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Computer science focuses on the development and testing of software and software systems. It involves working with mathematical models, data analysis and security, algorithms, and computational theory.

Computer Hacking in 2014

Outgoing 2015 continued a series of high-profile hacker attacks in 2014 and forced us to discuss the principles of collective cyber security and the use of cyber weapons. The hacking of military departments and the administration of the US president, and the leakage of correspondence of high-ranking Kremlin officials revealed gaps in the cyber security of the largest countries at the state level. The technology department of remembered computer hacking,

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Restriction of internet access in Methodist University

Cellphones and internet access have been current issues in Methodist University ever since they became a big thing among the students.  All students in there have an urge to call their parents, but the school won’t let them. The school won’t even let the students access to information from the internet even if it concerns their studies. This has created unrest and turmoil in the school compound as the students

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Microsoft Surface Computing Essay

Microsoft Surface has changed the way traditional restaurants work. The new technology turns an ordinary tabletop into an innovative and high-tech surface that provides interactions with all forms of digital content through natural gestures and physical touch.

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