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Healthcare is the improvement of health via the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, recovery, or cure of disease.

Blockchain Applications in the Healthcare Systems

SECTION 1: INTRODUCTION Healthcare systems have been developed in the past years with transformations from manual to digital healthcare systems. Digital healthcare systems have paved the way for blockchains which are decentralized data management and transaction systems first developed to accommodate bitcoin cryptocurrency. The blockchain system integrates data and provides anonymity and robust security features without third-party intervention making this system a competitive invention since 2008. Therefore, the features that

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Admission Essay for MRI

The medical field has observed a surge in the development of medical imaging technologies over the past few decades because of the demand for better diagnosis and treatment outcomes. Towards the end of my senior year in the high school, I started to thumb through the catalog of colleges around my locality to make the right decision for my future career. I started to think about my preferences and career

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Causes and Effects for Sale, Trade, or Donation of Human Organs

The advancement in human organ transplantation has headed to the increasing trade or trafficking of human organs because of the growing demand for organ replacement and transplant. The growing need for human organs results in the upsurge in organ trade making it an organized crime that goes unpunished in majority of the countries. People sell and purchase human organs either to make money or to save someone’s life but through

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SWOT Analysis: East Chestnut Regional Health System

Conduct a SWOT Analysis on the Case Study: Eastern Chestnut Regional Health System. Conduct a preliminary review of the current situation presented in the Case Study. Write an objective for your SWOT analysis. Use the framework below to conduct your SWOT analysis. List the organization’s strengths, weaknesses, potential opportunities and potential threats Select the items that should be prioritized. Helpful Harmful Internal Strengths The availability of multiple specialists concerning a large number of experts and diversified disciplines is a significant strength (Coleman et al., 2022). The unique offer

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Why do I Want to Become an X-Ray Technologist?

Throughout my life, I was always fascinated with the medical field because it is an arena extending a helping hand to the unhealthy population of the world and those who are in need of any medical help. The reason why I landed in this industry is I was always interested in helping people and knew that this caring field would make me a better person for the people around me.

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Why Do I Want to Become an MRI Tech?

The day I first visited a healthcare facility, I was fascinated with the medical field although I did not exactly know what I would do in that field. The care for the people suffering from different chronic diseases, my passion to be a helping hand and a better person, and my fascination for medical technology always consumed my heart. This all turned into an enthusiastic feeling when I was hit

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Prevention and Management of Covid (In Urgent Care Facility)

Background In the medical field, nursing is a significant profession that requires passion, dedication, sacrifice, and confidence to work on the front foot for the providence of the best possible care to the unhealthy population. However, without any specialized training for the nursing practitioners and the concerned healthcare providers, it is almost impossible to cope with potential eventualities in the healthcare environment. Therefore, nurses are the backbone of the care

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The Body and Stress Case Study: Session 1

Mr. X is immediately in the acute stage of healthy stress. Which neurochemicals are released in that response? During an acute stage of the healthy stress response, Mr. X’s autonomic nervous system might have activated. In response, his body has experienced increased levels of neurotransmitters such as adrenaline, endorphin, cortisol, epinephrine, and many others which on one hand have increased his stress level and on the other hand, helped him

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Management and Prevention of Covid in Urgent Care

The evidence-based topic for the capstone project that will be explored in this proposal is the need for standardized effective communication tools for the management and prevention of Covid-19 in an acute care setting among healthcare providers. This capstone project will focus on the acute care setting at Chandler Regional Medical Centre where poor communication among healthcare providers has led to wastage of resources, reduction in the quality of care,

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Advocacy through Legislation

  Problem In a hospital setting, nurse staffing is directly associated with better patient experience and outcomes. The shortage occurs when there are very few nurses for tending to a large number of patients which subsequently increases the likelihood of mortality rate in the hospital setting and medical error. As it is a serious problem in the healthcare setting, nurse shortage affects caregivers, organizations, nurses, patients, and even the whole

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Limited Access to Healthcare and its solutions

The lack of convenient access to healthcare can be dangerous in maintaining the quality of life. A person needs to have reliable access to healthcare in emergencies or cases of progressive consultation. Consequently, the healthcare sector needs to establish a functional system that supports healthcare provision to a large population without fail or in cases of scarcity. Therefore, hospitals and medical research facilities need to devise mechanisms that facilitate a

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The purpose of this study was to develop and prioritize an online preceptorship training program for the preceptors to enhance support, guidance, and practice when they would thrive in educating their graduate nursing practice students. The project objectives, as well as development, were examined with reference to the study’s related contemporary background information, modules and strategies, identification of the course content, and justification of the study are discussed thoroughly. The

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Physiological and Anatomical Changes During and After Pregnancy

During the process of pregnancy called gestation, the body goes through numerous physiological and anatomical changes to permit an appropriate environment for the development of the fetus. These changes occur early in the first trimester usually peaking at the time of labor to cater to the increased level of metabolic needs and also to prepare a woman’s body for childbirth (Heidemann and McClure, 2003). This essay addresses the salient anatomical

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Mental Health, Substance and Alcohol Abuse

Konnections with Dr. K focus on the mental health of veterans and their families. The trauma that is suffered by these veterans after suffering from horrible events can mentally cripple them. In times when they can no longer bear the horrid memories, they may turn to different medications and drugs which can easily turn into an addiction. In cases concerning substance abuse, the underlying cause is almost always a psychological

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The Iron Triangle Healthcare

In healthcare, the Iron Triangle refers to the concept that accessibility, affordability, and quality cannot all be addressed simultaneously. The Iron Triangle Healthcare is affiliated with mental health and military sexual trauma therapy group. According to the study, there is a great deal of variance in mental health and drug abuse treatment between and within different sexual assault care models (Lehtonen 290). There was no accurate information on how sexual

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Health Care Delivery Models and Nursing Practice

The United States, in order to improve the quality and cost of the healthcare system has restructured its healthcare delivery service to formulate needed demand as the US spent a fifth of its budget on medical services. The factors that have driven this idea to improve the value of care emerged from healthcare access problems, low patient outcomes, fragmentation, and rising costs. The lack of transparency, excessive spending, rising costs,

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Complete Guide to Ensuring Workplace Well-being (OHS)

The significance of occupational health and safety cannot be emphasized in the fast-paced world we live in today, where businesses and industries are booming. Numerous employees arrive at their workplaces daily intending to work effectively and develop personally. The obligation of companies and organizations to protect the welfare of their personnel, however, lies behind this endeavor. This comprehensive guidebook strives to stress the significance of occupational health and safety, its

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Kidneys and Athletic Performance

Kidneys’ performance in the vertebrates is not only limited to the plasma filtration process in the body rather they regulate the body fluids through renal function in the form of urine during or after exercise which is practically waste substances, water, and electrolytes. This article analyzes the kidney-exercise relationship, and the response of renal function to ensure optimal athletic performance, and also explores how metabolic imbalances impact athletic performance during

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How Geriatric Care Managers can Assist with Medication Management of Elderly Patients

Proper medication management is crucial for the health and well-being of elderly patients. However, it is also one of the most complex aspects of geriatric care. This is due to the multiple chronic conditions, complex medication, and cognitive issues common in older adults. This area is where geriatric care managers can provide invaluable assistance. The Crucial Role of Medication Management in Elderly Care  Elderly medication management involves everything from ensuring

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Useful and health-improving properties of amanita mushrooms. How to use correctly?

Amanita mushrooms, particularly the Amanita muscaria variety, have long been a subject of fascination and intrigue. Often depicted in fairy tales and folklore, these vibrant red mushrooms with white spots are not just visually captivating but also possess a range of health-improving properties. This article delves into the benefits of amanita muscaria mushrooms and offers guidance on their correct usage. Amanita Muscaria Mushrooms: A Brief Overview Commonly known as fly

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