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Animal Protection and Welfare

Charitable Cause Research Paper

I. Introduction to Cause

A. Description of cause

In contemporary society, the issues of animal protection and welfare require immense attention from social, scientific, political, economic, and ethical perspectives.

1. What it is

The animal protection and welfare policies encapsulate animal husbandry, environmental enhancement, hygienic breeding, and protection of freedom.

2. Who it affects

Animal protection and welfare provide safety/protection policies for all types of animals (pet animals, farm animals, etc.)

3. Define key terms

The concept of freedom and hygienic breeding is introduced in animal husbandry (also known as farming) to make effective progress for animal welfare and protection programs.

II. Why this cause is important

A. How society is affected

The three most important aspects of animal welfare and protection are the production of food, proper handling, and health care policies. Animal welfare and protection policies are important to improve the production quality of poultry products. Furthermore, society requires animal welfare for the production of quality and safe food produced by animals.

B. How many/what kind of people are affected

The concept of animal welfare and protection is significant for the economic stability of the society for the livestock supply chain. Additionally, this concept provides effective guidelines for farmers, animal breeders, and veterinary doctors to provide effective care, a hygienic environment, and protection for the welfare of the animals.

1. Statistics/data

According to the statistical analysis, the economy of the livestock sector has decreased by 2.4% in 2020 which has immensely impacted animal welfare and protection.

2. Examples

The major factor for this decrease in livestock production is the Covid-19 pandemic.

D. How the Covid pandemic has affected this cause

The coronavirus has affected animal welfare through decreasing animal mobility, animal medical care, lockdown, and economic crisis.

III. Charities/Organizations working on behalf of this cause

Many charitable organizations are working for the welfare and protection of animal rights.

A. Example #1

Animal Aid provides animal welfare campaigns to promote cruelty-free living and operates against animal abuse.

B. Example #2

The Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade (CAFT) works against the fur trade of animals around the world by raiding fur farms.

C. Example #3

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) exposes animal abuse in the food industry, fur trade, entertainment industry, and animal testing in laboratories.

IV. Your Perspective

A. Why did you choose this cause

In a nutshell, I choose this cause for research because animal protection and welfare fields have gained massive attention in recent years through scientific innovations and technology from all around the world.

B. Why it’s important to you

Animal welfare and protection is an innovative and rapidly developing science.



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