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Cover Letter & Reflection for MAHEC’s Center for Psychiatry and Mental Wellness

MAHEC’s Center for Psychiatry and Mental Wellness

Baltimore Campus Location Asheville,

28805, Asheville.

Subject: Patient Financial Advocate

Dear Sir,

I am writing to apply for the position of Patient Financial Advocate at your prestigious institution. Through this letter, I would like to inquire about the possibility of filling out a vacant job position at MAHEC’s Centre. I am passionate about helping people manage their finances and feel that this would be a great opportunity to put my skills to good use.

I have worked with patients in the past as a Patient Financial Advocate and have experience providing financial counseling and assistance that would help me thrive in this healthcare career as well as patients to better understand their finances. I also believe that financial planning is an important part of overall health so I would be willing to assist patients in the planning of their financial future by assisting them with the application process. Therefore, I am very excited about this opportunity and believe that I would be a great fit for the role. I am interested in the position because I believe it would enable me to contribute to the organization’s mission of improving the healthcare experience for underserved populations in Asheville and across the United States.

I would like to further demonstrate my commitment to the organization and work during a personal meeting at the Center to better inform your consideration of my candidacy. The salary may be negotiated depending on the desired level of responsibility and the specific duties I perform. You can reach me via phone or email me. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you in anticipation.

Yours Truly,


What was your research and writing process for this assessment? Please explain your approach in detail.

As a student of an undergraduate degree at an accredited institution, I am interested in pursuing a career as a patient financial advocate. I am also an ardent learner of all aspects of medical billing and coding, so I have researched the position that involves helping patients learn about their financial options while making sure that patients understand their Medicare supplement. I also researched how to write an effective cover letter that can be personalized to the specific job opening and tailored to the individual applicant.

What background information did you already know about? What additional information did you need to attain?

My passion for healthcare, medical billing, and coding helped me write about this career in the healthcare field as I know that patient financial advocates are critical to the overall success of any healthcare organization. However, I need to know more about the practicality of this job position while working in a prospective environment where I can grow at interpersonal as well as professional levels.

When you look at websites and job postings or consider other resources, like your own knowledge, what do you notice about how people communicate in this field? What are some words, jargon, or ideas that seem to be consistent?

When looking for a job in any field, it is important to be able to read between the lines and glean the information a person needs to fill the job. I observe that people remain highly professional and formal while communicating either it is verbally or in writing form. The tone of the language used in job postings reflects the company’s corporate culture and the intended job candidate. People use specific words that attract a specific type of audience who need jobs to their job postings. These words or jargons include industry-specific words or expressions, words of the day, business terms, and words that are used in everyday life depending on the job position and its relativity to routine life.

To whom did you address your letter? Why did you select this person?

I have written this cover letter to the recruiters at the MAHEC’s Center for Psychiatry and Mental Wellness because I did not know who the person responsible for hiring a Patient Financial Advocate at the Center.

What are some examples from your letter that demonstrate your intentional tone of voice and purpose?

My passion for medical billing, coding, and care service demonstrates the intentional tone of having a possibility of filling out an outstanding job position of Patient Financial Advocate at an accredited institute so I can be in service of unhealthy populations and those in need as well as grow professionally.



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