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The centralization approach can be effective in the end in the management of OIT in the Department of Veteran Affairs. The department makes use of information through retrieval and dissemination to improve the services offered to the veterans. The centralization approach allows staff to easily access information and addresses urgent problems. Centralization means that OIT staff are located in one area where they share information and help each other to address challenges that arise in their process of working. Centralization improves efficiency, which speeds up operations and ensures that veterans receive diverse services immediately. OIT coordinates different services that are provided to veterans and, as such, should be present during working hours to help organizations such as hospitals receive relevant data that will help in providing medical help to veterans (Eason, 2014). Centralization, therefore, ensures that OIT staff are constantly present to coordinate activities and make the entire office effective.

The current move by OIT to deny existing staff working in hospitals the responsibility of configuring networks is a challenge that makes OIT operations ineffective. Veterans are faced with different health challenges, some of which are urgent and waiting for workers in the region to provide the help that could be provided by local staff leads to delays and further ineffectiveness in hospitals. If such a move persists, veterans are likely to receive substandard services, which will lead to constant complaints and, in some cases, loss of life (Long, 2018). It is important to investigate the matter and the idea behind such a move and offer recommendations for the best approach to deal with the issue without creating conflict between management and employees. It should be the motivation for OIT to improve efficiency in the department for the sake of veterans.


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