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From fake news to alternative facts, the media has been at the forefront of politics both in the United States and the global scale. People may read headlines and conclude immediately, or they may ride one outlet permanently and hinder themselves from any outside source. This is detrimental to the discussion, especially when it comes to the ideas and even believe in climate change. The media dictate the state of climate change in the public, whether on the right or left side, which hinders the spread of information regarding both the dangers and the solutions to the ever-growing problem in our community, both at the local and global level. In this paper, I will analyze the rhetorical strategies used by Breitbart News, a source on the right, and The Guardian, a source on the left, in selective articles on the topic of climate change. Through my analysis, I discovered there is a greater use of rhetorical fallacies on the right in articles about global warming. As a result, people who only read Breitbart will have a very skewed understanding of global warming and therefore may make a political decision accordingly.

In this article, the author Elizabeth L. Malone is explaining what is global warming. She criticizes that the Global warming is a most serious matter of the modern world. She defines Global Warming as an increase in the external temperature of the soil that has altered numerous life systems on the planet. She en-lights the matters that originate global warming are separated into two different classes, and that includes natural and human-being effects of global warming. In her article, she writes that the temperature has unceasingly altered for eras. One of the reasons she has given for the increase of global warming is the natural revolution of the sun that fluctuates the concentration of the sunlight and coming nearer to our planet(Malone).

Author Elizabeth L. Malone says that the further reasons of global warming are greenhouse gases that are being released into the atmosphere. These Greenhouse gases are carbon monoxide (CO) and sulfur dioxide which tracks the heat rays from the sun and preventing it from evading from the external of the Planet. This is one of the reasons that temperature of the planet upsurge.(Malone).

In this article, the author is saying that humans are responsible for the global warming and humans should instantly stop using fossil fuels as they are the main cause of the global warming. Moreover, the quantity of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is increasing rapidly due to excessive use of fossil fuels.


In the article, the author failed to provide the facts and the figures that support his claim. All of the analyses made in this article are theoretical based, and no evidence could prove his claim. There is a lack of evidence that supports the claim

In the article “The point of no return: climate change nightmares are already here,” the author describes the effects of humans on the Global Climate change. The author says that the humanoid effect has a very thoughtful matter currently since human does not take-care the planet-earth. Humanoid that is responsible for global warming are additional to the normal roots of global-warming. The author discovers that the Planet earth has been altering for countless ages till now, and it is also changing in present time because of the up-to-date routine of humanoid. Humanoid doings includes manufacturing fabrication, by burning excessive fuel, huge mining, cows rearing or and by cutting a lot of trees(The Point of No Return: Climate Change Nightmares Are Already Here – Rolling Stone).

The Author says that one of the major matters is an industrialized uprising. Industries are using very high quantity of burning fuels for powerful machinery. According to the author, all that we are using has the involvement in these burning fuels. The Author gives an example of a mobile phone when we purchase a mobile-phone, the procedure of manufacturing a mobile phone comprises of machinery and these machinery usages burning fossil fuels, through this method carbon-dioxide (CO2) is discharged into the air. It is because of the industrial, transport such-as carriages is also discharging carbon dioxide (CO2) from expanding(The Point of No Return: Climate Change Nightmares Are Already Here – Rolling Stone).

The Author says that further main cause of global warming is the huge quantity of mining. By mining, the methane gas traps underneath the soil. Also, grazing cows will also roots methane gas since cows unconfined the method of compost. Though, cows are significant since it creates the final similarly answerable for the increase in the global warming. Another reason The Author says for the Global Warming is the deforestation. De-forestation is a humanoid inspiration as a human has been cutting down a large quantity of trees and plants to yield papers, furniture, timber, building houses to live and much more. According to the author, if human-being enduring de-forestation, carbon dioxide (CO2) will increase distillate in the air since trees can absorb more and more carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air. Moreover, human beings also discharge carbon dioxide (CO2) when they inhale. Hence the quantities of billions of individuals’ breath have released carbon dioxide (CO2) to the air. The Author is worried that if human being continues de-forestation, human breathing that discharges carbon-dioxide (CO2) will remain in the air(The Point of No Return: Climate Change Nightmares Are Already Here – Rolling Stone).

In the last, The Author advice that human being must stop burning, for example, burning dry-leafs or burning the trash. It releases a large quantity of carbon dioxide (CO2) and poisonous gases if red hot the trash that includes a plastic material. The Author advice that the Government must decrease the cutting of trees for the reason that the planet’s temperatures are growing rapidly. Trees and plants help to keep the temperature low on the planet earth(The Point of No Return: Climate Change Nightmares Are Already Here – Rolling Stone).

In this article, the author is claiming that human factor is the main cause of the increased global warming and excessive use of fossil fuels and release of the greenhouse gases to the atmosphere is the main cause of the global warming and extreme climate.


In this article, No source or quotation from any climatic scientist or researcher is given. No specific climate scientist is named in this article or any theory related to the global warming is presented in it. The lack of clarity and resources makes the audience doubtful about some of his claims related to global warming.

In the article “Don’t blame climate change: Hurricane has always been and will always with us”, the author Paul Driessen says that the claim of the global scientist that the climate change and the global warming is the not the result of excessive use of fossil fuels and due to the release of carbon dioxide in the air is totally false. The author says if we are somehow able to take control of the global warming and lessen the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Still, then the hurricane will not stop, and they will remain with us. The author further claims that the environmental scientists are spreading the causes of the hurricane and extreme climate for their interests and earnings. The Environmental organizations get a huge amount of funding from all over the world for the lessening of the global warming, and these organizations are spreading the false news so that they can get more and more funds from the developed and under-developed countries. The author further claims that the greater number of extreme climatic conditions likes hurricanes and cyclones are due to the weather front and land masses on the way, and there is no human factor involved in it. The author failed to give any strong reason to prove his claim. No strong evidence supports his claim(Don’t Blame Climate Change: Hurricanes Have Always Been and Will Always Be with Us | Fox News).

In this article, the author claims that the increasing number hurricanes are not due to the global warming and there is no human factor involved in the increasing of the global warming and extreme climate.


In this article, the author failed to convince the audience by claiming that there is no involvement of human factor for the increase of the global warming. Although the author has consulted the meteorologist to prove his claim, these claims lack citations

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