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Environmental Health and Health Effect


The environment is unswervingly connected to human health and the health quality is right away dependent upon the health of humans. Currently, people are less concerned with environmental health and are highly following to earn profit regardless of how many disasters they ae creating to make the environment and living conditions miserable. Environmental health is decreasing day by day because of human activities as well as natural disasters. There is a higher percentage of human activities which are constantly causing pollution, damage to the ecosystem and decreasing the quality of life. These attempts were not initially considered threats but later on, after the great deadly climatic changes and natural disasters, the international forums have raised the issue of environmental health as an important problem and should be understood, analyzed and necessary actions should be taken. According to me, we should personally step forward for the improvement of environmental health which would be necessary for maintaining a good and healthy environment.

Environmental Health and Health Effect

The interaction of humans with the environment is constantly very high which results in causing effects on the quality of life, the period of healthy life lived as well as the disparities in health. The environment is directly linked to man’s health and the health quality is directly dependent upon the health of humans. There are several factors which directly produce impacts on health in disasters, climate and temperature differences are the most prominent. Global environmental is the most concerned topic currently with respect to globalization, industry, and global warming. I have some better practices to follow which would help in creating motivation among the people so that they would participate in improving environmental health. The main aim of the paper is to discuss environmental health, its impact on us, its importance, and my personal role in improving as well as eliminating the barriers to health.


Environmental health is studied under the public health umbrella which is concerned with the different aspects of nature as well as the built environment (McMichael, Woodruff & Hales, 2006). These aspects are highly considered in the studies as well as researchers as they are highly effective to human health. One of the basic conditions of living a healthy life is to keep the environment’s health on priority because minor negligence could lead to disastrous results.

In the United States, environmental health tracking is highly considered and performed with great expense in which the control of industry, keeping the environment clean, and maintaining the air quality are some of the essential purposes. There are a number of different government and non-government organizations in the United States, Europe, and all over the world are discussing the maintenance of the quality of environmental health which would be helpful in providing quality life to human beings.

Since the start of the industrial revolution, there are several countries including the United States which contributed to polluting the environment through industry and releasing raw wastes into an open environment. These attempts were not initially considered as threats but later on, after the great deadly climatic changes and natural disasters, the international forums have raised the issue of environmental health as an important problem and should be understood, analyzed and necessary actions should be taken (West et al., 2016). Three decades are passed and there are great revolutions in handling this issue are performed in which the coal and thermal plants are closed and the use of inorganic fertilizer is limited.

There are a number of factors that are highly effective on environmental health. The researchers are working hard to understand how, when, where, and what improvements should be performed which would help in creating health quality increase as well as to manage good and quality living standards.

Environmental Factors that Impact Health

Environmental factors are highly effective and have a great impact on human health. All over the world, there are 23% of overall deaths as well as 26% of children’s deaths under the age of five are because of environmental factors. There are many environmental factors that far reach and diverse and due to this a huge number of lives are currently in danger and the number of deaths is increasing day by day (Hanna-Attisha et al., 2016).

The first and very important environmental factor which would increase the risk in eliminating the environmental health quality is exposure to dangerous substances in the air, water, food, and soil. These pollutants are added by mostly human activities (McMichael, Woodruff & Hales, 2006). One of the main causes of these substance additions is industry, traffic, and other household activities. The excessive use of inorganic soaps, using personal motor cars and cabs would also be included as some of the biggest sources of pollution.
Natural and technological disasters would also be considered as the most important factors in decreasing environmental health. People from all over the world are highly effective by these disasters and millions of people’s death were only caused because of these disasters. The climatic change causes famine, unusual rains, increasing need for rain, temperature increase, and a number of other problems. There are many parts of the world where the famine is very high and the quality of life is decreased to a great level. In the tropic regions, the rains were highly increased because of the climatic change which also resulted in massive land sliding on the mountainous areas as well as floods on the planes.

These problems are caused only by environmental factors which are directly influencing human health and are completely destroying the overall ecosystems of the land as well as water (Lelieveld et al., 2015). The oceans are getting polluted and it is estimated that if the ways industries are operating, life on the planet earth will be miserable. Day by day increase in health problems is highly increased because the concern for environmental health is not considered by the people operating the industry.

My Role in Improving/Eliminating Environmental Barriers to Health

According to my perspective, I can play an important role in causing the improvement of environmental health in which organizing my own personal routines would be included as well (West et al., 2016). Initially, an individual while discussing the improvement of the environment would have to define the sustainability in which he would be required to understand whether his plans and perspective could be practiced by the local community or not, and after that, he would become an example to initiate that practice.

Initially, we have to understand the barriers which would be required to break for the improvement of environmental health. The first most important barrier is awareness and knowledge (McMichael, Woodruff & Hales, 2006). People don’t know about the details of their actions whose consequences are very high in decreasing the quality of life. Spreading awareness and knowledge would help in practically changing the routines. I currently use my personal car for traveling purposes and to improve the air quality I will focus on using public transport, bicycle or walking to small distances. It will help in decreasing fuel consumption, pollution increase, and decreasing temperature overall (Hanna-Attisha et al., 2016). If my message and practice could be followed all over the United States than at least we will have a clean environment in the domestic areas which would be one of the best achievements. It will improve environmental health on a large scale.

Another important barrier is motivation. People don’t have the motivation for changing their behaviors. For this purpose, I will try my best to practice environmental health improvement techniques in front of my friends, family, colleagues, and the common public (Lelieveld et al., 2015). It will help in the initiation of the motivational factor which would be necessary for people to start practicing environmental health-saving techniques.

I will also try to maintain the internet blogs and tweet the world’s largest business owners to work for environmental health improvement and stop destroying the environment by limiting their industry to a safe zone. There are several barriers that are out of our control in which the financial and political environments that can affect human health. They can also be improved by awareness programs as well.

Summary and Conclusion

In conclusion, it can be finalized that environmental health is highly important and there are many ways we can improve it so that the quality of life could be enjoyed. Pollution is considered as one of the main causes of the decrease in environmental health. Most of the environmental factors have even caused climatic changes which resulted in the increase of natural as well as technological disasters. The tsunamis are the biggest example and in addition, heavy rainfall and famine are some main effects on environmental health. My own contribution is to positively increase environmental health which would at least be an example for the people to stop practicing unhealthy social practices. This will create a positive change for improving environmental health. In past, there were some reforms that were the cause of improving human life and lifestyle.


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