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Human resource management is the strategic and coherent approach to the effective and efficient management of people in a company or organization such that they help their business gain a competitive advantage.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Milton Friedman

Introduction: In business platforms, the ‘conduct’ must be understood as a universal entity that directly builds a linkage between society and business units. Such a covert agreement usually lacks among the affected organizations concerning business communities around the globe. In 1962, Milton Friedman spotlighted corporate social responsibility (CSR) in alliance with his strong belief in free market capitalism. In fact, the concept of the broad view of CSR among stakeholders

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Factors and Limitations Influencing Natural Gas and LNG’s Pricing

From keeping the transportation infrastructure running to powering small and large-scale businesses and homes, life would not be the same without natural gas because it plays a significant role in running our lives. Over the last three decades, the consumption of natural gas has grown rapidly because it is a relatively clean fuel as compared to coal, petroleum, and crude oil. The demand for reserves of natural gas and LNG

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Why is Introduction to MIS the most important class in the business school?

The current age of information technology has an ultimate goal of economic prosperity in business prospects around the globe. Such primary driver revolves around producing, distributing, and controlling information. Since the 1970s, the digital revolution has transformed societal units with the adoption of digital devices, including companies and individuals. In this context, the processor speed has been increased due to the interconnection of multiple digital devices. Meanwhile, Gordon Bell enacted

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Principles and Rationale behind the Strategies Followed by NOCs and IOCs

Introduction The most important economic organizations owned by national governments (NOCs) and diverse private investors that own organizations with extensive international operations (IOCs) deal with one another to constitute the largest oil industry. IOCs represent international operations companies that include western oil giants such as Exxon Mobil, BP, and Royal Dutch Shell. On the other hand, NOCs represent Rosneft and Saudi Aramco, which are state-owned companies (Dasgupta, 2009). In the

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Leadership Employment Dataset

The human resource department is one of the most important elements in any organization. The department is responsible for all the staffing activities, which include but are not limited to recruiting, firing, training, etc. For an organization to achieve its development and financial goals, it must have the best talents in the market. Therefore, the process of hiring is critical to organizational success. To acquire the best talent, an organization

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The Realco Bread Master and Supply-Chain Challenges in Post-Earthquake Japan

The Realco Bread Master The firm’s efficient functioning mainly depends on factors that directly impact the company’s performance and the final results. Due to the complexity of the business environment brought on by globalization, investors face difficult obstacles in trying to stay competitive by gradually upgrading their management and equipment. To ensure the proper approach is chosen, the suggested procedure also presupposes the employment of the most efficient management strategies

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What Extent is LMX Theory Still Relevant in Contemporary Organizations?

In contemporary organizations, the source of competitive advantage in the workforce is their employees rather than the material assets of any organization as they have been a few decades ago because of fact nowadays organizations build on the intellectual capital of their employees (Ulrich, 1998). Thus, the Leader-Member Exchange theory is still relevant as it offers a framework to leaders as well as followers of the organizations that how working

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Scholarly Activities: Quality Improvement Committees at the Practicum Organization

Overview The scholarly activity I attended was the Quality Improvement Committees at the practicum organization I work for as a nurse in the urgent care setting. Quality Improvement Committee (QIC) in any healthcare organization comprises the group of people who are assigned the tasks to ensure the management and improvement activities in the care facility. This group of professionals investigates the issues related to the provision of care delivery to

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Human Resource Management: Fusion Electric Company Learning and development

Every entrepreneur desire to see his business succeed in the current trading world. People are a vital element of business success. However, in the contemporary world, entrepreneurs neglect the presence of the people as they view it as expensive and consuming a lot of people. The company’s success depends on continuous, effective teamwork and communication rather than just one person’s influence. Stone et al., 2020 view human resource management as

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How to Diminish the Global Energy Crisis

The global energy crisis has evoked the highest level, and its solution is mandatory for a secure future. For this reason, estimating the current picture concerning this problem is pertinent. The energy choices in the world are continuously shrinking, leading to massive chaos where all world countries look helpless. The global population has learned that energy choices have been limited to pipelines and infrastructure in current scenarios. This menace has

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Case Study: Dealing with Risk and Uncertainty in Delta Airline Company

Introduction: Risks usually include multiple threats that hinder companies from achieving their financial and progress targets. At the same time, such situations where these risks and their respective accumulative effect becomes unmeasurable or unforeseen are termed uncertainties (Sharma et al., 2020). Ignoring such risk and uncertainty situations may lead to fatal consequences in the vicinity of business progress. However, to meet such complexities, comprehensive strategies are in dire need in

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How can Microsoft Excel help Human Resource Professionals?

How can Microsoft Excel help Human Resource Professionals?

Human resource (HR) professionals handle a wide range of critical business functions – from recruiting and onboarding employees to managing payroll and benefits. With fast-paced business environments and increasing amounts of employee data to handle, HR teams need robust tools that can streamline processes and provide data-driven insights. This is where Microsoft Excel comes in handy. Excel as a Versatile Day-to-Day HR Tracking and Reporting Tool Excel caters to all

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Organisational Context of HR

Palla and Billy (2018, p.459-462) note that Taylor’s book, ‘Principles of Scientific Management’ was “perhaps the first attempt to apply scientific principles to organizational processes as well as management,” but that now, “Taylorism is of more historical than contemporary relevance.” Analyse and evaluate this perspective using both academic (e.g. journals and textbooks) and practitioner (e.g. case studies and industry publications) material to support your assertions. Introduction: Human beings are executing

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An Analysis of the Environmental Policies, Models and Strategies in Jamaica’s Oil and Gas Sector

Oil and gas across the globe remain significant raw materials in numerous production processes. Both natural and renewable sources are primary energy resources across the globe and even have the largest share in the global energy sector. In Jamaica, the oil and gas sector aims to increase the competitiveness of the industry at a global scale by increasing the share of clean and renewable oil sources in Jamaica’s overall energy

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Porter’s Five Forces

The Porter Five Forces Model is used for industry analysis and business strategy formulation. It examines the various elements that contribute to the attractiveness and competitiveness of a given industry. The five forces model analyzes the dynamics within a certain market. To foresee and manage future competition, it is necessary to grasp the industry’s dynamics and profitability. The corporations in Group 2 are the primary focus of my Porter Five

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Public Administration: The Foundation of Public Service

Section A Public Administration Public administration includes anything that involves the general public from social workers, police, public schools, and healthcare providers to firefighters to rescuers that are all accessible to the public. It is significant for a country because it provides an essential framework of government to the public in order to ensure every citizen has equal access to essential governmental resources (Frederickson, 2015). Thus, the term “public administration”

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People Organizational Development (Part-B)

Critically discuss the potential impact of reducing individual bonuses on the motivation and engagement of employees within the case study organisation. Introduction Globalization has immensely enhanced the competition among organizations worldwide by converting this world into a fast global village. In this context, the survival of any organization is mainly dependent upon innovative ways to conduct business. The impactful maneuver concerning the efficiency of organizations owes its progress to the

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People Organizational Development (Part-A)

You have been hired as a HR Consultant supporting the HR team in a small independent financial services company. The company has for the past few months traded in difficult economic conditions and has lost a number of key clients. The MD has called a meeting of senior management to discuss cost-cutting initiatives to work through the recovery. At this meeting the company decided to significantly reduce individual bonuses paid

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Oil and Gas Risk Management in Angola

Introduction In organizations operating internationally, managers face challenging political risks that are raised due to the uncertainties and complexities of the increasingly dynamic and threatening organizational world. Running companies or organizations with this complex reality is a daunting task. Therefore, for large oil and gas companies, political risk management strategies are a crucial consideration. The process of risk management in organizations is referred to as the process of identification of

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The Retirement Plan for Jayson

Introduction  Just like the majority of the citizens, Jayson is a struggling gentleman who is trying to make his family comfortable in this difficult economic situation. He is a 35 year old working at Walmart Limited as senior finance manager. Jayson has a lot of future expectations; thus, having a retirement plan would be beneficial to him as he has a long way to go as far as his career

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