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Whether God Exists By Paul Harrison

The question of whether God exists is fundamental. Philosophers believe that there is no other existence apart from the natural realm. Therefore, asking a philosopher whether God exists will definitely be a no, despite the providence of evidence. However, there is biblical evidence that shows that God really exists. There is encouragement of building of faith by individuals in God and the need to use their perception and reasoning. The Bible further discourages the blind from believing in the assertions made by various religions. In this article, I am giving points showing God exists and also arguing that He does not exist.

Human beings have an inborn desire to know the meaning of life and also their role in life; this comes even after meeting their physical needs. This need is called spiritual according to the Bible, and it entails the desire to worship and have knowledge about God [Revelation 4:11]. There is evidence from this spiritual need that God does not only exist but that He wants the need satisfied, and He is a caring creator. The Bible also tells us that God suspends the earth on nothing. It further describes the earth’s shape as a sphere, which is actually correct.

From the above explanations, many people tend to have a feeling the writers of the Bible were guided by God and that they received information from Him because of their advanced understanding. The accuracy of the detailed prophecies found in the Bible written centuries ago and the fact that they came to pass as earlier predicted is strong evidence of the existence of a superhuman source. The existence of a universe that is orderly and supports life indicates the presence of a creator. Through Jesus Christ, God is willing to be known; the DNA, the brain of humans, the attestation of individuals to know God, and water having unique properties are sufficient proof that God exists.

Atheists say that God does not exist; the absence of evidence makes individuals argue that God exists because there is nothing else that makes sense. Despite the presence of the universe and the available explanation of how it came into being, it is not logical and does not form a conclusion. The believers of faith cannot give an account of the suffering of animals, and even innocent people, such as rape cases, death due to floods, and starvation brings a lot of questions about the existence of God. There is an argument that we do not need God because many people have survived well without religion and the concept of God.

Countless horrors done in the name of religion or God’s name, for instance, forced marriages, wars, tortures, and bombings, convince many individuals that they do not need God at all in their lives. A person has a chance of choosing whatever they like in terms of moral code when they live a life without God and religion. Many individuals believe that human knowledge is sufficient and that there is no need for supernatural beings. The existence of evil and pain makes God not loving, good, and all-powerful all the time. It is simple to assume that God does not exist since He is invisible.

I think God exists because of my personal experience about God. Societies need ethics for their survival, and this can be applied where there is hope to reach heaven someday and also the fear of hell and God people. Everything has a cause since it is hard to go back to infinity about causes, showing that there is a beginning. This beginning is, therefore, God.





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