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How to Diminish the Global Energy Crisis

The global energy crisis has evoked the highest level, and its solution is mandatory for a secure future. For this reason, estimating the current picture concerning this problem is pertinent. The energy choices in the world are continuously shrinking, leading to massive chaos where all world countries look helpless. The global population has learned that energy choices have been limited to pipelines and infrastructure in current scenarios. This menace has become gigantic in the context of the Russian-Ukraine War episode. Russia, one of the largest gas producers, tends to utilize energy supplies monopoly as a war and strategic weapon. Other than the rest of the world, the colossal loss attainment region is the West which is on the hit list of Russian strategic planning. So the policymakers must move towards future planning for reliable energy sources and fuel options. Currently, the USA and especially its allies, i.e., European countries, are on the hit list of Putin’s strategic goals to cut energy supplies or provoke his terms and conditions.

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Today households and industrial units are facing acute shortages of energy. Large industries have shut down their units and reduced production due to energy deficiencies. Such a situation has ruined everyday civic life, increased joblessness, and provoked food scarcity and famine among the masses. Moreover, in the American context, according to the American Society of Civil Engineers, the energy transmission infrastructure of the USA has entirely spent its life expectancy period of fifty years because most energy transmission infrastructure was constructed in the 1950s and 1960s. Precisely, the grim conditions have touched the end limits, and in the forward direction, there is only destruction and malfunctioning of civic life if not appropriately catered.

The Options we have Left for our Future:

Undoubtedly, global crises need the immense attention of international agencies and authorities to solve the problem. Similarly, at the national paradigm, policymakers, think tanks and competent leadership owe their planning and functioning to meet the problem. Still, individually, we can contribute a lot to mitigate the problem. The first option we, the classmates, have is to ensure the saving of energy. On average, about eight per cent can be saved by using household sensibly. However, if the overall American consumption is estimated, including streets, shopping areas, playgrounds and workplaces, the savings may reach about twenty per cent. In addition, working in sunlight should be preferred. The utilization of LED lights and fluorescent equipment may reduce consumption to a massive extent. At home or institutions, we should reschedule the interior and exterior system of lighting to save energy.

Another superb option is the utilization of waste management as a source of energy. Waste management may take several shapes to help American society cope with the energy crisis menace. For example, applying living entity waste as an energy source as biofuel takes fewer expenses and excellent benefits. Similarly, a hybrid system at our residential area level may recycle other waste like paper, metal, glass, food wrappers, and plastic, dispose of food, etc. It is estimated that by the execution of a comprehensive waste management system for our residents, American society may inject up to sixty-eight per cent into its energy system.

Furthermore, the utilization of renewable resources would prove helpful in mitigating energy crises. Sustainable energy assets at the domestic level also save energy, and ultimately the crisis can be ended. In addition, changing our habits will leave a positive mark. For example, the use of public transport and the relinquishment of private transport may contribute a lot to this aspect. The transformation of transportation habits will provide several aligned benefits, especially in cleaning the environment. Last but not least is the spreading of awareness among the masses. As a student, it is our responsivity to spread the word to all our friends, mates, relations and even strangers, for goodness sake.



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