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Opportunities and Challenges of Internet Marketing


Internet or Online marketing is defined as the main founding of monitoring tools and performance that are used for endorsing product and services with the help of Internet. It comprises a broader variety of promoting components than customary trade advertising due to the additional networks and marketing machinery accessible on the Internet. These are the appreciated accompaniment to traditional marketing approaches whatsoever the scope of your corporation or your commercial model. However companies will remain to make use of traditional marketing approaches, such as promotion, direct mailing, and Personal Relations, Internet-marketing enhances an entirely new component to the marketing mixture. Many industries are making great outcomes with Internet-marketing and its elastic and cost effective environment create it predominantly appropriate for small organizations. Internet-Marketing rises due to the claiming of marketing philosophies and methods through electronic media and more precisely the Internet. The terms, Internet marketing, E- Marketing Digital marketing, Online marketing Web marketing and Search engine marketing are often swapped, and can frequently be measured identical. Internet Marketing is a process in which a company advertises the product on the internet. It comprises a broader range of advertising essentials than traditional commercial advertising due to the additional networks and marketing tools that are available on the Internet. Internet-Marketing includes all the actions a business conducts with the help of worldwide web and to the aim of drawing attention to the new business, holding current business and evolving its product identity. Internet-marketing objectives outline what you want to attain from your Internet-marketing campaign. It setup the reasons why your business should go online and let you approximate and display the improvement of your online marketing actions. They also deliver an encouragement to motivation on serious areas and express plans to help attain planned goals. Different companies may progress with different e-marketing aims to depend on their specific conditions. A valuable outline for developing operative Internet-marketing aims is the five outlines,  (Hamill & Gregory, 1997)      which includes:

  • To Sell Products or Services with the use of Internet
  • To Serve The customer by using the internet
  • To use the Internet to communicate with the customer(existing customer and potential customer)
  • To use the internet to save or to reduce the cost
  • To use the internet to build the identity of a brand.

Project Objective

Different methodologies of online marketing

Online marketing or internet marketing comprises quite a lot of ways and methods which are presented explained as below:

Online Advertising

The greatest recognized method of online marketing is online advertising/ promotion or promotion. In this technique, computer-generated space is being used to place put advertising posts on different websites to fascinate internet consumers. Just like the ways offline advertising and further types of online advertisement, the main goal of online marketing is to raise sales of the product/service and to construct product responsiveness. Online marketing comprises of showing advertising posts/messages on the customer’s computer displays with the help of internet and rises to thoughtful posts or messages put on the website of the third party. Search engines (Google or any other) and handbooks are accessible on the Internet. Online marketing similar to TV advertisements practices the component of disturbance. But it practices it in a much more imaginative way. Opposing to TV ads, the online advertisement does not strength the receiver to pay consideration to the advertising posts, but it attempts to encourage or draw attention to do so, it is because instead of coming in breaks it is positioned sideways or between other non-marketing subjects. The now authorized internet receiver has the control to overlook the ad, and it is completely up to her/him to connect or not. Online marketing, at times called display marketing, uses different techniques to show an advertising note online. With the development of expertise, new techniques of working on online marketing are made (Rangaswamy & Van Bruggen, 2005). In adding to descriptions, portraits, logos, etc., other approaches which are now used in this particular field include.

Email marketing

E-mail marketing, by means sending e-mail for advertising posts to internet consumers, has reflected one of the most operative approaches of online advertising. Some investigators have enlightened freedoms of accompanying online advertising. Believing that this advantage is rapidly revolving email advertising to a priceless tool. One of the difficulties is that online clients can simply overlook the acknowledged ads and even some correspondence consumers would choose to place them in the junk mail folder. So some actions should be engaged to overcome the option of overlooking advertising emails as the portion of customers. The solutions are not to exclusively trust on email advertising. Marketers should pay different networks and approaches of advertising to raise the success.  An additional measure to exceed difficulties of email-marketing is the authorization of email marketing. (Hamill, 1997)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Today it is barely imaginable to visualize a business which does not have a particular website. Building a graceful website does not always give essential outcomes with the perfect volume of visits. To gain this objective to be completed an alternative online marketing called SEM must be used. In fact, one of the key approaches of accompanying online advertising is search engine optimization, which is also known as search engine advertising. SEO is a skill, ability, and science of dynamic web traffic to web sites(Reza Kiani, 1998)

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate advertising is a key section of online advertising ways and raises due to the process of attaining a commission by endorsing products or services of a new company. Likewise in this technique, two or more website holders can form the connection to raise joint economic profits. Concerning its meaning, “affiliate marketing is merely defined as A web-based marketing preparation that is often consuming automatic structures or particular software in which a business rewards their partner for each visitor, client, or sale which is carried around as an outcome of associate’s advertising struggles. In most of the cases, the incentive is financial in the form of a monthly payment. Most well-made affiliate programs are stress-free to apply, that requires tiny or no arrangement and are free, and can promptly produce a new foundation of income for you.  Affiliate advertising has been used in some companies for endorsing products and services offline. But the online atmosphere has spread the view of organizing this technique intensely. The aim is that transfer or associates are very easy to path online. This structure of advertising is extensively used to endorse websites and associates are rewarded for their energy to draw every single visitor, customer or subscriber. These affiliates occasionally are measured to be a stretched sales power at the facility of a website. Because affiliates are compensated founded on their performance, affiliate advertising is also known as performance marketing.(Parasuraman & Zinkhan, 2002)

Social Media Marketing

Social media has transformed every piece of our life intensely. In fact, it has developed the technique of declaration in the 21’t century, allowing us to show our faiths, thoughts, and routine in a completely new way. Outside varying our way of accompanying social time, social media delivers the world of advertising with unparalleled chances and also have an enormous influence on business, where they have to understand that without a precise plan and social media policy they have no chance to stand out in the fast fluctuating digital liberty. Social media particularly is encouraging for small companies because increases their viable advantage. This new fulfilling type of advertising, social media marketing, can be defined in the term used to define the method of increasing website movement or brand wakefulness.(Ainscough, 1996)

Opportunities of Internet based Marketing/advertising:

There are many chances of internet advertising that is helping the online commerce more effective. Internet marketing gives companies of any dimensions entrance to the big marketplace at an inexpensive price, and unlike print or TV promotion, it allows custom-made advertising (Kaplan & Haenlein, 2010). Some of the advantages of Internet marketing are:

Worldwide Reach:  the web can be reachable to any part of the world which has access to the internet. This allows discovering new marketplaces and challenging worldwide with only a small investment.

 Lesser cost: A properly scheduled and efficiently targeted Internet-marketing movement can reach the correct customers at a considerable lesser cost than customary marketing approaches. Obedient, quantifiable outcomes advertising by email or banner promotion marks it stress-free to create how active your movement has been. You can get comprehensive info about clients’ answers to your promotion.

Round-the-clock marketing/Advertising: Through a website, the clients can find out about their business’s products even if the company’s office is not open.

Personal Exposure: If the customer record is connected to the website, then every time someone opens the website, one can receive them with directed offers. The additional they purchase from you, the more you can improve your client summary and marketplace efficiently to them. (Mishra & Sharma, 2010)

Speed: E-mails are sent straight to the receivers

More interesting promotions: Internet-marketing allows you to make collaborating movements using graphics, music, and videos. You can conduct your clients a game or a contest whatsoever you think will make him attend them.

Further Opportunities:

  • Globally more than 33% of customers buying from the online market.
  • Internet Marketing decreases prices of the products/services.
  • Internet Marketing has a huge potential for growth.
  • Affordable Computers, easy accessibility of computers and internet connections.
  • Needs of the customers.


Since the flourishing of the Internet after the 1990s, Website based businesses have been opening up each day. New chances for progress arise every day, increasing the range and capabilities of the Internet. For all its interests and rewards, Internet-marketing experiences some difficulties that are unique to the business. That is, Website-based companies have a distinct set of trials that old-style block and pointing industries don’t have. Some of the trials faced by the companies and the methods to reduce them are presented below:

Marketing integration: Most main marketing efforts operate several networks, both online and offline. Email, Web marketing, and most important Internet marketing must be assisted concrete, assessable aims as part of an incorporated campaign. The difficulty is that they are frequently fingered as altered parts of the work when they are thought to assist a concrete and quantifiable objective as part of a cohesive movement. (Ainscough, 1996)

Security and privacy: Most of the people do not understand belief in Web corporations and are cautious about proposing info about them on the Internet. This is particularly correct when corporations that gather data are uncovered to spammers and scammers. To address this issue, it is authoritative for Internet-businesses to accept a sound strategy and appliance a state of the art security measures. The encryption method is an instrument that online corporations should think through investing in. (Quelch & Klein, 1996)

Impersonal service Businesses working online uses electronic approaches of providing client service, such as mailing and placing info on the website to response probable user queries. This may be apparent by the customers as just too impersonal. To address this difficulty, traders must make well-organized check out techniques for selling goods through the Web sites. They can also consider appointment call conducting services so that customers can make conversation to real people when they have surveys or difficulties that need the immediate response.(Ngai, 2003)

 Improving brand awareness this is mainly a big task for corporations to use the Internet to sell their products and services. This is for the reason that unlike to the customary promotion (such as radio, billboard,  television and print media) in which the campaign’s message can be strengthened and frequently presented to customers at the sellers’ will, online advertisements can be closed off by the users as they are more opposed to it. Website companies are hence faced to be more advanced in their advertising policies.(Lagrosen, 2005)

Other Challenges:

  • Low proportion of computer diffusion
  • Internet connectivity issues.
  • The · Low fraction of customers entering into online businesses.
  • Increasing Cyber-crime.
  • Communication with the IT Department
  • Intellectual Assets
  • Bad Marketing Campaign.


Internet marketing affects businesses in some vital ways. When used efficiently, Internet-marketing promotions and plans tend to reach clients in a very quick and little cost route and can provide advancement for an extensive variety of products and services. Internet marketing also compromises businesses the chance to gather data about their customer base to the degree that has previously been very problematic to attain via traditional advertising approaches. The progress of Internet advertising and social media marketing has commanded to models of businesses in current years that seem too little more than classes and filter info connecting to products and services present on the Internet, compelling a small cut from any contract that may happen as a result. Nevertheless, despite the global spread, speed and the level of info that can be added from internet marketing, there are some significant drawbacks to this type of advertising that companies must accept. The skill driven method of Internet advertisement leaves certain companies helpless and excessively reliant on upon skill. It also enables frustrated clients to a far superior degree than ever before and can result in bad evaluations that have the prospective to weaken certain Internet marketing movements and processes greatly. However, even though these difficulties it is sensible to accomplish that Internet advertising is, on the whole, an encouraging growth for industries and that even with firm hazards its influence upon companies has been mainly constructive.(Kiang, Raghu, & Shang, 2000)


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