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American Beauty By Sam Mendes

Critically acclaimed American Beauty (1999) was directed by Sam Mendes, who began his career as a stage director. The film is a combination of vivid cinematography, visionary directing, and smart storytelling. Sam Mendes played a major role in this movie by adding a flair of humor and art to the movie. Initially regarded as witty, it has become an enormous screen accomplishment, and this film is definitely full of flair.

The cast of the film assembled by Mendes is perfect, adding to the delight of the film. The film’s continuous source of surprise is the method characters develop to hide and disclose their secretive benefits and the way they are misjudged by others. The film does not give away its mysteries too soon, and the sarcasm and blunt talk in the movie are scintillating for the viewers. Dependably challenging and entertaining throughout the initial period, it ticks into extraordinary gear midway. The film examines the main character’s actions as it moves the story along at a brisk pace, a considerable achievement in itself. The production design was absolutely up to the mark, and the costumes used in the film boosted the film’s look of intended reality, adding much-needed flair to the movie. One of the major Script’s faults is constructing the film upon the sexuality of the sole character.

General debate on realism and formalism leans toward framing, lighting, position, and camera movement. However, one must realize that other things can also be considered realist or formalist. American Beauty is considered to be a part of the formalist film genre, as formalist filmmaking is inclined to have its origins in the world of Art. Overall, American Beauty has its flaws and limitations, but it is a wonderful epiphany of natural beauty and a brilliant directional debut film from Sam Mendes.

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