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International law, the body of legal rules, norms, and standards that apply between sovereign states and other entities.

The Criminal Justice System of South Korea and Germany

Abstract Criminal justice system forms an important part of any country’s judicial system. The system developed for controlling the crimes includes the group of methods and agencies which are made by the government for imposing penalties on the persons who break the laws. A comparative analysis of criminal justice system of Germany and South Korea is carried out to understand the judicial system, criminal laws, function of police, juvenile judicial

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Stress Impacts on Law Enforcement

I. Problem Statement The men and women, who take on a career as a police officer, go into the job with excitement and vigor, feeling like they will save the world one arrest at a time. As their career advances, officers will experience several stressful incidents, but the real stress is outside of work. This profession is a stressful job. They consistently put their lives at risk to preserve anodyne

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Sections for Executive Branch Bureaucracies

In a government, bureaucracy refers to a body responsible for policy making administration. They are complex institution made to perform particular tasks. Keeping the discussion confined to the United States, the bureaucracy has a much higher level of autonomy as compared to other countries. The probable reason behind this is the amount of budget dedicated for this legislative body, According to 2015, the budget allocation for bureaucracy was $3.5 trillion.

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Law of Contract

Introduction A contract is an agreement between two or more parties to offer a service, provide a product or commit to an act and is enforceable by law. It is an expressed agreement which comprises of six elements which make it a binding and a legal document. The law of contract states that for an agreement to be upheld by the law, it must comprise of acceptance, an appropriate offer,

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Voting right from The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander

The New Jim Crow, Michelle Alexander shows the social illness of ethnic-discrimination in a fresh light. Mass-incarceration in the United States constitutes an ethnic caste structure, and she makes the readers on a past and thorough trip on how this comes around. The author of the book backs-up her opinions with many references to figures and coherent philosophies from further considerate authors. In the earlier time, racial-discrimination was lawful and

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Philando Castile’s Constitutional Rights

The police officer who has murdered a black-motorist in a gunfire whose bloodstained result was life telecasted on Facebook was invigorated by his chief as a level ruled associate of the strength with “a real sound ability when it comes to communicating and relating to people”(Capecchi and Smith)

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First immigration ban issued by President Trump

Introduction Executive Orders are the lawfully obligatory instructions that are issued by the President of the United States, who is acting as the head of the Executive Division of the Federal Administrative Agencies. Executive Orders are usually applied to order the federal agencies and administrators in their implementation of congressionally recognized policies and laws. Though, in many cases, they have used to direct different federal agencies in directions opposing to

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On Justifying Civil Disobedience

Henry David Thoreau is the respected elucidator of regular resistance; he envisioned his contemplations in the late 1840s, since he felt compelled to rehearse the level of his own rights, which he acknowledged was the purpose behind American dominant part manage government. In like manner, Thoreau saw his quiet refusal to pay charges to the organization, which he couldn’t support since it allowed subjection and assaulted tinier countries to manage

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Impact of the Result of the Referendum in the UK (26TH June 2016)

The UK conducted the referendum where they voted to exit or remain in the European Union. The leave was won by 50.1% to 48.1%. After the referendum the prime minister, David Cameron resigned and succeeded by Theresa May. However after favouring the decision by the public to exit the EU, there followed a period to which transition was to take place up to 2020 (Ronalds, 2016). The Brexit was viewed

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“Affirmative action refers to the outcomes of Civil Rights Movement created in 1960’s”

The movement intentions was to provide same opportunities to all members in minority groups, employment and women in education. The Affirmative action supporters see the movement to be a path for poorly groups, which include, women, minorities, and monetarily challenged groups. They all believe instructions given through demonstrations are quite important and enable work openings as well as adjusting past racial, monetary segregation and social.

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Why We Obey the Law Positivism or Naturalism?

Thesis Statement: As the role of naturalism is limited to morality, allowing people to escape it, positivism acts as a practical system restricting people from indulging in wrongful acts under the influence of punishment. Introduction The question of obeying the law depends on the choice between naturalism and positivism. The philosophy of jurisprudence represents two common models; one based on moral laws and the other one on legal laws. The

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Trump Gun Control Policy

At the moment, one of the biggest issues and the long standing one that Trump really needs to take up is the way gun control is supposed to be carried out. With the mass shootings at the schools increasing and other hosts of security threats that people are facing, it is very important to make sure that this long term issue is needed to be resolved (Lindsay-Poland & Weiss, 2017).

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NFL Litigation

The six billion dollar lawsuit went on for about six years and now is about to close. Despite the closure though, the sort of confusion that has marred the case since its inception is something that is not commonly seen in the United States legal system (McCann, 2013). One of the things that are seriously being damaged is the fact that the settlement amount that the players would be collecting

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Right to Privacy in US Constitution

Right to privacy is one of the fundamental components of US constitution. Although right from the First Amendment, citizens are subtly granted privacy rights, the formal and clear clause is included in Fourth Amendment. The clause gives privilege to people to keep their privacies and liberties intact. Furthermore, it denounces the unjustified searches of the subject’s belongings and apprehension(Bernal, 2014). There was no internet at the time of the amendment,

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Effect of Trump Revocation of DACA on Recipients and Immigrants

In the presidency of Obama, there was a policy named Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), it allows 1.3 immigrant children who came to united stated to work legally and stay here. Children who fulfill the criteria were given the delay of deportation for 2 years; before it could expire it could also be renewed. Children who were brought to the US illegally were given renewable 2 years of delayed

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Great Britain and America that was its colony expressed divergent views about taxation and representation and their strong beliefs concerning the same with each side have strong basis of support towards their argument that not only raised concerns and emotions among the proponents but also led to long-lasting changes and other whole new views about colonists and their colonial powers. This essay seeks to give an in-depth into the expostulation

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Civil Right and Black Power Movements

Civil Rights and Black Power Movements started in the United States of America in the year 1960s. These movements involved protest by the black people who were against the unfair treatment that they received since slavery abolition from the white people. Various black freedom moves had been made however the blacks were not satisfied. To the core leaders in the Civil Right and Black Power Movements, the end of black

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