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8 Tips for Parents: How to Safeguard Your Girls on Social Media

Technology is like a double-edged sword. You can expect good things from it, but there are also possibilities of negative impacts, especially if you can’t really make use of it well. Internet and social media have become a part of our lives on a daily basis. They help us stay connected and updated. Some people can’t live without them, but they can also hurt your privacy and safety.

Every Parent’s Nightmare

Parents, especially, are constantly worried that their daughters would be exposed to the world. As parents, it’s quite normal when we are worried about their safety, while allowing them to use the social media. We are dealing with problems of inappropriate contents and hacking. That’s why parents should take the necessary precautions and steps for extra protection.

Educate Yourself

How can you protect your daughters when you have absolutely no idea about what social media is? With different social media platforms, you should know each differences, mechanism, and system. How does social media do and privacy settings work? Do you understand how each of them work, like one platform focuses on images only, while another focuses on writing? With different systems, what are the possible risks often associated with them?

Set Boundaries

Many platforms have regulations related to age restrictions. You need to make sure that your daughters are old (and digitally wise) enough for not only the risks, but also responsibilities of social media management. You need to set clear and definite guidelines concerning the platforms and how much they can spend online.

Open Communication

Open communication is key to safe online surfing and social media practice. If you want to protect your daughters, you need to establish trust. Create open communication so both of you can talk about anything, making it possible for them to discuss and tell you everything. Tell (and show) them that they can always come to you with any issue or problems while utilizing their social media.

You should be an active listener; not talker. Encourage them to share their experience, opinions, and feelings. When relationship is positive and communication is transparent, you can protect them while encouraging positive online behavior.

Critical Thinking

Logic is important. But critical thinking is also important. Social media can flood you with tons of information, but if you can’t filter it out, you can’t really tell which one is real and true, and which one is a hoax. Your daughters need to develop their own critical thinking skills. Show them about sources credibility and fact-check information. Just because the information is out there and circling around the net, it doesn’t mean that all of it is trusted or credible.

Not only they will likely encounter fake accounts and online scams, but there is also the possibility of hacking and irresponsible sharing. Teach them to trust their instinct. They also need to know about making educated informed decisions.

Positive (Online) Behavior

Teach them that they shouldn’t hide behind the online anonymity. They still need to stay respectful, responsible, and kind while using the social media. Online actions are just the same as real-life actions – they have consequences. Teach them that cyber scam isn’t acceptable. They should carefully think and decide before making comments or posting anything.

Monitor Online Activity

You should respect your daughters’ privacy, but it doesn’t mean that you should be ignorant about it. Monitoring their online activities is also crucial. Regularly check their friend lists ad profiles. In this way, you’d know that they aren’t involved in risky behaviors or they aren’t making any contacts with strangers. However, you should be open about it. Don’t be secretive about monitoring them or they will feel betrayed when they find out. You need to make them understand that the action needs to be done for their own protection and safety.

Good Role Model

Kids learn from actions, not only (empty) words. Your actions are stronger and bigger than only words. Be a good role model by truly practicing responsible and safe social media practice. You can show her that social media can be a useful and beneficial tool for growth, creativity, and connection.

No need to speak a thousand word. Just show them through examples. You can instill values and also behaviors into her life, showing them the required skills to safely navigate this digital world.

Stay updated on the latest trends and digital updates

Social media platforms are constantly evolving, and new trends and features emerge regularly. Stay informed about these updates to better understand the potential risks they may pose. Websites like socialmediagirls are the ultimate resource for inspiring girls to stay updated on the latest trends and exciting digital updates. Utilize these resources to educate yourself and your daughter about current online trends.

Final Words

Social media can be helpful for girls to explore their own interest, to express their truly self, and to connect with other people. But as parents, you shouldn’t let your guards down. Allowing them to use the platforms doesn’t mean that you can be reckless about their well-being and safety.

Open communication is crucial. And if you are able to do these tips while maintaining positive relationship with your daughters, not only you can empower them, but you can also protect them. Teach them about taking responsible choices, especially online.



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