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English is a West Germanic language that was first spoken in early medieval England and eventually became a global lingua franca.

The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams

One of the famous play by the playwright Tennessee Williams is The Glass Menagerie. This play had brought fame to him and he came in the limelight. There are many people who suggest that the play was more of an autobiographical play written by Tennessee. There were characters in the play that the writer took inspiration from his life.

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Police Discipline Essay

When the term ‘discipline’ is heard, the first thought that comes to the mind is the notion of punishment. Any average person considers discipline to be the enforcement of rules and laws by the people in authority upon us. This definition refers to the negative discipline which involves external force so that compliance is achieved by the fear of punishments or penalties.

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Violence Against Women Essay

It is evident that world is going through with some social concerns. It is crucial to effectively identify different prevailing issues in the society concerning to the social perspective. Proper identification of the social problems can be helpful to propose different solutions to effectively and efficiently deal with the social concern.

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The Popular Culture and Native American

Popular culture plays a role in forming creating identities for people. For instance, most movies in the past portrayed black people as criminals and Native Americans or Indians as barbaric and inhuman. Many famous moviemakers have persistently attached the barbaric notion and apathetic nomadic life with Indians. Popular culture has influenced their identities with superficial notions.

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Immigration to the United States

Throughout history, immigration has led to the population and changing of countries. Since the start of civilization, the immigration issue has led to the spread of beliefs, ideas, and also cultures to a lot of different nations. Also, it has led to what America is at present.

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The Pact of Umar Essay

If one talks about one of the more important policy documents of the Islamic era, The Pact of Umar stands out as something that goes to show the overall ideology of the Muslim rules during that early time period of Islam. The pact sort of establishes the blueprint that needed to be followed by all the non-Muslims and the people who were involved in the early confrontation with Islam.

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The Industrial Revolution Essay

One positive aspect of the industrial revolution was that it paved the way for the inventors. A lot of inventors came to America during this time hence transforming the American society ( Kornblith and Gary 438)The inventors introduced new and speedy forms of production and transportation.

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Tribunal of Cambodia Essay

Tribunal of Khmer Rouge also known as Extraordinary Chambers of Cambodia courts (ECCC) or tribunal of Cambodia, is a court established to try the senior most accountable Khmer Rouge members for purported desecrations of serious crime and international law prolonged during the genocide of Cambodia (Ciociari, 2006).

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Praise and Reward Essay

Praise and reward both lie in the category of extrinsic motivations. Being a manager, I’ll prefer praise and encouragement for my team members as it is a better choice for motivating them. The promise of being rewarded does not apply to all the persons while encouragement and praise do work wonders. Individuals who love what they do are known for performing relatively poor when promised a reward.

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Sitting Bull Essay

Sitting Bull, known for his acts of heroism among the Lakota people, was originally referred to as “Slow” in regards to his deliberate manners. As one of the renowned chiefs, in the long line of chiefs, he was born in the year 1831 in the place which is now known as South Dakota.

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The role of Defense Attorneys

The practices of Defense Attorneys go back to the Roman times. It used to be a hobby in the start but with the boom in science and technology gave birth to industrialization and more complex and intermingled feuds. To resolve such intricate disputes the need for experts grew, especially after 1960’s when a large number of people started to join this profession by choice and started to acclaim its significance.

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American Beauty by Sam Mendes

Critically acclaimed American Beauty (1999), was directed by Sam Mendes who began his career as a stage director. The film is a combination of vivid cinematography, visionary directing and smart storytelling. Sam Mendes played a major role in this movie by adding a flair of humour and art to the movie. Initially regarded as a witty, it has become an enormous screen accomplishment, definitely this film full of flair.

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Equality and Discrimination Essay

The features of equality and discrimination are considered as the important aspects when it comes to the functioning of the human beings in the society. Equality or the prospect of discrimination can be observed in different paradigms of the social life. Individuals going through with the issue of discrimination on the basis of different forms of difference.

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The BMW I8 Sports Car

If someone asked me to pick a sports car under 300,000$, then my first choice would be the BMW i8. I saw this car at a roadshow. As I first observed its engine, the first thing I thought was that this car would not have the same power or performance as a normal sports car of this category,

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Sternberg’s Eight Kinds of Love

I believe that Sternberg’s eight kinds of love provide better understanding of love and its role in maintaining relationships with humans. Kind of love varies in humans according to their nature. I think that people holding empty love lives a dissatisfied lives because they lack intimacy and passion that are vital components of intense love.

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