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Environmental science is an academic field that integrates physical, biological and information sciences to environment.

Electric Cars are Gas and Environment Friendly

The world after contributing a lot of emissions to the Earth is finally trying to alienate itself from the fuels that have been impacted negatively by the global climate over the years as the number of electric cars on the world’s roads is surging and becoming popular among the authorities and folks. Transport system all over the globe sees electric transport as an important part of cutting emissions, green credentials,

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Environment: Air Quality and Global Warming

Introduction The topic of air quality and global warming is sensitive in the 21st century due to the changes in weather patterns and the growing concern about environmental matters. This has forced the American government to discuss these issues and develop policies that would help the planet recover from any effects of global warming and protect American citizens. The fact that air quality and global warming is a growing concern

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Air Quality and Clean Air Act of 1970

Air quality may be affected by climate change, and climate change can be affected by air quality. Rising ground-level ozone due to climate change-related atmospheric warming poses future compliance risks with ozone limits in numerous places. However, studies are being conducted to better understand how climate change affects other air contaminants, such as particle matter. Pollutants released into the atmosphere may alter weather patterns. Climate forcers is a common term

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Measures to Slow Down Global Warming Concerning Parable of Sower

Parable of the Sower narrates the story of Lauren Olamina who grows up in a nearby town of Los Angeles in the mid-1920s although the story was written in the late 1980s. Environmental catastrophes such as long droughts, earthquakes, and storms have wrecked Lauren’s world and climate change has taken all the shrewdness and every bit of kindness for Lauren to survive in the dystopian future. Climate change and pollution

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How Farming with Animals Affects the Environment

Farming with animals is concerned with the branch of agriculture which involves raising animals for milk, eggs, meat, and other animal products. It also includes additional high-quality food resources and manure for fertilizers. Apart from that, this blessing comes with the disguise. Farming with animals is a leading culprit when it comes to affecting the environment. The animal farming sector is the largest factor contributing to air pollution, land pollution,

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Emissions Trading and Carbon Offsets

EU has been implementing climate policies and taking measures against greenhouse gas emissions since 1990. A newer policy was made in 2014 with different goals set to achieve till 2030. In 2020, EU was well on the way to achieve its goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 20 percent. UN had set goals in 2015 to reduce global warming and reach climate neutrality by the second half of this

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Modelling in the Marine Environment

The use of numerical modeling is applied in a broad range to solve complex marine problems. These models are used to create a simulation of the marine scenarios. This model uses mathematics to define the physical conditions of the selected marine scenario. This technique has been used to gather data and provide solutions for several marine incidences which include; marine life present in that area, level of oxygen, biodiversity maintenance

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Green Energy in Saudi Arabia

Introduction In the modern society, a deteriorating climate is a prime concern for everyone around the world. The deterioration of climate and health is mainly caused by air pollution and by the consumption of fossil fuels. Although, we have entered the global world of innovative technology, yet it has immensely impacted the quality of our health and natural environment. The consumption of fossil fuels and the negative effects arising from

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Comparative Analysis of Solar Power and Wind Power

Introduction Solar power is generated from solar radiations that reach the Erath’s surface and the photovoltaic cells present inside the solar panels absorb these radiations and convert them into electricity (Patel, 2006). The wind power is also a form of solar energy, as it is caused by the difference in atmospheric pressure when hot air lifts above a certain level (Aaron, 2019). The wind is used to run wind turbines

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Environmental Ethics

Consider the following situation: The United States government wants to put down an oil pipeline through American Indian land. The land includes rivers, lakes, marshes, and is generally undeveloped. These include lots of vegetation and animals, including a very rare salamander. Parts of this land is deeply historically and spiritually important to the Sioux people. Building the pipeline will mean the outright destruction of much of that land, alteration to

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Global Climate Change

Global warming or global climate change is becoming one of the striking issues in the world. GCC often evokes a fierce debate among the adherents holding polarized opinions of this threat posed. There are many nuances regarding this issue, and the threats associated with this problem are not well understood by the general public. In this video, the narrator explained some consequences of global climate change if certain actions were

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The Topographical Features in the Region

Introduction In this lab write-up type of the report, I will be basing my argument on the data collected and hypothesis analysis for to tackle different areas of concern as far as the survey method was concern in regards to topographical zones were concern.

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Renewable Energy Resources Essay

Renewable resources Renewable energy is obtained from the Renewable resources; these resources are naturally refilled on a human time scale, e.g., rain, sunlight tides geothermal heat and waves. The renewable energy most often provides in four possible areas, i.e., rural energy services, water cooling heating, electricity generation. Renewable resources contribute about 19.2% to the energy human global consumption industry while 23.7 to their electricity production. Renewable energy resources occupy that

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Water Pollution Essay

Introduction Water pollution is the result of the overwhelming amount of wastes that come from the various sources of pollutants that may disrupt the balance of the ecosystem. The water wastes cannot be cleaned up and destroyed as soon. Therefore, it may results in the dangerous environment for the human and animals. People should realize the harsh and long term effects of water pollution that sometimes leads towards death. Even

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Describe the general environment that Safaricom faces. What are the segments in the general environment that relate to Safaricom’s situation? What are the opportunities and threats derived from the factors from the general environment? What are the possible future implications of some of the external factors?

Whenever the business position is estimated, it is very essential to assess their working environment. This is the most important area that was to be considered when formulating the position of the Safaricom Business (Ferreira, Li, Guisinger, & Serra, 2009) As indicated prior; the company has opposite placed in the country’s investment. This position provides a degree of assurance the company has easy reach to vigorous business features. The marketing

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Climate Change: A critical problem and how it can be tackled

“We need to remember that the work of our time is bigger than climate change. We need to be setting our sights higher and deeper. What we’re talking about, if we’re honest with ourselves, is transforming everything about the way we live on this planet.” (Klein) Rebecca Tarbotton, Executive Director of the Rainforest Action Network, 1973-2012

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Recommendations to Restore and Conserve Great Lakes’ Ecology

Introduction Great Lakes are a great North American attraction as well as the ecological feature that must be protected from any possible instability. Any instability in Great Lakes can have an impact on the overall ecology of the North America. One of the key components of Great Lakes’ ecology is their fish that include the ecology. And is also damaged by uncontrolled fishing and tourism activities. It is, therefore, in

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Rhetorical Analysis Global Warming

Introduction From fake news to alternative facts, the media has been at the forefront of politics both in the United States and the global scale. People may read headlines and conclude immediately, or they may ride one outlet permanently and hinder themselves from any outside source. This is detrimental to the discussion, especially when it comes to the ideas and even believe in climate change. The media dictate the state

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Seawater desalination in Kuwait

Abstract The Republic of Kuwait depends on nearly entirely on the desalination of seawater for its drinkable supplies of water and expends approximately 33% of its revenue from oil on the desalination of water and the production of electricity. In the meantime, it has amongst the topmost per-capita consumption of water levels on the earth, and usages energy intensive Multi-Stage Flash (MSF) technology for desalination. The state of Kuwait has

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