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Property in Northern Cyprus – how to choose?

Are you looking for overseas property? Are you considering Northern Cyprus as a place for permanent residence? All these points can be combined if you buy a house in Northern Cyprus as a private property and / or for permanent residence –

Warm climate,easy obtaining of a residence permit are not all the privileges that property in Northern Cyprus gives to citizens from other countries. It is more important to choose the right apartment, villa or house here.

There’s a charming excolonial atmosphere at every corner –from the local Anglican church to the legacy of charming former colonial buildings.  The pound sterling is the unofficial international currency, banknotes of British sterling are accepted in all stores and restaurants, and all property is valued the same.

The main criteria for the selection of real estate

We recommend starting with the budget you allocate to buy an apartment in Cyprus for living or rental income. With a specific budget, it is much easier to narrow down the options and find the perfect home. What else you need to consider when planning to buy a house in Northern Cyprus:

  • some properties are located in very attractive places in terms of investment in foreign real estate;
  • price increase forecasts for future years are very different, depending on the region where apartments, villas and apartments are located;
  • if you need profitable real estate, pay attention to suburban areas and closed cottage settlements;
  • selection of real estate in Northern Cyprus with an expert will allow you to profitably invest money with further capital gains at the level of 5-7% per year.

Can I get Northern Cypriot citizenship if I buy an apartment in Northern Cyprus?

Buying property in Northern Cyprus is the reason for easy obtaining a residence permit. After 12 years of living with a residence permit, you can apply for a passport. If you are interested in getting Northern Cypriot citizenship, there are faster ways to get it. You can apply for a passport after 6 years of working in the country or after investing from 1 mln GBP.

North Cyprus has been growing in popularity and value in recent years. It has made a great reputation for its natural beauty and cultural heritage. The pleasant and hospitable Turkish-Cypriot people, the unspoiled traditional buildings and the nature of the villages are quite remarkable for real estate investors.



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