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Hills Like White Elephants By Ernest Hemingway Story Analysis

The “Hills Like White Elephants” by Ernest Hemingway is a short story, but it is difficult to comprehend. It is basically a conversation between a man and a woman. They drink beer and discuss some issues. They are waiting in the train station and discussing some problem, which the man says is simple, but the girl seems to be unconvinced. Sitting at the station, the couple argues, and the women stop him from trying to convince her. The man tells her that he is fine with whatever she decides, and he tries to convince her. It is comprehensible writing, but it is open to interpretation as the topic of the discussion is unclear.

Consequently, it might be helpful for the students in analysis and interpretations. English classes must include a variety of writing as well as story writing techniques. The students must not be exposed to the obvious stories. Also, exposure to such stories helps the students expand their knowledge and understanding, giving them more options to choose from many styles to write their own stories. Hence, it must be included in the composition class.

Composition classes are to broaden the knowledge of the students, so they must incorporate a variety of content to teach the students. It is necessary for the students to get exposure and learn various writing styles, but having similar content to teach would not be helpful in enhancing their knowledge. Students’ exposure to various styles of writing would help them understand and incorporate the writing techniques later in life. However, if the students are exposed to only conventional ways, it will be boring for the students and the academics as all the stories will look the same or similar. Therefore, stories with different styles and content must be included in the composition classes.

Moreover, composition classes enhance the creativity of the students, but if the classes legitimize certain kinds of writing and discourage other kinds, there will not be enough room for creativity. The students must be presented with various styles to be able to choose from them or to create their own style in writing. It is not necessary to follow some traditional methods when writing fiction or non-fiction. The classes must encourage distinct but useful content.

As Hills like White Elephants is different from traditional writing, it provides more scope for students to analyze and criticize the content. It is open to interpretation and does not restrict the readers. The writing is simple, but the reader must comprehend the tone, implied authority or lack of authority, and emotions on their own. It does not tell the reader how the couples feel, which is why the students will have an enriching discussion in class if the text is included in the composition class. However, it might not be a story according to Robert Penn’s standards, as he considers conflict central to a story. In The Hills Like White Elephants, there does not seem to be a story according to those standards, but it must not be rejected because of that reason. It is a story with themes. For instance, controlling women. The man in the story tries to convince the girl, but the girl does not seem ready.

To conclude, composition classes must have a variety of readings to enhance the student’s analytical and writing skills. Including only traditional forms of writing discourages creativity, engendering monotony. Therefore, readings such as Hills Like White Elephants must be included in the composition to allow rich discussions and interpretations of the text in class. It assists students with sharpening their abilities as the topic of the discussion is unclear. Hence, the Composition class must include it as one of the readings in class.



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