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The abstract science of number, quantity, and space, either as abstract concepts.

Correlation Practice Problems

Problem 1: Health psychologists conducted a study to examine the relationship between the number of close friends an elderly person (65 years and above) has and their general self-reported health condition. General health was measured on a scale from O to 100 with higher numbers indicating better health. Use the data from this study to answer questions 1 through 4. Participant Number of Friends Health Score Participant X=number of close

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Leadership Values, Skills, and Personality

Calculate an independent-samples t-test in StatCrunch comparing differences in a value in the dataset between leaders and non-leaders and report your findings in APA format. The values in the dataset include altruism, management, independence, and variety. Instructions for Calculating independent-samples t-tests. Calculate an independent-samples t-test in StatCrunch comparing differences in a personality trait in the dataset between leaders and non-leaders and report your findings in APA format. The personality traits

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Exploring the continuum of Mathematics from Middle Years Program (MYP) to Diploma Program (DP) to minimize the expectation gap in IB school.

Literature Review Economic globalization since the early 1900s has influenced multinational companies to expand their business by establishing International Baccalaureate schools. This influence has placed a high demand for international professionals around the world as companies have expanded their IB school business to Eastern Europe, Latin America, East Asia, and the countries around. In developing countries, people respond negatively to the local schools because of their poor-quality education, not meeting

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Brief Guide for Students about Implicit Differentiation

Students come across implicit differentiation when they are studying calculus in high school. Although it may seem daunting at first, implicit differentiation is a useful technique that can help you find the derivative of an equation that cannot be easily solved for one variable. Let’s discuss the process of implicit differentiation step by step, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of this implicit derivative concept. Understanding the Basics of Implicit

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Top 5 Derivative Calculators That Provide Step By Step Results For Free

Introduction to Differentiation Differentiation is one of the fundamental concepts of calculus. It deals with studying the continuous rate of change known as derivative. Similarly, the technique of finding derivatives is known as differentiation. This concept is essential to learn because it has many applications in mathematics as well as in other fields of science with a number of functions. The derivative of a function can be calculated by differentiating

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“Fast Numerical Methods for Stochastic Computations: A Review”

“Fast Numerical Methods for Stochastic Computations: A Review” is written by Dongbin Xiu, and published in “Communications in computational physics at Purdue University, Department of mathematics” (Xiu, 2009). This paper provides an examination of the emerging state of the art computational techniques for stochastic calculations. The main focus is on effective high-order, functional methods with an emphasis on methods focused on generalized polynomial chaos (gPC). The gPC’s structure and collocation

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Summary and Descriptive Statistics

Mean The mean value represents the average number of people per 100,000 diagnosed with cancer in the year 2000- 2015. The mean value for the ethnic group of American Indian / Alaska Native (includes Hispanic) is 43.27, the mean value of Asian / Pacific Islander (includes Hispanic) group is 25.51, the mean value of Black (includes Hispanic) group is 70.06. The mean of the Hispanic (any race) group is 31.49

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What is a Shewhart Chart?

Shewhart charts are used to display data in the form of a graph and present the variations that may be present in the data. It is similar to a run chart and uses the x and y-axis to present data variables in chronological order. It can be divided into subgroups, making it easier to observe the variations in data over time. In the chart, a line presents the data points

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Non-Cooperative Games

“Non-Cooperative Games” is written by John Nash, Noble Laureate, and published in “The Annals of Mathematics” (Nash, 1951). The theory presented in the paper is based on an assessment of the interrelationships of available set of coalitions as a consequence of the coalitions formed due to player involved in the game. Each participant of the game acts independently, and the participants do not collaborate or coordinate with each other, which

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A quick overview of Five Number Summary and its Calculations

Data summarizing is a quick and simple method of explaining all of the values in a data collection using only a few statistical statistics. The mean and standard deviation are used to describe data with a Gaussian distribution, but if your data collection does not have a Gaussian distribution, they may be useless or even incorrect. We will show you how to utilize a five-number summary to summarize the distribution

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What is statistics?

Statistics is a branch of mathematics that deals with the analysis done with the help of models, and representations of any provided data set or any real-life data. It deals with the methods and ways to collect, analyze, application of a suitable test or model on the data, and to take out the information by plotting the results. Some of the measures that are used in the subject are mean,

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Statistics Essay

Statistics is one of the involved subjects in the academics. Statistics is the science and practice of developing human knowledge, it is the branch of mathematics dealing with the study of collection, analysis, interpretation, presentation, and organization of data in particular fashion, presentation of data by use of the graph, figures. The whole data is collected, and comparatively, the study is made. A statistical model is also known as the

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Spherical Geometry

The curiosity to learn more about the universe and the way it works has done wonders for the human race. The travelers and researchers over the time have been working to find the shortest paths between their starting points and destinations. The perspective of the flat earth was debunked almost a millennia back. Geocentric earth concept lasted up until the end of seventeenth century. However, Friedrich, Gauss, and Riemann, working

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The Importance of Statistics to Society

Introduction to Statistics Statistics is the subject that deals with the information gained by the data. Studying statistics helps us to apply appropriate and different techniques for the collection of data, analyzing and examining it, and concluding the results. Statistics can also be defined as a complex but useful process with the help of which we are able to make scientific discoveries, make choices on the basis of data, and

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The survey was conducted by different channels in which the support for Trump was more than other parties for example for CNN it was declared that 25 % of the voters were with Donald trump which shows the victory of him. On the other hand, wall street journal has shown about 21% of the support of the voters. Which was low in the previous survey in which Trump had 28

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Probation as an Integral Part of the Sentencing Process

Probation is a period within the criminal law in which an offender is kept under supervision instead of serving time in prison as directed by the court. The essence of being on probation is to determine whether the offender is a serious risk to public safety. This is confirmed by obtaining information on the background as well as the history of the offender. The probation period also gives feedback on

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Determine the probability of each number of planes sold-of 0, 1, 2, 3-in a 50-week period. (Pioneer sales office is closed the other two weeks of the year.)

The probability of each number of planes sold of 0, 1, 2, or 3 of every a 50-week deals office can be resolved utilizing the proportion of event of a particular occasion and the aggregate number of results. This tool can be used because information has been gathered before and the normal is given to us. In light of the past data the probability of selling 0 plane is as

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