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English is a West Germanic language that was first spoken in early medieval England and eventually became a global lingua franca.

Description and Functioning of NGT

The nominal group technique refers to a method of identifying a challenge facing an organisation, generating answers to the problem and finally deciding on the best solution to tackle the challenge. The model could apply to many situations within an organisation due to the generation of lasting solutions to a problem.

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The Glass Menagerie Play Setting and Stage Directions

The facet of linguistics is considered as the necessary paradigm to understand the overall feature of the literature and art. The prospect of linguistics come up with many dimensions such as setting and stage (Hoenigswald, 2012). Both are considered as the important elements to understand the overall structure of the language. Here the focus is to assess the particular play, “The Glass Menagerie” by Tennessee Williams with the consideration of

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The Shift in Cold War Policies of Soviet Union

The World has witnessed two horrifying wars in the form of World War I and World War II and increased global tension in the form of Cold war. The reasons behind Cold War are complicated and interlinked but examining some of the Soviet Union’s policies might help to understand part of the debate about Cold War. Cold War was initiated due to two distinguished political theories, Wilsonianism and Leninism.

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State of the Union

The feature of the State of the Union is one influential feature of the governmental set up of the country. It is known as the annual speech or message presented by the President of the United States of America. It comprises on the joint session of the Congress of the country. This particular speech come up with the necessary considerations about the overall economic policies of the government.

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Kate Chopin Essay

Kate Chopin was one of the feminists of time; she grew up in a well-off family and got educated during her time. Her views as a woman were always distant ahead of her stint. She wrote many short stories and in most of her works, she about topics, which she considered important to her like woman’s right of being independent. It was in an era when women were expected to

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Ancient Men and Modern Myths Essay

In Greek, he is known as most influential of all mortals and has more strength compared to other gods. Greek people believe he assists Olympians in overcoming the giants and Zeus mortal son last in his line, a man given birth by a human woman to arise an as a god upon his death. During hot sun he takes his bow and arrow to shoot the sun in the sky

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Art of Game Design Book analysis

The book ‘art of game design’ highlights different aspects of making a game more desirable for the players and how to maintain their focus on the game for a considerable amount of time without them getting bored. The author of chapter 16 states the key factors to consider while designing a game.

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Appeal Letter

I am writing this appeal letter on behalf of my daughter, who had applied in your institution but unfortunately got the rejection letter. I will not go on a tirade against the institution nor will I state that you have made a mistake because quite honestly it strains credulity that a high esteem institute like yours will choose average students over talented ones. But I will give one more chance

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Famous Photographers Essay

Photography is an act of freezing a moment in time and cherish it in future; more like seizing the moment that holds a person spellbound. There have been significant photographers in the past century, and some of them are still working, who enchant people with their art and photographs.

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American Culture vs Ethiopian Culture

Although American culture is very diverse regarding practice and application, still comparing it with that of Ethiopia is like contrasting black with white. As much as we’d like to merge them both, the ‘overlapping’ grey area is minimal and, in some aspects, opposite to one another. There are some reasons for this sharp contrast. One can assume the principal reason is that America—itself is not limited to a single race

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Evolving of Moral/Legal Thinking of War through the Middle Ages

Michael Walzer sets forth sceptical arguments to justify wars and the soldiers involved in the battlefield ethically. Through his thoughts, a guide to war and warfare has evolved which has been applied in the body of conventions. In his contemporary texts- just and unjust wars and war on justice,

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Compare and Contrast of “Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, and Cross Fit”

The features of powerlifting, bodybuilding, and cross fit are considered as the three important sports facets when it comes to the immense level of energy and power. It is notable to mention that all three considered the similar features of body sports but in reality, there is the existence of some differences.

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Romeo and Juliet Essay Analysis

One of the most famous love stories in the English literary tradition is Romeo and Juliet. In the play, love can be identified as naturally the most dominant and significant theme. More of the play’s focus is on the romantic love and the intense passion between Romeo and Juliet at first sight.

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