintained and secured from unauthorized access. Concerning the case of careless doctors and nurses, unauthorized personnel could access the database of the hospital and manipulate to impure the image of a certain hospital. Therefore, the unaccountability and insecurity of hospital information in either computerization or manual information lead to the malfunction affection of the hospital database.

The case of the hospital management system having a similar password on various computers could also lead to problems. The resultant impact could lead to all staff members and non-staff members accessing the system even for the patients. The secrecy of hospital management can display out and hence the information to be accessed by unauthorized people in the hospital system. mismanagement of the hospital information from competent doctors could lead to spoilage of the hospital’s name and performance. Restricting officials and non-staff accountability of database in the hospital helps the smooth management and maintenance of the system, especially for the outpatients and inpatients information. Again, tight security to the information concerning the patients leads to the proper decisions upon the management to support hospital control of evidence. According to the scenario affecting the careless doctor and hospital, mismanagement was due to the computer illiterate. Such impact was from the controlling office allowing all computers and machines connected to the main computer have a similar password.

The information delivery in the hospital also depends on the security offered in the such a hospital. The case study in this research paper indicates how information technology affects the performance of management in the hospital. The value and intelligence on computer competence of staff and non-staff members in the hospital could result in the appropriate performance of such a hospital. The poor reporting arrangements in the hospital could also cause the management board to have such a scenario because nurses could able to access the data from the doctor without authority. Therefore, this scenario leads the government to put across rules, regulations, and guidelines on information accession in the hospital as discussed in this paper.

Guidelines, laws, and regulations are relevant to the scenario.

Major guidelines, laws, and regulations which are very relevant to this scenario include, safety and health policy ensuring that the management and the employer(s) are committed to ensuring the welfare, safety, and health at work. This regulation is key to the operation of the Hospital since it ensures that there is a flow of operation in the vicinity of the hospital and to it enables the employees to work freely for maximum input. This regulation is very key to this scenario, for example, for the printers and fax machines to be in an open room without locks, shows a lack of commitment on the part of the management to ensure the safety of workplace equipment.

The second important regulation is proper consultation between the management with employees and too, adequate arrangements for efficient communication of safety and health information. This regulation is very relevant to this scenario, for examples, for the nurses to log in to the computer system use the system and then walk away, leaving the system open and running show a clear indication of inefficient communication between the employee and the management concerning the safety of the information in the Hospital. And too, improper consultation between the management and their respective employees who, in this case, are the nurses about the critical health information in the computer system of the hospital.

The third regulation is efficient emergency plans for incident reporting arrangements in the hospital vicinity. This policy is equally very applicable to the scenario, for example, the information about to the list of 4,000 HIV-positive patients’ name to reach every media house, show the poor response on the part of the management to react very quickly to emergencies and also poor incident reporting arrangements in the hospital.

Situations that occurred within the healthcare industry

One similar incident is an organization that has inpatient and outpatient facilities, and other services that meet the patient population’s needs. It is the best organization in the country and has a world-renowned surgery and cancer treatment center, the organization has a monopoly in the country and in the neighboring countries. But recently the organization has been of poor reputation since information of two patients was exchanged within the hospital and one of the patients had head surgery when he ought not to have had the surgery.
The organization took the matter seriously and the Board of directors suspended the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to enable full investigation into the matter, they also had the doctors and the nurses who were responsible for the operation investigated while on compulsory leave. This approach is good but it will not be the best for my organization since suspending the chief executive officer will make the operations slow down in the hospital and much cannot be achieved as far as solving the problem is concerned.

The second incident is an organization that has inpatient and outpatient facilities, and other services that meet the patient population’s needs. It is one of the very best organizations in the world and has a world-renowned psychiatry center. But recently the organization has been in the limelight since one of its patients was allowed to enter the consultation room with a gun and unfortunately, the patient shot one of the main doctors killing him instantly.

The organization moved swiftly to address the matter, the board of trustees suspends the chief security officer of the hospital and a number of employees including the nurses who showed the patient to the consultation room, the chief executive officer were also suspended for some time to allow for a deep investigation into the matter. This approach is the very best for handling this crisis and it would work so well with my organization since it sends strict warnings and helps stabilize the organization.

Solutions for information insecurity in hospital.

Government and non-governmental organizations have set up solutions to handle the crisis affecting the hospital, especially on information insecurity for patients. Various situations coming out from various hospitals worldwide under insecurity scenario could be solved by restricting information accession of patients. The management of the hospital overviews the data flow in the hospital in the institution. Chief Executive Officer in hospital industry resulted in improper functioning of data flow for patients should be ceased or suspended from their job for evaluation.

Furthermore, the nurses and doctors should be competent on medical records and information concerning the outpatients and inpatients. Hospital institutions should employ aptitude personnel to avoid the cases of losing and inappropriate data access of patients. Data organization for the patients to be kept in top security in the hospital. Data collection and analysis from patients should be done correctly and appropriately to avoid improper results. Analyzing collected data from patients properly could help appropriate medical data recording and security from unauthorized people.

Again, according to the second incident, as viewed, the government should ensure tough and strict security in hospitals. One of the major doctors was killed by the patient while under evaluation hence the majority of hospital CEOs are handling patients with fear. Therefore, due to tension and suspicion when handling patients and outputting incorrect information. Many CEOs lack adequate protection in sustaining integrity, confidentiality, and availability aspects causing potential threats to investigation in health care mostly in information concerning the database of patients. The solution for such a case is by deploying information technology competence personnel to control the system. outpatient and inpatient information in the hospital should be accountable and kept under top security to avoid published by unauthorized personnel in case of system access. The passwords of health care centers should differ from each other to avoid quick accession of confidential information for patients.



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