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Lupton’s Descriptions of the Social Construction

Q: Explain why you would or would not agree with any one of Lupton’s descriptions of the social construction of the body?


Human health has remained a burning issue in all societies of known history, and multiple new technologies of each era had left imprints on human minds in this regard. In her thesis, Lupton has very well said about the usage of modern technologies and their impacts on the human body regarding health maintenance in humans. The application and use of modern technologies have revolutionized the health system around the globe. So, I strongly agree with her viewpoint in this regard.

Q: Explain how your example either supports or questions her thesis and use proper citations when referring to her work?


The interaction and amalgamation of modern technology with the human body has proved fruitful. For example, in our observation in recent Covid-19 pandemic, it has proven fact. The application of modern technology in caring the humanity and the preparation of vaccines is incredible. In the assigned chapter, The Body in Medicine, the author has rightly stated that,

“Various theoretical perspectives have been brought to bear upon examining the ways in which human bodies interact with non-human technologies to create assemblages of human/technological bodies (Lupton, 2012, p. 46)”.

Moreover, modern technologies and their usage have shaken the old beliefs of humans, which were based on means other than scientific ways. Modern technologies, equipment, and multiple pieces of research have paved the way towards emerging horizons. Human beings are becoming aware of their hidden potentials and energies to improve this world.

For example, our mind is a gigantic object which has the power to divert human generations from one another ways. The recent discoveries in the field of information technology and invasion into space are much relevant here. The technologies and the application reveal that human powers and capacities are much more evident and understood by modern man. The writer of the assigned book rightly says at one place as,

“Medical technologies may often confront people and inspire emotive responses by challenging assumptions about the limits and boundaries of the body and self and other (Lupton, 2012, p. 47)”.


Lupton, D. (2012). Medicine as culture: illness, disease and the body (pp. 46). Sage.

Lupton, D. (2012). Medicine as culture: illness, disease and the body (pp. 47). Sage.



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