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Maintaining The Shape Of A Billion Dollar Body


There must be someone behind the success of another, and this is not different in the sports arena. The article under consideration attempts to elaborate on the man behind the maintenance of the shape of LeBron James. The man must be behind all the capabilities that are associated with LeBron in the field. Therefore, the author, Motez Bishara, attempts to bring out the idea of the person who takes care of the player both on the ground and off the field. To bring out the information, Motez includes various characters. In this case, he uses James LeBron and the primary concern that portrays a good sports shape in the field. This creates suspense regarding the person who could be behind it. Therefore, Mancias comes in as the other character, who turns out to be the man behind the excellent shape of LeBron James’ body concerning sports. Motez uses a unique heading that attracts the reader in that everyone would want to determine who maintains the body and health of such a hero in basketball. The author presents a more profound form of information in the body, creating a better understanding of the information given. Various aspects, such as communication, trust, individual attention, and consistency, have become the basis for the great sports shape of LeBron James. The end justifies the conclusion that a lot is done behind the camera to retain the body shape of the player under consideration. In the end, the response considers the areas that the author presumably does well in the presentation of information as well as the weak areas identified. A recommendation is offered for better delivery of information in future.


Motez Bishara presents more of the source of success for the well-known LeBron James. In this case, Motez claims that it is less known to the world of the people behind the fit bodies of the players. However, Motez suggests that the level of the player in the eyes of the public determines how low-profiled the caretaker concerns the public. Social media has made things worse in that more of the people behind the successful players are well-known, analyzed and even criticized from time to time. The riding identifies Mancias as the man behind LeBron’s success. However, Mike Mancias presents various aspects that he and others follow to ensure that the best is attained for the players.

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Mancias responds that communication is fundamental to the success of LeBron James. For this reason, Mancias provides that they communicate regularly with James to determine the areas and issues of concern from time to time. Communication allows the two to develop a cordial relationship through which they better assistance is offered at demand. The article presents that a failed transmission is equal to a failed player on the field.

Matez also presents in the article that trust is what keeps them going. He states that he trusts LeBron and that James reciprocates the same. Therefore, LeBron entrusts his health and body shape with Mancias. Also, LeBron trusts that the information provided by Mancias is the correct one, and thus, success will be gained by following such to the letter. Mancias, in return, trusts that the information given by LeBron James is true about the field as well as the health condition.

Matez also states that individual attention is essential for all players. For instance, Mancias states that the players feel that they are individuals and do not belong to the organizations in which they work. For this reason, there arises the need to attend to the team members privately, even though they might come together at later training stages. This motivates the players as they feel recognized and appreciated. Better success levels are expected to be attained by having the players attend as individuals and their demands met on a tailored basis.

The conclusion states that the relationship between Mancias and LeBron James is 14 years in the making. Mantez attempts to prove that success is based on a stable platform of a longtime relationship. Therefore, the relationship between the trainers and the players ought to be long-term for better results on the pitch.


Mantez, the author, creates a scenario that is quite simple to understand. I find the introduction of the reading quite attractive to the reader. By using the introduction statement that “somebody must be behind the success of LeBron James” (Mocarski 23), a creation of suspense on who it might be arises. I find it interesting to determine who could be behind such a successful player in the world.

Motez maintains a small number of characters in the reading. In this case, he uses LeBron James, the player, and Mancias, the caretaker. This increases the level of concentration on the main idea. Thus, the reader is not lost on the way as he concentrates on the central theme of the reading, which is the person behind Lebron James’ success and body shape. “The use of few characters is tactical” (Damico 25). The use of so many aspects would confuse the reader on the central theme of the topic under consideration.

I feel that the information provided is detailed. For instance, Mancias states that “trust is fundamental in supporting the player” (Mocarski 12). Also, Mancias provides that “communication is the key to the success of every other bit” (Damico 25). The author also presents a good basis of evidence for the information being provided. For instance, Mancias states that “the relationship has taken 14 years to nurture” (Damico 25). The message is thus delivered in a simple and quite understandable way.

I feel that Matez, the author, could have included some more characters in the reading. The use of a few characters could be subjective in the information given. Using more characters as a source of information creates a suitable platform for a more in-depth insight as well as the determination of the most likely truth.

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