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International law, the body of legal rules, norms, and standards that apply between sovereign states and other entities.

White-collar Crime and Justice

White-collar crimes are denoted by deceit, mistrust, concealment, and financial misappropriations. Physical force is not often applied to advance white-collar crimes because the techniques often used to advance such crimes are embezzlement, bribery, credit card fraud, trade secret theft, economic espionage, and computer manipulation. These crimes are mostly committed by government officials and professionals in the corporate sector. This essay evaluates white-collar crimes from the perspective of Reiman’s argument “The

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Importance of Hiring an Employment Attorney When You Face a Legal Problem at Work

Employment is more than just a paycheck for most people. Our jobs often become intertwined with our sense of purpose, community, and self-worth.  But, when legal issues arise in the workplace, employees can feel powerless against their employers. This makes it necessary for you to know your rights as an employee. Also, it is crucial that you understand that the law is there to protect anyone facing problems at work.

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming a Lawyer

So you want to become a lawyer? Congratulations, that is a noble and honorable calling. We will walk you through the process of becoming a lawyer in this step-by-step guide. Right from your high school choices to applying for your first job as a Bar-accredited lawyer, read on to discover everything you need to know. We’ll cover your Bachelor’s degree, work experience, LSAT exam, law school, specialization, Bar exam, and

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Racial Disparity in the Criminal Justice System

The democratic system in the United States is the world’s most ethnically and economically diversified system. However, economic progress is not evenly distributed among the population because of the systemic marginalization of the people of color in American society on the basis of racial discrimination. Treating Blacks and other people of color unfairly across the criminal justice system subsequently lead to public mistrust due to unwarranted racial inequities. The main

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The Journey to Law School: A Guide to Pursuing a Legal Career

Becoming a lawyer is a rewarding and prestigious career path that requires dedication, hard work, and a passion for justice. Aspiring lawyers embark on a journey that involves rigorous education, training, and personal growth. From choosing the right undergraduate major to navigating the law school application process and finally passing the bar exam, the path to a legal career is challenging and fulfilling. This comprehensive guide will walk you through

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Boosting Law Exam Performance: Why LNAT, LLB, GDL, LPC and SQE Tutoring is a Smart Investment

Law tutoring can provide significant benefits for those studying the LNAT, LLB, GDL, LPC or SQE. Discover when it might be the perfect time to enlist the help of a law tutor, understand why it could be the right choice for you, and find out where you can secure one. The Advantages of Investing in Law Tutoring: Why It Pays Off Investing in law tutoring brings numerous advantages. Primarily, it

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Practicing Law? Here Are Six Foolproof Tips to Catapult Your Career to New Heights

Embarking on a career in law is an exciting journey filled with countless opportunities for growth and success. As a legal professional in Jacksonville, you have the power to make a tangible impact on people’s lives, uphold justice, and shape the course of society. However, the legal landscape is highly competitive and constantly evolving. To thrive in this dynamic field, it’s crucial to approach your career strategically and leverage proven

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A Step-By-Step Guide on How to File a Lawsuit

In today’s complex and fast-paced world, legal disputes are an unfortunate reality that many of us may encounter at some point in our lives. Whether you’re dealing with a personal injury, contract disagreement, or any other legal matter, knowing how to navigate the process of filing a lawsuit is crucial. However, the prospect of initiating legal action can be daunting and overwhelming for most individuals. That’s why we’re here to

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How is private law tutoring helpful to LPC students? Here are our 5 top benefits

These days, private tutoring is becoming increasingly popular among LPC students. But what makes the tutoring experience so different to your SGS’ and tutorials? Here we outline 5 top benefits of how having a private law tutor can help pass the LPC. 1. Consolidating and solidifying what you’ve learned in class Reading and preparing for tutorials is undoubtedly helpful, and attending the tutorials is just as important. But sometimes, when

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The Path to Becoming a Lawyer: A Guide to Pursuing a Career in Law

Becoming a lawyer is a noble and rewarding career choice that requires dedication, hard work, and a strong educational foundation. Lawyers play a crucial role in society, advocating for justice, upholding the law, and protecting the rights of individuals and organizations. If you have a passion for law and aspire to make a difference, embarking on the path to becoming a lawyer can be a fulfilling journey. This guide will

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The Law as a Social Determinant

Different social factors in the environment can have an impact on health. These impacts as known as Social Determinant of Health (SDH); these include places where people may work, live, play and learn. These can affect life negatively leading to adverse effects on health. The Social determinants are not only linked to living or working environment but also their socio-economic conditions, which can lead to the inability to afford medical

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Four Types of Primary Sources of Law

Undoubtedly, the law has diversified definitions with multiple dimensions and directions regarding the legal system theory. However, some systematic written or conventional rules are what is termed as the sources of law. Mainly there are two types of sources of law in broad perspective, i.e., primary sources and secondary sources of law. Concisely, the primary sources can be enlisted as constitution, state rules, regulations and common law to ensure the

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Becoming A Lawyer: How To Choose The Perfect Branch To Pursue

Are you interested in becoming a lawyer? If so, your next step is choosing the perfect law branch to pursue. With numerous specializations available—from civil rights and family law to corporate and criminal law—it’s no wonder that the decision can be overwhelming! But don’t despair – this blog post will provide you with actionable information on how to decide which field of law is best for your career ambitions. We

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4 Things Companies Should Always Have In Written Form

Having written documents to support your business operations is an essential part of running a successful company. These documents help ensure that everyone in the organization understands their roles and responsibilities, as well as provide guidance on how to handle various situations. In addition, having these documents in writing can provide protection should there ever be legal or financial disputes down the road. From employment contracts and non-disclosure agreements to

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Lemon Law and Auto Insurance: Understanding Your Coverage and Legal Options

The term “lemon” refers to a car with significant damage or a defect that makes driving dangerous, while the exact definition varies from state to state. As an illustration, it might be vehicles with damaged brakes, motors, transmissions, or lights. If a vehicle falls short of the manufacturer’s warranty and the damage cannot be repaired without significant redesigns or overhauls, it is referred to as a “lemon”. It’s also essential

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The New Jim Crow in the US Criminal Justice System

Question no. 01: Explain why Michelle’s Alexander Book is titled, The New Jim Crow? Michelle’s “The New Jim Crow” is a stunning account of the former practice of segregation and the rebirth of the racial caste-like system for Black people in particular in the United States. The term “Jim Crow” refers to the racial discrimination enforced by practices and customs and justifies severe inequality and segregation of the Blacks. Michelle

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Fighting Organize Crime: The Primary Priority of the U.S. Law Enforcement

Abstract The paper argues the current state of organized crime and the rationale for considering it primary priority of the U.S. Law Enforcement. In the last three decades, organized crime and technology has grown rapidly at the similar velocity of globalization. The global integration of world economy, politics, and society through Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) has ushered a new wave of organized crime where the enemy is necessarily not

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Shafia Murder Case

The crime of the Shafia murder case took place in Kingston, Ohio on June 30th, 2009. Three daughters of Mohammad Shafia were the victims along with the first wife. This case is one of the many examples of crime against women. For years, the reasons behind the occurrence of these crimes have been an area of interest for sociologists and criminologists. This essay analyses the Shafia murder case and establishes

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Truman & Kokemoor Case

Case 1: Truman v. Thomas The Truman v. Thomas case was established on the surgeon’s failure to reveal the risks of disallowing a diagnostic test to the patient to help her make an informed decision. The patient ultimately died from cancer of the cervix. The respondent, Dr. Claude Thomas was a family physician for Rena Truman from 1963 to 1969, during that time he offered her medical advice. In 1969,

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Bioethics Challenge – Response to Cases

Case 1: the State of Tennessee v. Mary Northern This case is about Ms. Northern who was a 72 years old lady. She suffered from gangrene on her both legs and did not have anyone to care for her as she lived alone. She was receiving treatment from the Nashville General Hospital. Over time her ailment worsened to the point that amputation of both her legs was prescribed by the

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