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Violence Against Women

It is evident that the world is going through some social concerns. It is crucial to effectively identify different prevailing issues in society concerning the social perspective. Proper identification of social problems can be helpful in proposing different solutions to effectively and efficiently deal with social concerns.

Violence against women is one of the crucial and severe social issues which adversely exist in different societies. It is crucial to understand the severity involved in cases of violence against women (Ekström). It is observed that most people never consider the negative impact of the facet of violence against women in society. The aspect of violence against women is closely related to the facet of human rights. The prospect of violence in the case of women can be identified in the case of sexual, verbal, and physical abuse, which can be a witness in different cases of violence in society. It is the one crucial social demand of society to consider violence against women as a major social concern and take necessary actions to deal with this problem.

Undoubtedly, the issue of violence against women can harm the overall perspective of society. There is the observation of the many reported cases which indicate the growing problem of violence against women. A necessary assessment of this particular issue is crucial as it provides indications about the power associations between both men and women on a gender basis in society. It is crucial to understand that the phenomenon of violence against women has implications for many years and prevails in any society. The feature of violence against women is also known as the term domestic violence. The importance of this particular order can be determined by the necessary steps taken by the government of the country to effectively overcome this issue, but it is tragic that this issue still prevails. There is the existence of the Violence Against Women Act to deal with the issues related to this particular problem. This particular act was established in 1994 by the government of the United States of America. The issue of women’s violence is also immensely highlighted on the international level as many international organizations, such as WHO, take necessary measures to address this issue by identifying the different social concerns and perspectives related to this particular phenomenon.

Different laws and policies have been proposed by the United Nations to provide the necessary protection to women in different regions of the world. It is necessary to mention that although different countries and organizations are committed to providing necessary aid to women, the social issue of violence against women still enormously persists in many societies. The problem of violence can only be properly overcome with the consideration of the necessary social perspective. It comes with the feature of different activities, which can be determined on the basis of different categories of violence against women.

The prospect of violence against women is closely related to the different features of socialization. The influence of socialization on the overall perspective of violence against women is huge as it provides explanations about the behavioural approach of the individuals who prevail in the specific society (Usta et al.). The particular approach to socialization defines the role of both genders, males and females, in any society. The reality of violence against women (VAW) describes it as one major social concern which hinders the necessary ways of development of women and becomes the reason for any form of abuse. The particular prospect of social norms plays a vital role in addressing the growing issue of violence in the case of women in society. There are particular gender norms and beliefs which have a strong connection with the feature of violence. It is observed as the necessary feature to identify and consider the specific gender norms to properly address the facet of violence. It is observed that different cultural and social norms of society play a major role in encouraging the feature of violence in the case of women. It can indicate the features of specific expectations of behaviour referring to the specific gender roles in the case of males and females. The impact of social norms on violence against women can be effectively explored with the specific example of the dominance of men over women. It comes with the social phenomenon that males try to control women by considering their authority.

The social perspective of gender is the crucial aspect closely related to the aspect of violence in the case of women. It can be defined as the specific paradigm of the role of women in society just on the basis of their role as women (Yodanis). The dimension of gender discrimination is considered and adopted in society, which ultimately becomes the reason for the promotion of violence against women. Individuals are discriminated against on the basis of their gender, which provides a form of authority to men over women. It is observed that many women face different forms of violence just because they are women, and the scenario can be different in the case of males. The prospect of gender equality is considered as the possible solution to effectively overcome the problem of violence against women in society. The social feature of dehumanization can also be considered a crucial indicator of the social problem of violence against women. The prospect of dehumanization can be witnessed in the form of social domains. This particular feature comes up with the elements of status, power, and different forms of social connections. It can be identified as the one central element in any society which encourages the facet of violence in the case of women.

It is necessary to assess the existing features of society concerning the problem of violence against women to effectively deal with the particular problem. Statistics show that every day, many women go through the problem of violence against them, which appears in many forms. There is an example of a recent survey from the Center for American Political Studies reveals that sixty-eight per cent of individuals in the country demand effective and immediate steps by the government of the country to cope with the issue of violence against Women. There are influential voices in the country who come up with the opinion that Trump needs to say more and do more to protect the women of the country from the dangers of violence (Vagianos). The National Organization for Women is the one renowned name in the country which raises its voice to provide fundamental human rights to women and enhance awareness in the country against the feature of violence against women. It provides a necessary form of research related to the particular cases of violence reported in the case of women. This particular organization also actively involve the whole community to address this particular issue and propose necessary solutions to deal with this problem (“Violence Against Women in the United States: Statistics”).

To conclude this, it is crucial to mention that the prevailing intensity of the violence against women in society is alarming. There is a crucial need to align the different social perspectives to effectively address the problem of violence against women so everyone has the feature of basic human rights without any gender discrimination.

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