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Difference Between The Political Philosophies Machiavelli And Hobbes

There is a great difference between the political philosophies employed by Hobbies and Machiavelli. First of all, Machiavelli was a man of action, while Hobbes was a scholar. Machiavelli argued that society is divided into two: the plebs and the nobles. This applies to every state. He further argues that these two groups of people differ in their aims and interests. The lower class does not allow the upper class to oppress them, but the upper class wants to oppress them. He further argues that this must occur in a very healthy republic.

He notes that the friction between the two is what leads to all legislation in a state. Machiavelli noted that the quarrels between the lower class and the upper class were what made Rome maintain its freedom. On the other hand, Hobbes’s theory can be considered to be of two parts – the theory of social contract and his theory of human motivation. In his theory of social contract, Hobbies argues that for us to have a peaceful society and avoid the state of nature, we must be in social contact with each other and allow the government to make decisions for all the people. This idea seemed to limit individual freedom, but it was the only way to ensure the safety of all citizens in society.

Despite Machiavelli’s book ‘’The Prince’’ being written many years ago, it has had a huge effect on modern-day politics. Many modern rules and laws have been created from Machiavelli’s political ideology. There has been a lot of modern-day progress, which can be traced back to this book in terms of states, technologies, and governments. However, many states still have conflict amongst themselves, just like Machiavelli discussed in his book. Like he argued in his book the modern-day rulers are still seeking for power, alliances, and who to invade. On the other hand, Thomas Hobbes’ theory of social contract argues that society must be under the control of the government in order for people to experience peace. In modern days, we are not experiencing this in the United States, but if we can have a clear understanding of the word sovereign past its definition, we can agree that the theory can be related to modern political thoughts.

The political philosophies introduced by Machiavelli have been of more importance in developing diplomacy and grand strategy. It has brought a lot of changes in political practice and political theory. Therefore, it is more convincing, and one can agree with it. On the other hand, Thomas Hobbes’s social contract theory is not that worse off. It is also convincing and more evident in the society today.

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