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The IT software idea was realized in Harvard Square when Paul Allen saw Popular Electronics with Altair on its cover. The idea captured him, although the era was thrilled as personal computers were all over. With the issue on hand, he went to Bill Gates’s room, and they shared the idea. Bill took the article, and with the thought on hand, he flopped up on it, thus complementing Allen to be right. Therefore, the two started a frenzy of writing codes that they say will change the nature in which computer businesses were conducted. Software development and designing kicked off, and Gates, together with Allen, came together and strategized in implementing the software systems. Bill gate’s knowledge and skills grew as he was a young kid. In his family, it was a regular commotion routine of arguing with his mother as he always occupied himself thinking. While a small kid, he realized his thrills when building the radio health kit. He grew up being an argumentative kid, always tinkering with computers; however, after joining Harvard University to study Law, he dropped out, and he began coding to develop Microsoft software.

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A brief history of Bill Gates is narrated on how he used to behave while in his family background. He is said to be so naughty in a way that his mother felt tired of his behavior and sent him to a psychologist who tried to advise him, but he was unable to tame his behavior. However, despite being under such occasional rebellions, Bill gates seemed to enjoy the fact that he belonged to a loving and best family. He seemed to be shy while in sports games, but however, he later became a good tennis player as well as a water skier. He never stuck into only these games but also got engaged in other different deeds (Isaacson, 2014). His dressing code made him appear to be quite serious and nerdy. His teachers could recommend him as a nerdy before, even when the term was invented. This was because his intellectual intelligence was legendary. He was by then referred to as the best student in sciences and won top Seattle Space Needle when he memorized the sermon in the mountain.

After Gates was taken to Lakeside Mothers Club, he gained more experience in computer language by memorizing what the computer terminal brought in the school entailed. He taught himself more advanced languages such as COBOL, in which BASIC remained his best together with his group of hard-core friends. From Allen’s parents, their dreams seemed to be valid as both side parents kept encouraging them to study more. Again Gate had a good confrontation style and thus, he was able to confront with the teachers and other elder individuals. However, together with Allen and other friends, they formed a group from Lakeside school whereby they were able to program certain codes. They operated under the mentorship of Steve, who was a creative wry programmer.

Gates’ computer magic was not only on the hardware circuits but within the coding of software. They had to first learn about the coding of the operating system in order to understand it better. This was because they were not hardware gurus. Allen and Gates set out to design software in December 1974 after seeing the Popular Electronics cover, which was designed to create software for personal computers. For this reason, they aimed at shifting the hardware emerging industry into the software industry, making it an interchangeable commodity. This meant that individuals who had created the application software and operating systems would later capture huge profits. All through the process of realization, initiation, designing, and implementation of “the software” were guided by Bill Gates, Allen Paul, Kent Evans, and other two denizens from the school computer room as the key characters.

Gates took over the programming rule as a single programmer when Evans passed. He received several contracts from different organizations, such as analyzing statistics. However, Allen advised Gates to focus on writing programs that will last up to 8008. This was through emulating microprocessors within the main computer frames. Allen and Gates became pros in coding such that whenever they were given references for software over hardware, it was not a surprise to see them write good programs for their proposed tabulators. When Gates joined Harvard, he chose a group of teammates who he worked with from different backgrounds. His life at the university turned out to be hard, as he was told by Allen but however, but he chose to major in applied math instead of pure math (Isaacson, 2014). He grew better skills in writing better algorithms just like any other computer program.

This two were set to write software that would enable hobbyists on the Altair to create their own programs. Specifically, in Altair, they, however, developed wrote an interpreter code that enabled the programming language BASIC to run on the Intel 8080 microprocessor. Both Allen and Gates decided not cram there for their exams but decided to spend their time making history on the PDP-10 as it was funded by the Defense Department. Bill Gates later became a superman and wrote Microsoft using BASIC for the Altair. He later licensed the agreement of the software with MITS for ten years (Isaacson, 2014). Through the program software to be free, Gates was able to move all around towns opening computer clubs. This made his word of computer language coding spread worldwide, and thus, he was able to write codes for Apple together with his friend Wozniak. However, it was also in the 1970s when the IBM operating system dominated its mainframe market together with its 360 series. This enabled them to end up in Steve Jobs, together with his team at Apple, buying the new IBM PC as a graphical user interface. It was, therefore, in the 1980s when Gate implemented Windows and Richard implemented Linus as an operating system.

This chapter is so educative throughout the observation of both Gates and Allen in their competent strive to change the world’s view of Information Technology through code writing. The chapter also touches on family behaviors and acts as a piece of encouragement to both parents and guardians that children should be given the right to do what appeals to their careers. However, through observing Bills’ relationship with Allen, it is a clear implication that teamwork is the key option to which individuals can come up with the best results. The reading impacts positive factors of determination to young individuals who are growing that anything they do in a young age can be important in pursuing their careers. This reading indicates that in most cases information technologies require the implication of new ideas which can enhance new developments and the building of new advanced technologies such as Bill did in advancing hardware to software. It also indicates that for all personal computers, hardware, and software to be useful as well as practical, people should justify through purchasing them. Lastly, the reading enables an individual to learn that out of any struggle there is a lot of gains. This is because through Bill’s implementation of the ideas of writing codes he has been crowned to be the smartest man.


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