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Computer science focuses on the development and testing of software and software systems. It involves working with mathematical models, data analysis and security, algorithms, and computational theory.

Networks Threats and Vulnerabilities in Riyadh

Introduction Development of the information system in organizations has focused more on processing power, high reliability as well as memory. However, the primary challenge facing information systems is cybersecurity. Riyadh computers utilize standard operating systems like Linux, Windows NT/2000 and DOS, which are common Human-Machine interfaces. The computers in Riyadh use local access networks, which is a means of remote access and also impose vulnerabilities like insecure communication between PCAnywhere

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SQL Database Systems Essay

DATABASE Data refers to a set of values of both quantitative and qualitative variables. While information and data are used interchangeably, the extent to which a set of data is detailed and informative to a person depends on the degree to which it is unexpected by that individual. Shannon entropy can be used in characterizing the volume of information contained in a data stream. In most cases, the data concept

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SQL Injection Essay

Amidst the research and engineering in security, database security remains an issue. The hacking process is wireless and involves codes that the security systems use to protect the databases.

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Office of Information and Technology Department

The centralization approach can be effective in the end in the management of OIT in the department of veteran affairs. The department makes use of information through retrieval and dissemination to improve the services offered to the veterans. The centralization approach allows easy access to information by staff as well as addresses urgent problems. Centralization means that IOT staff are located in one area where they share information and help

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Control Structures in Programming

Task 3.1: Control structures are the most important and basic concepts of any programming language. They are important to implement solutions to the given problem. In short, control structures are known as constructs. There are types of control structures provided by the C# i.e. Iteration constructs and Decision constructs. Following are some control structures that is implemented in the code. Iteration Constructs: We can repeat the code in a cyclic

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What is SEO?

SEO is an acronym for ‘search engine optimization. It is the process that involves attaining traffic that includes all the ‘organic,’ ‘free,’ ‘natural’ and ‘editorial’ results on different major search engines.

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Information Technology

1. Introduction In this essay, I will talk about the main reasons for the rapidly changing way of university students access, acquire and use knowledge and the advantages and disadvantages of ICT.

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Computers in Classroom

Nowadays, there is a great debate among the great thinkers of our time regarding the use of computer-assisted education in elementary school classrooms. Experts are divided on the issue. Some experts are in favour of computer-assisted technology, while others are against it. Let us first discuss the pros of having a computer-assisted education.

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Data Mart and Data Warehouse differences in Constitution and Use

A data mart is a portion of an information storehouse supposed to store information intended for a particular group of users. They are user-oriented and under a single department in a firm, such as sales, finance, human resource, etc. A data warehouse refers to an enormous data collection point for all of a firm’s historical pieces of information that are very detailed with multiple users. Data marts hold only one

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MICROSOFT EXCEL: Microsoft (MSFT) Excel came into the market in 1985, and it emerged as the most popular software application in offices around the world. Excel has become an essential part of business processes worldwide. Microsoft Excel is used for budgeting, creating client sales lists, and planning an official social gatherings.

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Data Integration: Syntax and Semantics

No matter how perfect the relational and functional approaches to data consolidation are, in fact, they are primitive and rely on the traditional engineering worldview, which has not changed since the late 60s and separates data from content. 

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Digital Media’s Effects on the Brain

This paper explores the effects of digital media on the brain, and the reason for the selection of this topic is that for a decade, man has forgotten what he has learned for a thousand years. The most appealing point of this topic is that we often hear that technology is changing the world, but rarely do we feel these changes in ourselves.

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Computer Hacking in 2014

Outgoing 2015 continued a series of high-profile hacker attacks in 2014 and forced us to discuss the principles of collective cyber security and the use of cyber weapons. The hacking of military departments and the administration of the US president, and the leakage of correspondence of high-ranking Kremlin officials revealed gaps in the cyber security of the largest countries at the state level. The technology department of remembered computer hacking,

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Restriction of internet access in Methodist University

Cellphones and internet access have been current issues in Methodist University ever since they became a big thing among the students.  All students in there have an urge to call their parents, but the school won’t let them. The school won’t even let the students access to information from the internet even if it concerns their studies. This has created unrest and turmoil in the school compound as the students

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Microsoft Surface Computing Essay

Microsoft Surface has changed the way traditional restaurants work. The new technology turns an ordinary tabletop into an innovative and high-tech surface that provides interactions with all forms of digital content through natural gestures and physical touch.

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