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An Insight Into The Racial Differences In The United States

In the United States of America, racism played a significant role in the establishment of the country. Racism always created problems and societal issues in most societies of the country. The United States is considered a developed nation in which the most diverse communities and diverse cultural people exist. The diversity of the country is not new, and the problems of racism never stopped creating issues in the societies of the country, but now or in the coming years, it should be resolved or should be stopped so that social peace can spread all over the nation. Due to the freedom rights, national laws, better opportunities, best-living lifestyles, and best education services, people around the world want to live in the United States as it is considered the dream place for immigrants from all over the world. That is why the country has so many diverse cultures and patterns of different societal values that promote its diversity and ability to integrate different cultures into one nation. In the colleges and universities of the United States, hate speech, the old poison of racism, and the fact that only white people are superior and should have the right to live in America are spreading widely and intensely. It’s an alarming situation for the country. However, the country dealt with these circumstances, but that consistent hatred could make the societies and communities worse with time, so it should be handled and should be resolved for the future peace of the country.

Alternative Right is a term used to show the hatred and viewpoints of hatred by the extreme people that are constantly increasing problems in the educational institutes of the country. The term emerged in 2008, and the presidential campaigns of 2016 are converted into a political mainstream for the white nationalists. In these campaigns and movements of the alt-right during the days of presidential elections, more than 900 incidents occurred in the name of bias and racism. The alt-right movements are spreading into educational institutions, and they are enjoying the benefits of the right to free speech. The movements mostly include youngsters, and their leaders are also primarily young white nationals. Now, they are spreading the comments that white people’s identity is in danger due to the other diversified people in the country. They show that their character is under threat, and diversified people create problems for their status. The alt-right movements are using the power of free speech and social media platforms to promote their arguments against the other national citizens of the country.

Hatred never brings societal peace and functional outcomes for societies as it ends the tolerance and acceptance among the people. Hatred creates distance between people, negatively impacting the community’s health, and continues to nourish until appropriate actions are taken. The people who want to bring positive change to society should make efforts to prevent the spread of hatred. People who are considered to stop the hatred should start working on it. They could speak openly in Churches or with friends and family, which could raise the movements against the hate speech and hatred developed by people not considered societal peace. People should use their abilities and capabilities to make a positive change in society, which would be a step towards societal peace and welfare in the United States.

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