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The branch of knowledge that deals with the state and systems of government.

Propositions for the US Foreign Policy

The foreign policy of the USA has experienced many changes. Various philosophers and experts have presented their ideas about the relations of the USA with other nations. Some of these propositions are firmly established from empirical research, whereas some are not as established. (My research topic would be firmly established ideas from empirical research due to my interest in the topic). Some experts believed that the interdependence of the USA

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U.S. Foreign Policy

The foreign policy of the US has considerable bearings for the nations and the world. Analysts have been raising questions regarding the formation of foreign policy. A plethora of researchers has analyzed in depth the mechanisms of the United States foreign policy. The task is not easy. In the United States, more than elsewhere globally, the foreign policy development process includes a wide variety of actors that makes very powerful

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Political Cartoon Analysis

The Tribune Content Agency ironically describes the critical situation of covid-19 during the Christmas holidays, comparing it with their refusal of accepting the election results by Donald Trump. The caption used along with the political cartoon states, “The president still refuses to accept the election results, and the coronavirus pandemic changes the way the world celebrates the holiday”. Phil Hands uses allusion, imagery, irony, and symbolic elements to reflect the

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The Struggle of Power between Iran and Saudi Arabia in the Gulf Region

Introduction The power struggle between Iran and Saudi Arabia emerged on a large scale after the Arab Spring. However, as noted by Hashemi & Postel (2018), this rivalry has its roots in the seventh century when the issue of selecting the next caliph appeared between Shiites and Sunnis. In this regard, the following essay provides a historical review of this power struggle between both states to increase their influence in

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Rise of India and China in the View of Neo-realism and Neo-Liberalism

Introduction The power struggle is the most prominent aspect of the international arena. States compete with each other in developing their materialistic capabilities such as wealth, military, and economy for their survival and relative gains (Waltz, 1988). In this regard, China’s economic rise and transformation have initiated a debate in the political sector about its consequences on the international system especially when China will surpass the US economy (Gabiella, 2016).

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Neorealism and the Relationship of Iran and the United States

Introduction The political relationship between Iran and the United States has always been conflicting due to their national interests, defense, and security. The theory of neorealism claims that power is the utmost priority in international relations and politics. Certainly, Neorealism’s balance of supremacy is reflected between the two nations. The determinants of power and security propel the countries in opposite directions resulting in conflicting international affairs. This essay intends to

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Significance of Religion in Sino-American Diplomatic Relations

In recent years, the diplomatic relations between the world’s two largest economies, the USA and China, have experienced many challenges. People generally think that economic, military and international politics are essential factors in bilateral relations between both nations. However, religion is also a significant factor in both countries’ diplomatic intricacies, which have many differences in this important matter. The importance of religion has risen considerably in international relations in the

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How Trump can undermine Fauci by executive orders

So far, the year 2020 has been unexpected, and so do is the pre-presidential election period. US 59th presidential elections are scheduled on November 3, 2020. As in any other pre-election phase, Americans were expecting to hear the presidential debate from Donald Trump, but out of the blue, the president signed an executive order encompassing the schedule F. The orders are under the influence of the banana republic-making strategies. They

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An Immediate Connection between Fears Based Oppression Political Framework and Political Administrations

This paper means talks about the underlying drivers of fear-based oppression, which may be political frameworks and political organization and arrangements. It faces off regarding that without knowing the underlying driver of psychological oppression, there will be no conceivable answer for the issue. Further, the paper tries to demonstrate that the underlying drivers of fear-mongering won’t be monetary, social, ideological, or convictions and religions. The central topic of fear-mongering can

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Political Data Analysis Essay

Every country passes laws and regulations that govern their country thus preventing political chaos. In a common political set up people have many rights and freedom which sometimes results in crises. Some political leaders only care about themselves thus forgetting the citizens who voted them into power. In the United States of America, there are two major political parties: Democratic Party and Republican Party. In America, political leaders pass laws

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Are Some Political Authorities Engaged in Illegal Activities in the US?

Many political institutions in the United States are in decline. This is not the same as the general phenomenon of the decay of society and civilization, even if this topic has become extremely politicized in the discourse about America. There are many diagnoses for today’s American ills and misadventures. In my opinion, there is no one reason for the institutional decline, nor is there any more extensive idea of it.

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U.S. National Activity Anticipate Ladies

The United States has made ladies and young ladies a foundation of our outside arrangement. We realize that putting resources into ladies and young ladies is an ethical activity, and furthermore the brilliant, key activity—for improvement; for a social, monetary, and political advance; and for progressing U.S. interests.

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Public Service Reforms in Canada Essay

Similar to other nations, Canada’s politicians, academics as well as members of the private sector have been seriously evaluated of the core functions of the government within the society and how they can be improved. Similar efforts have been present in the past and various circumstances have come together to provide greater urgency to the exercise. Factors such as debts, deficits, changing international environment, new technologies, and high expectations have

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What Does V For Vendetta Say About Hobbes’ And Rousseau’s View Of Human Nature & Political Philosophy? Is Hobbes Correct? Why Or Why Not?

After a series of world crises, Great Britain is under the control of a totalitarian government. Hiding behind the mask of the hero of English history, Guy Fawkes, and the pseudonym “V”, a single terrorist suits a series of terrorist acts aimed at undermining the inhuman system responsible for the death of hundreds of thousands of its own citizens. As the leading political forces realize the threat emanating from the

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Q1: Investigate the following: Who are your representatives in the US Senate? Who is the member of the United States House of Representatives who represents your hometown? Who represents you in the California Assembly and State Senate? Describe the political party of these individuals, and the boundaries of the District that they serve (that is, some cities and communities that are included in their District). A: California is represented in

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The Effect Of Media On American Politics

American politics was fascinating because of the influence of the media and the way American politics were made. Ideally, the media should encourage people to participate in political decisions, to understand how the government works, and that state officials are responsible. However, the day and age of the media are often used to talk about the real nature of political affairs. Transparency in politics means that it can be seen.

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The Nations Of Asia And Africa Are Moving With Jet-Like Speed Toward The Gaining Of Political Independence.

The structure and language used in this letter make it so compelling and persuasive. The figurative language used brings the idea of exposing the truth without any fear or hiding the concept. By application and interpretation of the symbolic language, the fact told in the letter. By application and understanding of the representative dialect, the reality is told in the letter. The letter is organized such that it is focused

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Tea Party in the context of politics

Origin of Tea Party The origin of the Tea Party is interesting in the context of Republic policymaking. The way forward that they suggested for cutting down taxes was to reduce government spending and lower taxes (Madestam et al. 2013). The movement is also unique in its aspect as it openly opposes the idea of the way government-sponsored healthcare needs to be worked out (Nguyen et al. 2015). The movement

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