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The onset of the disease Analysis

The onset of the disease affects the health of an individual in different ways in varied individuals. The brain controls the level of two hormones glucocorticoids and catecholamine responsible for initiating a response to stress conditions triggered by any disease. Stress hormones impact the physiological behavior and attitude of a person. (McEwen, 2008)
The affected person or ill person experience difficulty in everyday living tasks. The difficult symptoms vary depending on the nature of the particular disease. The person associated with the disease would experience difficulty in activities of daily living (ADL) finance management, employment, education, self-complex, eating lifestyle, sleep, physical health, and relationships. The day-to-day tasks are the base of any individual lifestyle, persons suffering from depression, or bipolar disorder would have difficulty in coping with even simpler ask such as cleaning, cooking meals, or management of daily chores with the schedule. A healthy person would adhere to the management of finances very easily but for a dressed-out person who has gone through illness will find it difficult to manage finances, and plan of budget for the whole month. Employment opportunity is required for a stable person to survive in society, health affects the person with simpler tasks of interaction, workplace activities, and meeting deadlines complex. The stress level would be so high and pressure will result in tout in the incapacity of the individual.
Sleep and eating are an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Mentally challenged or stressed out person will sleep more as compared to healthy individuals in some cases to cope with stress but there’s another case of insomnia most commonly that happens in 60-70 percent of Americans due to depression The insomniac will wake up many times at night thinking on the challenging situation he/She facing in life. Likewise, ill people will binge more as a comfort plan from the disease, for instance, Anorexia Nervosa and bulimia nervosa.
Individuals such s in the case of schizophrenia may isolate themselves from other people, have speech incoherence and hallucinations, and project anti-social behavior which harms them on a social level and personal level. They cannot continue their education in any school. Mentally ill persons not only face issues in only apparent scenarios but they also get a hard time in their close and intimate relationships as well. The lack of concentration, compassion, and understanding will turn the normal relationship into an emotionally imbalanced relationship.
Health conditions whether it is depression, obesity, schizophrenia, or bipolar al may be treated with medicinal drugs but they all have limitations and side effects. One cannot depend on medications for a lifetime. The only solution is to help yourself to get a healthy lifestyle, and healthy mind through meditation, a healthy diet, motivation, and perseverance.


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