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The branch of biology that deals with the normal functions of living organisms and their parts.

My Coaching Philosophy

For this assignment, I was asked to summarize my coaching philosophy through what I have learned during the class and draft a reflective essay on my experience throughout my career. This paper reflects how I interact with my team to maintain team discipline, offensive and defensive philosophy for my sport, and what helped me build a culture that better reflects the foundation of my successful coaching philosophy. Building on Whitmore’s

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Milgram’s Obedience Study

Milgram performed an experiment in 1963 in order to evaluate the justifications of scientists and doctors who were convicted of inhumane crimes of WWII. They justified themselves by saying that their actions were a reaction to expected obedience from higher authorities. Hence, Milgram decided to investigate the incongruousness between following orders and self-conscience (Abbott, 2016). He performed an experiment in order to assess how far a person can go in

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The bandwagon effect refers to a psychological attribute in which human beings do or act on something mainly because other individuals around them are doing it. In this phenomenon, they less take into account or regard their personal beliefs and in this case, they, may end up ignoring or overriding them. A wide range of implications are associated with the bandwagon effect. However, the phenomenon is largely seen or exhibited

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Psychosocial Evaluation Case Study

The psychosocial evaluation case study was based on YouTube video HSM 405. It is about a case manager who performs a psychosocial evaluation for a middle-aged mother called Jane. Jane’s chief complaint is that the child protection agency claims that she doesn’t take good care of her two kids and the agency wants to take the kids away from her. The purpose of this essay is, therefore, to answer questions

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The Gorden Rule Essay

According to psychology, there exists a force that guides, maintains and initiates behaviors that are goal-oriented. This force is known as motivation. It leads us to take action to fulfill a certain goal or purpose. Motivation is itself guided by forces such as social, biological, cognitive or emotional. People are motivated towards a certain aim in different ways according to the different theories proposed by the psychologists.

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Evaluating the Reasoning of a Philosophical Text

David Hume considers the specific approach of animal reasoning to provide the evidence about the human’s approach concerning to the inquiry. This particular aspect comes up with many considerations. The overall perspective of the text provided by the author indicates that sometimes come up with the vague form of approach to present the idea of the reasoning on animals. On a broader perspective, he proposes the idea that animals have

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Evidence-Based Practice in Psychology: Implications for Research and Research Training

The main point of view of this research article is to address problems mostly ignored in research clinics. The author believes new framework needs to be established to improve evidence-based psychological practice, involves bringing new content into methodology, training, design, and research. Improvement in mental exercise provides new tools to teach students thus equipping them with capability.

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Psychopathic Characteristics Essay

When analyzing psychopathy, it is evident that such a state is defined as a personality disorder distinguished by lack of emotions, along with interpersonal and behavioral functioning. Psychopathy includes different traits such as callousness, fearlessness, and nonconformity.

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Psychologist as a Consultant

Consultants have many distinctions among themselves. Some of them spend their time by mostly doing their business with the witnesses or making demonstrative displays, while others focus on developing trial strategies effectively.

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The Problem Of Anxiety Disorder Is Serious And Requires To Be Addressed

Introduction Imagine being in severe pain or fracturing a bone, and your friends and family fail to acknowledge it in order to provide you with immediate treatment and diagnose you with any ‘serious’ physical illness. Anxiety and depression are not any different from the mentioned scenario. Patients report that they feel like they are trapped in a small box with no light or a sign of anyone to help them.

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Freud and Jung

Freud and Sigmund are credited for defining the field of psychology. The two developed psychological theories that were different but helped to influence the perception of the human mind. The contribution of the two has led to the development of treatments for mental disorders. The two psychologists differed mostly in their theories.

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Psychoanalytic Therapy In The United States

Abstract The United States keeps utilizing various kinds of therapy to understand behavior. The use of psychoanalytical therapy is still relevant in understanding sexual orientation among multiple stakeholders in the region. Counseling ethics is currently a broad aspect to explore, and the use of therapy remains a crucial aspect. The bulk of the essay evaluates the effectiveness of the therapy, which is mostly for adolescents. Moreover, there is the exploration

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Two Species of Philosophy Identified by David Hume

In section one of the Enquiry, David Hume highlights roughly on the introduction to philosophy and what comes of it, therefore. He asserted that philosophy could be divided into to two broad parts: the first part is the moral philosophy also called the philosophy of human nature, and the other one is natural philosophy.

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How Do Groups Influence You As An Individual? Do You Beat To Your Own Drum? Do You Follow The Crowd? How Do Our Relationships Influence Our Behavior?

Conformity is a sign of weakness and lack of intelligence, arising in the individual the need to prove the fears they feel programmed in their subconscious by poor parenting and poor education (because those before them did the same); it’s a constant reminder to them that they are right in what they feel and that living in fear creates a good social environment of others they can share their fear

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Kant’s Views On Human Rights

Kant is the most prominent liberal secular philosopher. Although people rarely mention or embrace his ideas, they continue to dominate the Western discourse. For instance, he conceived the human rights that are present within international charters and national constitutions. Kant believes that humans must consider the intentions or maxims of their actions. This perspective holds human lives as valuable because they are the bearers of rational consciousness. Conversely, according to

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