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Praise and Reward Essay

Praise and reward both lie in the category of extrinsic motivations. Being a manager, I’ll prefer praise and encouragement for my team members as it is a better choice for motivating them. The promise of being rewarded does not apply to all the persons while encouragement and praise do work wonders. Individuals who love what they do are known for performing relatively poor when promised a reward. The members who are already doing well, when given appraisal, will do much better in the future. And those who are lacking behind, when encouraged will try to perform better. Promise for reward may disturb the performance of the best ones as it may pressurize them. Praise can be given through the bulletin board which will display the members with the best performance throughout the month. This will motivate others to work harder and faster than them.

Doing discussions with every one of the team members will help motivate them; listening to their problems and their needs, and trying best to provide a healthy and motivational environment. Listening and supporting their ideas and visions will boost their energy to work better. Making the members do the tasks in a creative and challenging way will keep them interested in their work. Mutual support and trust are the essential elements in a team. I’ll make sure the presence of these factors and absence of any politics going on within the team. Healthy competition will be established. Praising is done for the encouragement and not for the envious sentiments to pop in. Therefore, no member will be discouraged and ridiculed. Self-esteem is important for every one of us. Respecting it will make things easy and good.

The team’s bonus at the end of the task will be the reward for all the members of the team. In this way, no member will be left out of the motivated team.


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