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Computer science focuses on the development and testing of software and software systems. It involves working with mathematical models, data analysis and security, algorithms, and computational theory.

Top Cloud Computing Skills You Need to Know in 2024

More and more people are looking for experts in cloud computing. It’s because businesses are moving away from having their own servers to using cloud systems, which are more flexible and scalable. There aren’t enough qualified experts in this field, so there’s a great chance for people who want to learn cloud computing skills. Amazon (Amazon Web Services or AWS), Microsoft (Azure), and Google (Google Cloud Platform) are the top

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Why CD ROMS are Disappearing from the Modern Computers

In the early days of personal computing, it was common that most Personal Computer systems relied on portable floppy disks to store the amounts of data. Later with the advancement, computer systems shipped hard drives by default but they were not portable. In the recent past, CD and DVD drives took the space to store precious data only by inserting a small disc into an optical drive (Scheible, 2002). However,

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What is a DDoS attack and how to prevent it?

What is a DDoS attack? A distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack uses phony traffic to burden a network, server, or application in an attempt to shut down or severely slow down a targeted website(What Is a Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) Attack?, n.d.). When an attack is launched against a resource-intensive endpoint that is vulnerable, even a little amount of traffic is enough for it to be successful. Distributed denial of

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Motherboard and Its Integration with Other Components

A computer motherboard is one of the most vital parts of the Personal Computer (PC) that represents the logical foundation of the computer. It is the biggest component and also known as the main board, or logic board because it establishes a link between all components of the computer system. It is a hardware installed inside the Central Processing Unit (CPU) as the core assembly of the main board that

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Unlocking the World of Online Freedom with Hide Expert VPN

Experience the Internet Like Never Before In the age of digital transformation, the internet has become an integral part of our lives. It’s where we work, communicate, shop, and unwind. However, the digital world isn’t always as safe and open as we’d like it to be. This is where Hide Expert VPN steps in to ensure your online experience is secure, private, and limitless. Welcome to the realm of Hide

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Digital transformation during COVID-19 in the Technology Industry

Introduction The 20th century has brought a major shift in the business operations of all organizations, which are now focused on digital transformation to not only optimize their business activities but also meet the continuously changing consumer expectations (George, Lakhani, and Puranam, 2020). Although, for most organizations, this digital transformation is a key source of several new opportunities to grow themselves in the market and sustain their progress, it is

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Server Virtualization Essay

With the help of research on server virtualization and I would recommend implementing server virtualization into the organization’s calculating processes of numerous locations with a system server total of additional than 400. There are several reimbursements to an IT group or corporate organization when selecting to implement and execute a server virtualization plan. The most important disadvantages and advantages for an association implementing Server Virtualization are specified as surveys:

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Locating Web Pages

The impression of the parent/children relationship and the stimulus of digital gadgets on it is molding the relationship and its outcome on the socio-economic factor. Past research tells us about the amount of digital media use and the effect on a child’s negative behavior (Radesky, Schumacher & Zuckerman, 2015). The preference for using digital technology at home and the negative impacts on society have increased in a very short time.

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The Impact of Outsourcing of IT Jobs Concerning Technological Developments and Improvements in the United States

Chapter 4: Findings The purpose of this quantitative research study was to investigate the impact of outsourcing of IT jobs concerning technological developments and improvements in the United States. Swar, Moon, Oh, and Rhee (2012) described the total quality management (TQM) theory and placed emphasis on the essential for constant corporate tactical progress on a 10-point practice. The independent variable was operational cost savings, and the dependent variable was total

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Phishing Email Awareness Systems

Spear phishing is an email or electronic communications scam which aims to target an organization or a specific individual to steal their private data for the wrong purposes often. The cybercriminals achieve their targets by installing the malware on the target machines through the internet; they often deceive the targets by looking like a trustworthy source and transmitting a bogus code to the computers. The double attack email to deceive

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A Mixed-Method of a Computer Skills Course and its Impact on the Quality of Life for Senior Citizens in a Rural Community

Chapter 2: Literature Review The purpose of this research project is to examine the outcomes of a computer program to increase technology skills and access for senior citizens in rural areas to improve their quality of life. Information communication technology (ICT) connects people, generates more trade in goods and services across the globe, and increases access to information and knowledge (Odton & Weerachart, 2014). With the increase of longevity for

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Security Breach of a Database

Explanation of the tools that are available to database administers to prevent security breaches Database security tools are essential components of overall database security. They come in handy in many situations to avert security attacks, breaches, and threats to an extent and protect the safety of vital data on the computer network. In the following, there are descriptions of certain tools that can protect the database from any form of

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Trends in the Cyber-security Industry

Introduction Cybersecurity is an industry that has developed due to the introduction of technology. The improvement of technology occurring each year has led to an increase in the requirement of cyber security measures and personnel. The market is destined to grow to $231.94 billion in 2022 from $137.85 billion in 2017 (Zadelhoff, 2017, para 3). The major target audiences in the cyber security market are consulting firms, system integrators, IT

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Mobile Computing and the Related Security Concerns

INTRODUCTION The advancements in the personal computers (PCs) (mainly in the hardware including the size and weight of the computers along with the high speed and performance with the lower cost) and communications (including the internet call and wireless, WANs, and the calling software) had introduced the idea of the cellular phones. It implies clients don’t need to be fastened on costly wired workstations to share information. They only need

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Digital Security

Introduction Digital security remains the collection of innovations, events, and performs future to guarantee schemes, Processes, arrangements, and info from attack, harm, or unapproved grow to. In a dispensation location, safety joins both numerical safety and corporeal safe keeping. Alphanumeric security dangers are a continually developing risk to an association’s capacity to accomplish its targets and convey its center positions.

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CRM Industry Essay

Salesforce is a company operating in the cloud customer relationship management (CRM) industry. It is in the IT and technology sector and is categorized under IR programming and services. The company focuses on a segment of the market, which is enterprises seeking on-demand CRM products and cloud services. It provides enterprise software that focuses on CRM and is delivered through the cloud. Salesforce majors with Internet, social, mobile, cloud items

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The Literature Review on the Accounting Software Packages used in Australia

Introduction There are a number of accounting software used across Australia. The country has some small and large organizations that use accounting software. Sonar argued that the use of accounting software depends on a number of factors. The need for accounting software for large organizations may not be the same as the need for accounting software for small or mid-size organizations. By definition, accounting software defines a type of software

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Threats and Risks involved in Cybersecurity Architecture

What is cybersecurity architecture? Cybersecurity architecture is a type of unified system which seeks to address the potential threats and risks or necessities which exist in a particular scenario or environment. The system design of cybersecurity architecture is also used to specify when and where to install security controls. In this world of technology and computers, the internet has become part of our day-to-day life.

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The IT Software

The IT software idea was realized in Harvard Square when Paul Allen saw Popular Electronics with Altair on its cover. The idea captured him, although the era was thrilled as personal computers were all over. With the issue on hand, he went to Bill Gates’s room, and they shared the idea. Bill took the article, and with the thought on hand, he flopped up on it, thus complementing Allen to

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