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Healthcare is the improvement of health via the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, recovery, or cure of disease.

Persuasive Commentary Health Care Ethics – Medical Futility & Tinslee Case

Background: Tinslee Case Tinslee was a premature ten-month-old child having severe heart disease named Ebstein anomaly. In addition, she also had compulsive conditions of pulmonary hypertension along with acute chronic lung disorder. For treatment, she has undergone various complex surgical operations at such a tender age. Due to an acute health condition, she was on a ventilator with little consciousness. Considering her critical condition, the Cook Children’s Medical Center decided

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Historical Trend Analysis of Healthcare legislation, healthcare access, healthcare quality, and healthcare cost

Understanding the historical trends is immensely significant to encompass the success and failure portrait of past events in any field, especially those related to social life. But the field of healthcare enormously needs such historical trend analysis for boosting and upgrading the health sector according to the needs of modern times. The healthcare system has taken a long time to evolve while undergoing a series of events and adoption. So,

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Scanning the Health Sector as An Industry Expert

Part 1 Discussion – Health Care Leader Interface with Elected Officials and Innovative Ideas Healthcare leaders can interface with local, state or nationally elected officials to develop innovative ideas in order to address local healthcare challenges by adopting various communication approaches. Effective communication strategies, such as the establishment of regular meetings and dialogue with leaders and members of the healthcare community, can be employed. Moreover, town hall events can be

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The Scientific Method and Innovations: Part 2

PAMPHLET The Scientific Method and Innovations: Part 2 The scientific method is a process of inquiry and experimentation. It is used to investigate phenomena, develop explanations for them, and test these explanations (Tang et al., 2009). The scientific method ensures that the results of the analysis are sound enough because it uses a series of steps that have been proven effective in producing reliable results. After defining what the scientist

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Turnitin Site for Cancer Warrior Video and Sci-American Vessels of Death Worksheet

Briefly (but mention key points) describe the experiment Folkman conducted with the rat thyroid gland and what conclusion he drew from these studies. Folkman used a rat thyroid gland to conduct his experiment in order to investigate whether or not reconstituted hemoglobin could keep body tissues alive as red blood cells do in the body. For this, he designed an imitation of the circulatory system that consisted of reconstituted hemoglobin.

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Case Study: Emergency Department Repeat Admissions – A Question of Resource Use

Healthcare professionals usually face a common problem of ethical necessities while performing their duties. Therefore, the application of moral values and ethical principles is mandatory for curbing ethical issues. Such an application of ethical principles coincides with various philosophies like non-maleficence, autonomy, justice, and beneficence. Such core principles assist healthcare experts and authorities to make good decisions, especially in resolving patients’ issues (Levitt-Rosenthal, 2013). As a case manager, the pertinent

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Association Between Using Hair Dyes and Cancer Risk in a Population

Introduction The potential negative consequences of hair color on health are gaining more and more attention. Using hair dye may lower the risk of developing certain cancers. For instance, a recent study found that women who dyed their hair had a 40% lower risk of breast cancer than those who did not. Another study found that women who dyed their hair had a lower risk of colorectal cancer (Science Daily,

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Managing Quality across Various Health Care Settings

Introduction Good afternoon! Ladies and gentlemen! I warmly welcome all of you on behalf of the authorities for joining this session. The current lunch-and-learn session will purposefully explore patient care along with the significance of communication among physicians and hospitals for value-added patient healthcare. As a case manager at the patient follow-up ward in the Hoover Healthcare Unit, it is my routine duty task to converse with facility providers for

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Summative Assessment: Economic and Market Impact Report of Organ Transplant Industry

Introduction: The healthcare industry has revolutionized multiple dimensions over time to cope with emerging challenges. In this context, organ transplantation has achieved tremendous progression through hallmark improvements in various aspects including organ preservation, surgical procedures, and pharmaco-immunologic trends. Hence, it has explored critical pathways by which severe organ failure is successfully managed around the globe (Yang et al., 2022). In the case of the organ transplant organization, a detailed market

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HPV Worksheet

Which type of cancer is associated with Epstein-Barr virus? Which country/world region has the highest incidence? What might be some reasons for this? Several diseases are correlated with the Epstein-Barr virus while the type of cancers in this regard may include gastric or stomach cancer, and nasopharyngeal cancer, in alliance with immunoblastic and Burkitt lymphoma. However, the highest incidents are reported in developing areas around the globe. The main regions

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Examples of Nutrition Science

One of the ways that nutrition is brought up in everyday experiences is through the way people talk about the food on social media that they eat. For example, people might post pictures or comments about the food that they are eating, or they might even describe the nutritious value of the food in detail to others. People can use these types of posts to influence the way that others

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Cover Letter & Reflection for MAHEC’s Center for Psychiatry and Mental Wellness

MAHEC’s Center for Psychiatry and Mental Wellness Baltimore Campus Location Asheville, 28805, Asheville. Subject: Patient Financial Advocate Dear Sir, I am writing to apply for the position of Patient Financial Advocate at your prestigious institution. Through this letter, I would like to inquire about the possibility of filling out a vacant job position at MAHEC’s Centre. I am passionate about helping people manage their finances and feel that this would

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The Dartmouth Atlas of Health Care 2018 Data Update

“The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA)” was endorsed as law by President Obama in 2010 and is widely regarded as one of the most progressive and widespread pieces of healthcare legislation in the United States. The legislation had several aims, the most important of which were to improve healthcare in the United States by increasing its quality and decreasing its cost. In principle, the law was created to

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Evolution of the Hospital Industry: A Comparative Analysis

In this comparative analysis report, the evolutions and changes of the hospitals during the time periods of the 1800s, 1960s, and today will be reviewed to dive deeper into the progression of the healthcare sector throughout the years. This comparative analysis will evaluate the evolution and progression through the changes such as costs, settings, and treatment procedures that occurred greatly in the hospitals over the period of time from the

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Overcoming Trauma and Changes in Life Quality

Introduction Overcoming trauma is often a hard step due to the emotional damage caused by specific events that generally affect a person’s well-being. Trauma can be caused by physical, life-threatening, or emotional harm. Traumatized individuals often undergo a wide range of emotions and are often misjudged by society due to a lack of understanding of the traumatic patterns. Therefore, there needs to be a clear understanding of the trauma patterns,

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Significant Problems with the Sale of Organs

The progress in medical sciences has opened multiple dimensions for humanity around the globe, including human organ transplantation. Over the previous years, this development has increased human organ demands for several benefits. These organs can be acquired from living humans or deceased personals depending upon requirements. But an organ acquired from the living human body poses numerous advantages and is in high demand (Black et al., 2018). To reap these

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As you consider entering a licensed profession, explain how you define professionalism and ethical behavior based on the ANA code of Nursing.

As one plans to become a licensed and professional nurse to serve his/her fellow human beings, several codes of ethics and professionalism called the ANA code of nursing are mandatory to be considered. The American Nurses Association (ANA) code of ethics expects nurses to focus on ethical practices and quality care by maintaining the highest ethical standards (Epstein & Turner, 2015). In guiding professionalism in Nursing, elements such as certification,

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The Case Study: East Chestnut Regional Health System (ECRHS)

Summative Assessment: Financial and Ethical Impact Analysis Summary A merger of two organizations including Archway Hospital (AH) and East River Medical Center (ERMC), and the acquisition of a third care facility Northern Mountain Hospital Consortium (NMHC) formed ECRHS 10 years ago to create a better and improved healthcare system for the chestnut and nearby communities. Durable leadership, diligent employees, and organizational goals are vital elements for the success of an

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Ethical Marketing: The New Health Care Economics

Part 1 – Fundamentals of Marketing and Economics in Healthcare: Undoubtedly, healthcare has evolved as a magnificent industry around the globe. However, the economics of health care has some unique aspects compared to other industrial units and industries in this regard. The main reasons in this perspective may include the ill-defined structure of healthcare products, uncertainty regarding outcomes, domination of large nonprofit segments, and payment by third parties. Similarly, marketing

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Marketing Research on Case Study: East Chestnut Regional Health System

About 10 years ago, three organizations including “Archway Hospital (AH), East River Medical Center (ERMC), and Northern Mountain Hospital Consortium (NMHC)” created a merger with East Chestnut Regional Health System and since then the system strives to be on the top. The vision of this merger is to make a difference in healthcare by improving care services to fit the needs of the community and be a front-runner in providing

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