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Computer science focuses on the development and testing of software and software systems. It involves working with mathematical models, data analysis and security, algorithms, and computational theory.

Debate on Facebook

Facebook has billions of users all over the world. These members of Facebook post photos, messages and some confidential data on the Facebook platform. Their words are usually directed at specific people. For instance, one may be chatting with his parent, fiancée or employer. However, these messages sometimes land in unsecured hands, referred to as third parties (Martin 56). The matter of confidentiality has become a burning issue, which has

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Concurrent Programming Essay

Concurrent Programming is defined as when more than one processes collaborate to accomplish a common objective. Methods can also entitle as ‘tasks’ or ‘threads.’ Numerous torrents of actions are implemented in concurrent programming. It does not require multiprocessors. In this programming, several sequential programs, which are called ‘ordinary’ programs, work together to accomplish their goal.

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Computer Performance Essay

Computer performance refers to the amount of work that a computer system can accomplish. Based on different contexts, when evaluating high computer performance, one should consider high throughput. Throughput refers to the rate at which a computer processes its instructions. Other things to consider include short response times in processing certain types of work, minimum usage of computer resources, high bandwidth, and a faster rate of compressing and decompressing data

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How IBM is using Data Mining Tool for Marketing its Goods and Services more Effectively

Data mining refers to the process that involves the data processing and analysis of specific patterns as well as trends that help business to apply this knowledge in making different decisions. Data mining technique is becoming prominent with the passage of time and with the emergence of the concept of big data. Many companies are part of the Data Mining Group, and these are effectively using the technique for the

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Operations Securities Techniques Essay

Identifying critical information in the profession of the intelligence analyst is essential. I will map the available data to determine the ones containing critical information. The information regarding the communications with national security agencies such as the Federal Investigation Bureau (FBI), Homeland security and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is critical. The files containing the ongoing investigations are critical in ensuring the success of the investigation. Also, my profession deals

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How Cybercrime effects on criminal Justice Surrounding the Community?

Cybercrime is an innovative criminal offence. The wrongdoing is emerging quickly by expanding the speed, strategies, and obscurity of the web clients while perpetrating the wrongdoing. Differing criminal exercises are developed by the guilty parties and are enhancing their extra productivity time hence becoming a real problem. Cybercrime has genuine damages, and they posture genuine dangers to casualties around the world (Akhgar and Brewster). Cybercrime is delegated cutting edge since

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Internet of Things (IoT) Essay

A lot of things have changed since the invention of the IoT. Most people do not understand that drone is an example of IoT. According to Davies (2015), Drones are connected with a sensitive camera to gather data and relay it to the central server immediately for analysis. It is being sent to the battlefield and other unreachable environments to collect information which can be useful for the community. Besides

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Application of Operations Security as an Intelligence Analyst

Since I am unemployed, I am optimistic about working as an intelligence analyst in the US Department of Justice and Investigation. My primary responsibilities will be the preparation of briefing for the FBI officials, reviewing special reports of agents, and creating a liaison between the law enforcement agencies. The signing of the mobility agreement is essential for my profession. Therefore, operational security is a crucial aspect of my job. The

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The Use of Internet Materials

Internet materials play a significant role in displaying information on various platforms. The data may be informed by pictures, figures or even figures. There are different types of illumination that are applied with the aim of enhancing the appearance of the displayed information and also making it easier for the readers to go through the displayed data. Their primary role is to design the provided data to capture the attention

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Over a century, the world has witnessed tremendous technological changes and developments. In the contemporary world, most people have become dependent on technological advancements developed over time. This has changed the ways of communication, travelling, product purchase, and education, among others. The technological developments have led to the development of various platforms and applications which have eased human life and survival. One of the notable changes as a result of

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UDP Client/Server Application

The UDP Client Server Application has been designed and developed using java. There are two applications: a client and a server. The datagram packets have been continuously received over a datagram socket. The packet received by the server from a client consists of a mobile number, pin, reason, date, and client IP address. As soon as the packet is received by the server, the information in the packet is validated

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CMS and Joomla Feasibility Report

Our main company, which mainly offers various services to our customers online, is considering moving from the current content management system to either Alfresco, which is part of the enterprise content management system (ECMS), Joomla, or CMS made simple. The current content management system has grown considerably, and therefore it is not as effective as it used to be. It is also not safe to retrieve information from this system

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MyMiami Usability Report

MyMiami is a website used by the university to prioritize good user experience. Most recently, universities have been using sites to contribute to institutional knowledge in achieving their goals while viewing the return on investments. Following our usability test, this project will identify how we can substantially improve our user experience in most college and other institutional sites.

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Data Accuracy Essay

Our fate is so unpredictable, yet full of immense instants and big resolutions that we have to make in our lifetime and most of the time, we have to take our decisions based on imprecise, incomplete or even wrong facts and figures. From determining where to stay to uncovering our true destiny, we have to make random decisions that have a significant impact on our life ahead (Chen, 2018). The

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