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The action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.

Marketing Plan: Sweet Sundays Ice Cream Bakery

The primary goal of the upcoming Waldorf-based ice cream bakery company Sweet Sundays is to offer its customers high-quality, sweet Sunday products. The company will conduct business within 100 radii of its residence. The Bakery was started by Jayson, a talented baker, ice cream maker, cake decorator, educator, and businessman. Jayson is a native of Maryland and is familiar with the intended audience. The competitiveness of the business is supported

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Marketing Communication

Advertising, Public relations and Marketing Communication rely on each other for the success of a product. Advertising is a multi-billion dollars business around the globe as media groups pay top dollar for ad space in hopes of gaining traction. Public relations help in further publicity and swoops in to do damage control in case of a failed campaign. Lastly, marketing communications attempts to integrate both advertising and public relations for

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Marketing Plan for Chrono United Watches

1 Introduction 1.1 Part A. Feedback The feedback received on the previous report discussed that the branding strategy was cohesive including important touch-points of brand logo and slogan. The demographic, psychographic, and behavioral bases have been used to describe the relevant target market. The review also remarks on how the branding elements are well connected with consumers buying decisions. The feedback received has positive remarks on all aspects of the

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Reflective Paper about Marketing and Representation

Write a reflective paper about marketing and representation and how that has shaped their understanding of themselves and of other people. Marketing is all about achieving a competitive position in the market by targeting the customers’ needs and demands and fulfilling them through unique products and services (Jobber, 2012). It has become art when businesses and companies try to influence the emotions and behaviors of people by telling them a

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The Social Media Marketing Strategies of LEGO

The social media marketing strategies of LEGO are very effective. The company has maintained its continuous presence on all the prominent social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc., and has millions of followers on all these widely used platforms. As noted by BRIC-RC (2019), the company connects itself with more than 50 million users online. As an integral part of its social media marketing campaign, LEGO posts content

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Positioning Strategy of Olive Garden Restaurant Chain

Description of Olive Garden Olive Garden is a restaurant chain that originated in the United States and is a subsidiary of Darden Restaurants, Inc., headquartered in Florida. However, the restaurant has over 900 branches worldwide and accounts for almost half of the total revenue of the parent company. Since its first opening in 1982, the restaurant has grown at a rapid rate becoming one of the fastest units in the

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The price strategy of LEGO

The price strategy of LEGO contains many aspects of the product manufacturing to its delivery to the customers. As explained by LEGO, the company does rigorous research to finalize the prices of different pieces in the set, and cost of the new unique molds if they are required, and also the cost of licensing new characters from other brands and companies (Help Topics – Customer Service – US, 2021).

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Positioning a Watch

Being the Senior Vice President for Marketing, Enhanced Analytics, Inc. Austin, Texas, it is my honor to present the findings and recommendations of the company to the board of directors of the Watch Company (an imaginary name) to position its new product. It is proposed that the company should initially market its smart health watch in the capital city, Washington DC. The preferred segment might be people of forty years

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STEP 1 Select a hospitality, recreation and/or tourism business/organization. The more the web/social media presence, the better. The company that I have chosen is Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc. which is previously known as Hilton Hotels Corporation. The company manages a large number of resorts and hotels in the world. STEP 2 Briefly describe the marketing mix. (1-3 sentences for each) Product The products of Hilton are designed to meet the

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Sensory Marketing by Singapore Airlines

Introduction Sensory marketing is one the most widely used techniques to attract potential customers and according to EHL Insights (n.d.), 35% of the Fortune 500 companies are using sensory marketing as an integral component of their marketing philosophy. Following the trend and the great effectiveness of sensory marketing, the tourism and hospitality industry has invested greatly to deploy new methods of triggering customers’ emotions and sensations through their sensual advertisement

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Role of Packaging and Market Development

The packaging is known to be a marketer’s canvas on which one can creatively send his marketing message of the product to encourage purchase. The packaging of the product attracts the buyers/ customers to buy the product and provides extensive information related to it. The basic function of packaging is to provide safety and protection to the product while it is in the transit process. The packaging process for any

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LEGO’S Building Bricks

LEGO is one of the most popular toy company in the world (, 2017). The company was originated in Denmark in 1949 and since then it has earned a great reputation for being the most popular manufacturers of toys all over the world. And it has been seven decades that the company is still growing due to its simple and multifunctional toys that captivate the minds of the children. One

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Experimental Activity of running a campaign on Facebook

Digital marketing has gained enormous attention in recent years when it has become an integral component of marketing strategies of business and companies. The basic advantage of such marketing techniques is that companies can approach worldwide audiences very easily and target the specific age group to increase the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. Although there are numerous platforms available online to target the online audience, such as Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn,

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Key Aspects of Nike’s Shoes and its Effective Marketing Strategy

Introduction Effective marketing strategy has become an essential factor for the sustainable growth of the business in any sector (Ennis, 2020). More specifically, sports organizations have to deploy new means and methods to meet the dynamic customers’ demands through strategic planning which according to Ennis (2020) cannot be achieved without utilizing modern marketing tools. However, the marketing strategy is also a function of the specific type of product that companies

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Chow Time

Introduction Certain factors determine the successful entry of a new company in the existing market that include but are not limited to understanding the market trends to develop the products accordingly, distributing the products effectively, and promoting the business consistently. Considering all these elements, Chow Time has aimed to provide good and healthy foods for pet dogs targeting the growing pet industry and is determined to donate a significant portion

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Golden City Supermarket

How does the article start? Does the beginning grab the reader’s attention? Why or why not? The article starts with a rhetorical question stating “What’s not to love about Flushing?” The rhetorical start for a debate, presentation, or essay acts as a prominent attention grabber by the author. Garber’s use of rhetoric start for this article surely grabs the attention of the reader. As a reader, I am compelled to

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Kraft Marketing Oreos Globally

Key Lessons The first lesson learned from the video is that companies that have the goal to reach an audience from all over the world must investigate the specific desires and expectations of the consumers living in a particular culture or a country. For example, people in China do not consume sugar much and, therefore, Oreos decided to keep sugar levels 27% less for their cookies being sold in China

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Summary: Golden City Supermarket by Scott Garber

Scott Garber reflects on the positive aspects of the markets in Flushing city (New York). According to the author, the markets of Flushing are adored by everyone in New York because of their fresh food and reasonable prices. The main street of Flushing resembles that of Manhattan. Garber is relieved to see Burger King in Flushing as it brings positivity to the market. The prices of the supermarkets in Flushing

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Social Media Marketing: Beyonce

Introduction The present essay is an attempt to examine the social media marketing strategy and accounts of Beyonce’s brand. “Beyoncé Knowles-Carter” is a global brand and American singer. Beyonce is famous for singing, cosmetic lines, fashions, and commercials of PepsiCo. The struggles and hard work of Beyonce’s career resulted in the development of a brand that includes the music, fashion, personality, and beliefs of the singer. One of the main

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“Factors leading towards successful marketing: A study of Wilkinson Sword’s shaving products”

Executive Summary This marketing plan is based on a company “Wilkinson Sword” who produce razors and other shaving products for men and women across Europe. The company wanted to do a marketing plan for the shaving products by hiring new and young people and making them the ambassodors of the company. These recruits will then, do the marketing of the products in the desired areas, following the marketing and corporate

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