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ASP.NET MVC 4 gives you an effective, designs-based approach to fabricate dynamic websites that empowers a perfect partition of concerns and that gives you full control over markup for charming, agile development. ASP.NET MVC 4 incorporates numerous highlights that empower quick, TDD-accommodating development for making modern applications that utilise the most recent web gauges. It is a framework for building adaptable models-based web applications utilising entrenched plan designs and the power of ASP.NET and the .NET Framework. It introduces one next to the other with ASP.NET MVC 3, so begin utilising it today!

In the MVC framework as the user interacts with the application by utilising views, so the MVC 4 views are rendered using the Razor view engine. It is initially introduced with MVC 3 however it is more enhanced in MVC 4.

The main goal of our project is to develop an online solution for researchers. People can share their research work through this application. Users around the globe can view the work of different scholars.

Our work mostly focuses on developing a web application using C#, ASP.NET MVC 4 and Razor engine where people can share their ideas and papers with the community of people who are interested in writing and reading research papers.



The project utilises the MVC 4 framework and develops an application where people around the world share their idea and a related research paper. This application can serve as a library of research papers and journals. Users who want to upload their paper should authenticate themselves by filling the registration form. The research paper or journal will be uploaded by following different stages to ensure perfection.


The research group is a virtual meeting place for researchers and other people to share their work online. This application is restricted to only the web domain. However, in future, more work will be done to develop its mobile version.

Software Requirement Specification:

The application begins with a homepage as the application can also be accessed by other public. So the general homepage is visible to everyone at the start. Users can view a list of different research papers and journals. However, they cannot open them. Only authorised users can view and read them. Users can register, log in and read about the research group by landing on the home page. This application has two tow types of users registered and unauthorised users.


The user should register to the web application by filling in all the required fields. Then the confirmation message will be displayed to the client. The administration rights will be given to the particular user. He or she can manage the members of the research group.


The users should login by clicking on the login link. Login form appears and the user should fill in the fields. After filling the fields, the user should click on the log in button to successfully login the application. After successful login, the username appears on the homepage.

About Us:

The user moves to the about us page by clicking the link on the homepage. The About us page includes the information about the research group.

Upload paper:

The user can upload the paper and the journal by filling the required fields of the uploading form. By clicking the submit button, a journal or paper will be submitted and visible in the recent project list on the homepage.


Due to the copying threat, the paper will not be stored in the text format. The paper will be stored in the form of an image. All the pages will be not be displayed only first few pages will be visible to the users. Users should pay to get the entire paper.

Design Details:

The following components are included in the design detail:

  1. Behaviour
  2. Static structure
  3. User interface

The class diagram depicts the Static structure of the web application. The flow of the web application and its various activities exhibits its behaviour. The user interface of the web application is one of the important components of web design. The user usually explores a website which is attractive and eye-catching, and we have implemented the attractive UI in the web application.


We have used the following technologies to implement the web application:

  1. ASP.NET
  2. RAZOR engine.
  3. HTML
  4. JavaScript
  5. CSS3
  6. C#
  7. SQL Server
  8. Visual Studio



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