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Marketing Plan For Black Panther Movie


Black Panther is a movie that is yet to be introduced into the market. The success will greatly depend on the manner in which marketing will be done. Marketing is an activity that needs certain measures to be in place. If a company or an organization does not have the best team to carry out marketing, then the products it wishes to sell might not attract a large number of clients. Marketing a movie requires different strategies to be put to use. Depending on the type of movie, the marketing plan will need to be adjusted to fit the features of the movie. The reason why most of the plans never succeed is because they are never matched with the respective products they should market. This will be a plan for marketing a movie (BLACK PANTHER).


The following are some of the methods that will be used to ensure that the movie is known by many people before it is released. Creating public awareness is very important as it makes the viewers to be enthusiastic as they wait for the release of the movie.

Use Of The Internet

Since almost every person has access to the internet, it will be the best marketing platform to use. A good marketing platform is one that can reach a large number of people at any given time. Different social platforms will be used in the marketing process. Most people are always interested in the topics that trend on social platforms. The task will be to ensure that the hashtag with the name of the movie trends on most of the social platforms. This is where most of the viewers are found. It will, therefore, be important because it will not take a long time before every person using social media knows about the film. The advantage of using this method of marketing is that it will reach a large number of people in a short duration. It will also be a cheaper method of marketing since the possible market for the film will help in the actual marketing. When using the internet in marketing, the plan will also ensure that blogs are put into use. Blogs are good sources of information that people keep checking every day. Every person has his or her favourite blog. They check the blogs frequently for information. Using blogs to market the film implies that many people will also have access to the film even if they are not part of the social platforms where the actual marketing is taking place.

The Use Of Sweepstakes And Festive Screening

Another way that will be used is festive screening and sweepstakes. During festive seasons, people are always attracted to watching films. Sweepstakes provide marketers with the opportunity to have many clients in one place so that they can explain to them the advantages of watching the film. By meeting potential fans of the film, it will be very easy for the marketers to come up with a way of convincing the viewers that the best film is about to be released. The festive seasons are the best for marketing because most of the people are on holiday. It makes it very easy for the markets to reach the potential viewers so that they can explain the advantages that the film has over the other films in the industry. The marketers will move from one place to the other to give the groups of people who come to an opportunity to win the sweepstakes. Every person will be interested in winning a sweepstake, which will make many people interested in watching the film. The marketing team will move within the US and the UK so that they can market the film.

Use Of Radio And Visual Media

The number of people who watch films is always increasing. People are in love with specific programs or games on their TVs and radios. This can provide a great opportunity for marketers to make viewers aware of a new film that has yet to be released. When people are watching TV, the marketers will get airtime to advertise the film. This will be a great method of advertisement because it will reach only the target market. The use of the internet and sweepstakes might reach even those who are never interested in watching films. The use of TVs will only find those people who are watching the films. In this type of advertisement, the use of trailers will enable many people to look for the movie so that they can watch it.


The marketing process will be a success because the people who have been chosen are people who have a lot of experience in the task. The only way to make it a success is by ensuring that those who are specialized in marketing the films are given the task. Most of the films that fail to market well are always not marketed by the right people. The company will decide to contract a professional company that only takes part in the marketing of films. The company will also advise on the best platforms for the movie. The funds needed in the whole process will also be evaluated so that the company does not fail to finance the marketing over a given period of time.


To market the film, the company will make use of media, the internet, and sweepstakes. The marketing team will ensure that the process is done in a way that enables movie sales to be high. The marketing will be geared towards ensuring that the film becomes a hit.


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