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International law, the body of legal rules, norms, and standards that apply between sovereign states and other entities.

Truman & Kokemoor Case

Case 1: Truman v. Thomas The Truman v. Thomas case was established on the surgeon’s failure to reveal the risks of disallowing a diagnostic test to the patient to help her make an informed decision. The patient ultimately died from cancer of the cervix. The respondent, Dr. Claude Thomas was a family physician for Rena Truman from 1963 to 1969, during that time he offered her medical advice. In 1969,

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Bioethics Challenge – Response to Cases

Case 1: the State of Tennessee v. Mary Northern This case is about Ms. Northern who was a 72 years old lady. She suffered from gangrene on her both legs and did not have anyone to care for her as she lived alone. She was receiving treatment from the Nashville General Hospital. Over time her ailment worsened to the point that amputation of both her legs was prescribed by the

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What were the main organizations of the Chicano Civil Rights Movement and their objectives?

The “Chicano Civil Rights Movement” of the 1960s, was a socio-political movement based upon furthering Mexican-American rights to achieve empowerment. The “Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo” concluded the Mexican-American war and promised the right to property, culture, and language for the Mexicans who remained on the United States territory. However, most Mexicans already in the U.S and the immigrants who arrived later were forced to live as second-class citizens. With a

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What was Reconstruction and why did it fail?

The era from 1867 to 1877 is known as the Reconstruction era in which several developments regarding liberty, equality, and freedom were made which include the abolition of slavery, ban on the confederacy, readmission of the southern states into the Union, and incorporation of the African Americans into the political system. Although it brought many monumental changes such as the restoration of the United States and the settlement of the

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California’s Proposition 16

Step 1: Pro/con Arguments The main argument presented by the proponents of Proposition 16 is that it will eradicate the deep-rooted discrimination in the state by providing equal opportunities to the public while ensuring diversity in all public sectors. Furthermore, affirmative actions taken by the government under Proposition 16 will provide good jobs, equal wages, and education to all Californians and remedy racism and gender bias to build a California

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Critically Analyze California’s Proposition 16

Point 1 California’s Proposition 16 has a few advantages for Black people. It would have ended the ban on affirmative action, a measure initiated in 1996 (Brice et al., 2020). Proposition 16 would have increased the number of Back and Latino students due to the administration’s affirmative action to increase the diversity and support the underprivileged sections. Similarly, in employment, Proposition 16 might have improved the chances of jobs for

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Constitutional Rights in the US Case Study

In the USA there are 10 amendments in the constitution that protect the rights of an accused person. In a criminal prosecution a person being accused is enjoying a prompt and public trial within the district or town of the incident being committed, and the accused must informed about the reason and nature of the allegation. Fourth, fifth and sixth amendments guarantee the rights of an accused in his defence.

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Confessions and Admissions after a Request for a Lawyer

Introduction: In this case study, a suspect was arrested from the department store based on the suspicions presented by the security guard. Along with this, the suspects were placed under cuffs at the scene of the crime by officer Martinez. Once the suspicion was confirmed, the suspect was explained about his Miranda rights by the office. On explaining the rights he further mentioned that he needs a lawyer which then

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Common Law Burglary and Modern Law Burglary

Introduction Crime refers to the violation of laws and rules of a state. It is defined as the actions or activities which offend a person, society, or state. Some major types of crimes are murder, rape, kidnapping, gang violence, terrorism, and domestic violence, etc. According to Kopp (2019), burglary is the unlawful entrance to any structure that may be a business or home, to commit a certain crime inside the

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How a Bill Becomes a Law

In the modern era, nurses have made a vital contribution in policies and strategies formulations at health care units, and a broader level they actively participate in politics to pass bills and laws. Nurses are well aware of the modern world health care system, and they are realized that it is in trouble and requires a set of reforms. Changes in the processes and SOPs, and policies which develop foundations

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Juvenile Courts

Reasons behind Alternatives to Juvenile Detention The current youth incarceration and detention methodology of the United States are very unproductive, expensive, and can extremely harm the youngsters (McCarthy, Schiraldi & Shark, 2016). A plethora of studies suggesting that the country and/or states should find the alternatives to juvenile detention and adopt different approaches which we will concisely discuss in this research essay. First and foremost need for alternatives is overcrowding

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The Constitution Power Essay

The Constitution delegates power to the three arms of government; the executive, legislature, and the judiciary. The powers can either be enumerated or implied. Enumerated powers are expressly listed in the constitution. On the other hand, the implied powers are not explicitly described in the constitution. The constitution delegates enumerated powers to the national government. For instance, Article one of the United States Constitution spells out 27 powers to the

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To: From: Subject: Paying insurance in advance is a prepayment which is an asset for the company and therefore should be recorded on the balance sheet as the company is currently doing. All prepaid expenses should be recorded in the company’s balance sheet until they are consumed according to IASB. They are recorded as current assets to the company until the period in which they have catered for lapses.

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Dual Federalism and the Promotion of Liberties and Individual Rights

Federalism is a form of government in which multiple levels of government operate interdependently to govern the citizens. In the United States, the federal political system is compromised of the national government, state governments, and local governments. The founding fathers created the federalist system and enshrined it in the constitution with the aim of checking the abuse of centralized power and ensuring individual liberties. Ideally, federalism advocates for decentralized decision-making

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Federal Information Security Management Act

Introduction: FISMA abbreviated as Federal Information Security Management Act. It is a executed in December 17, 2002 and enacted by the 107the United Sates Congress. It is introduced in the House by Thomas M. Davis on March 5,2002. It is passed by the House and senate without any objection and signed by President George W. Bush. Hence it is regulated by government. It is enacted when the importance of information

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Cyber ​​Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA)

Introduction In recent years, the US Congress has proposed several laws to address privacy concerns online raises a threat. A Cyber ​​Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) has proposed law passed in 2013 and the House of Representatives in 2015. This goal is “indeed cyber intelligence information on threats and threats between computer intelligence communities and Computer security organizations and used for other purposes. ” A similar law, the Law

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Trump’s Muslim Ban and the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882

The Chinese Exclusion Act and “Muslim Ban” contain similar characteristics to one another which allows the audience to easily distinguish the relationship between the two. The Muslim Ban refers to the President Trump’s executive orders on January 27, 2017, which prohibited certain countries from entering the United States based off an attempt to limit “radical Islamic terrorists” ( Ironically, Trump has repeatedly mentioned that this attempt to strength national security

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Effects of MOWR Law on High School Students

Post- secondary institutions are those schools where students can enroll to get the higher education. These institutions prepare students to have a higher caliber and expertise in the region or field they want to pursue. According to the new law that has been passed where the students of 11th and 12th grade at the Georgia public high school are allowed or given permission to leave their 11th and 12th grades

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American Civil Rights Movement

American Civil Rights Movement most commonly referred to the Civil Rights Movement was a movement that took place in southern part of the USA between 1954-1968, and it included the strategies, groupings as well as the social movement whose main goal was to end the African-American segregation and discrimination. The movement also steered for legal recognition as well as federal protection of their citizenship rights like their American counterparts as

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RaymonChandler develops the corrupt cop to portrays anti- heroism and depressions of the twentieth century

Quote: 1 “The wind was making enough noise to make the hard quick rap of 22 ammunition sound like a slammed door, even if one heard it. I went back into the cocktail bar” (Chandler 3). The quote reflects the darker side of the society whose miseries made Coepernik immoral and alienated from society. His story portrays morally complicated paths. Red Wind used an anti- hero that does not present

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