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Sociology is the study of society, patterns of social relationships, social interaction, and culture that surrounds everyday life

Social and Emotional Development of Students

Introduction Social and emotional development in adolescents is a process of learning how to interact with other people, learn about themselves, and make choices that reflect their values (Jansen & Kiefer, 2020). It is also a period of rapid physical, intellectual, and emotional growth. Adolescents develop social skills through interaction with peers at school, at home, and in the community. They learn how others think, feel, and behave; they develop

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Social media as a valuable tool for creating social change

Social media is a powerful tool that can be used to help build community, create social change and improve the lives of people around the world. It is a tool that allows us to connect with friends and family around the globe and keep up with news and current events. This brief research essay argues that social media is a valuable social change because of its various advantages and uses

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Problems with Social Media and Their Harmful Effects

Social media, an outlet source around the globe for people who want to share or broadcast their interests or preferences through technical enhancements in their mobile phones, is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The twenty-first-century men live in a progressive society where they feel the urge to share their interests, adventures, and even every inch of their life while they set on a journey or eat a famous cuisine at

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Current Problems with Social Media in Universities

The social media era has caused a huge stir, with many debaters taking center stage and engaging in a tug of war as to whether social media is a savior or destroyer in this technology era. Despite social media having a huge population of users, the problems associated with this technology cannot be overlooked, as they affect all users regardless of age, race, or gender. Policymakers, researchers, and users have

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8 Tips for Parents: How to Safeguard Your Girls on Social Media

Technology is like a double-edged sword. You can expect good things from it, but there are also possibilities of negative impacts, especially if you can’t really make use of it well. Internet and social media have become a part of our lives on a daily basis. They help us stay connected and updated. Some people can’t live without them, but they can also hurt your privacy and safety. Every Parent’s

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Social Problems

How do we create healthy communities? A community’s health is not just determined by the genes of its members, but also by the circumstances of their daily lives. There is a direct correlation between an individual’s health and his surroundings. Healthy communities are those where everyone has equal exposure to training, safe and healthy living environment, suitable job and commuting, regular exercise and nutritious food, in addition to high-quality medical

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Professionalism and Social Media

In the present day world, professional life requires very precise, caring and responsible behaviour and attitude to prolong one’s career to maximum heights. As the modern world is embedded in social media and platforms like that, in this scenario, the responsibility on the shoulders of employees increases manifolds (Lubowiecki-Vikuk et al., 2021). Especially nursing profession is on the hit list regarding their responsibilities and duties. Nurses are directly in contact

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Sexual Deviance and its prevalence in North America

In sociology, deviance or deviant behaviour refers to activities or conduct that violates societal norms and conventions, as well as contextual and cultural standards. From minor violations such as belching loudly in public to major disruptions such as murder, deviant behaviour is unacceptable either by a particular group or the society at large. For deviance to be categorized as a crime, it not only disrupts a social norm but also

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Social Media’s Growing Impact on Our Lives

Allen, in the article, explains the growing impact of social media in the everyday life of users, which has significantly increased over the last fifteen years from 5 percent of the adult population using social media platforms to seventy percent in the year 2019. Social media usage does impact relationships due to its connectivity and socialization feature that does not require in-person presence. However, usage of social media technology tends

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Social Justice Issues Related to Food and Culture

Food Justice Described as a social issue, a political problem, and a matter of economic importance food justice overarches the idea of social, environmental, and economic equality through improved health and nutrition. In the United States, the issues related to poor access to food, hunger, diet-related illnesses, and other food system concerns impact the population especially the people of color. The leading food system, with its global food chains, and

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Lupton’s Descriptions of the Social Construction

Q: Explain why you would or would not agree with any one of Lupton’s descriptions of the social construction of the body? Answer: Human health has remained a burning issue in all societies of known history, and multiple new technologies of each era had left imprints on human minds in this regard. In her thesis, Lupton has very well said about the usage of modern technologies and their impacts on

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Some Social-Psychological Explanations for Illness

As a student, the biggest socio-psychological variable that affects health is stress. Managing daily tasks, looming deadlines, and social engagements can prove to be very stressful. In light of these struggles, however insignificant these may be, self-care becomes an added task and slowly this self-neglect starts to affect the overall health and can also contribute to low self-esteem. Poor eating habits can lead to more health issues such as bloating,

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Social Class, Childhood Experiences and Family Structure

Circumstances in which people are born affect their personality and the way they interact with society. Their privilege or lack thereof carries throughout their lifetime and determines how they shape their futures; however, the influences of their parents also contribute to the successes of the children. This essay aims to explore the experiences of women and families that Kathryn Edin, Maria Kefalas, and Annette Lareau interviewed in their books and

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A League of Their Own

“A League of their own”, is a phenomenal movie as it presents expectations of society from the women. Dottie Hinson is shown as a gifted baseball player but it is just a game for her unlike her sister, Kit. Dottie is content with her life and only joins the team so that her sister may join as well. Dottie’s character may look plain in contrast to other characters as she

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Definitions of Sociology and Social Action

Max Weber is considered one of the founding fathers of Sociology and as such, he defined sociology as “A comprehensive science of social action”. He further elaborated on the term social action, stating “An act that takes into account the action and reaction of an individual” (Mcintosh, 1997). This paper will discuss social action and explain it further using examples. Social actions are actions to which a society has attributed

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“Social Theory” by Roberta Garner and Black Hawk Hancock

Critical Analysis In contemporary society, the theoretical structures are evolving due to the constant changing of social trends and values amongst people. This reflection essay intends to provide a critical analysis of Roberta Garner and Black Hawk Hancock’s perspective of gender and sexuality in their book “Social Theory, a reader, Vol II: From Modern to Contemporary Theory” (Social Theory, Volume II, n.d.). Garner and Hancock have explained the changes of

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Division of Labor in Society

Division of Labor in Society is one of the earliest works by Emile Durkheim and is not as put together his later work. In this book, he presents the thesis that society’s solidarity is divided into two forms; mechanical solidarity and organic solidarity. Mechanical solidarity represents the older or more traditional societies in which the division of labor is limited. In such societies, an individual wore many hats and performed

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Theoretical comparison of anthropological studies on origin of societies

Introduction: The state’s origin is still imperfectly understood; many anthropological theories have been presented in this regard. Traditional theories regarding the state origin have been declared null and void because the philosophers from the classic area tended to think of the state due to the natural process and were unaware of the modern political organization. The modern anthropological concept provides various grounds on which the theories on the state’s origin

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Animal Protection and Welfare

Charitable Cause Research Paper I. Introduction to Cause A. Description of cause In contemporary society, the issues of animal protection and welfare require immense attention from social, scientific, political, economic, and ethical perspectives. 1. What it is The animal protection and welfare policies encapsulate animal husbandry, environmental enhancement, hygienic breeding, and protection of freedom. 2. Who it affects Animal protection and welfare provide safety/protection policies for all types of animals

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Palliative Care Frameworks and Social Inclusion Policies for Older Adults

Introduction Palliative care is a support for people who have a life-limiting illness, therefore, it is also called supportive care (Can Mollaoğlu et al., 2019). The limiting illness is the disease that cannot be cured and the main cause of death for people having the such disease. Examples include advanced cancer, dementia, and motor neuron disease. Therefore, palliative care is primarily aimed to provide good quality of life to people

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