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Economics is a social science concerned with the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services.

Smoking and its Economic Impacts

It is evident that passive, as well as active smoking damage the health of people, as well have related economic costs. Cigarette smoking causes many diseases, cause health inequalities as well as the premature deaths. The number of people dying from the smoking-related diseases increases every year. Shortly the deaths can increase at the rate of 7 percent each day. The population affected by smoking, shortly, can increase to 7

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Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X: Economic Insights and Influences

The people where were celebrating the success and the development of American nation from a tainted past to the glorified present, at the same time few people like Reverend Al Sharpton and Reverend Jesse Jackson were struggling for the rights of the black people that their rights have yet not been fulfilled. The American history of immigration is not like a traditional tale filled with immaculate pleasure and glorified events

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Minimum Wage in the United States Essay

Introduction In American companies, the low level of hourly wages offered is known as minimum wage US. Recently, the rate of this pay is $7.25 for every hour (Amadeo, 2017). Law for minimum wage is also prevalent in most states. The employers will receive that which is higher, state or federal minimum wage. The reason behind designing these laws of the minimum wage is to halt employers who are misusing

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The IRS and the Taxpayers’ Money

Introduction The issue of Tax refund, identity theft and hiding money overseas is critical to the people of the United States. They value their money and would like the government to address the emerging issues that link to these trends. The paper discusses these three trends in light of IRS rules and regulations.

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Sustainable Development in UAE

Sustainability referred to the ability to sustain and support environment as well as preserve the natural resources. Several countries have adopted the sustainability project in which they are aiming to improve natural, economic and social stability. United Arab Emirates (UAE) has also been taking the national and regional initiative to improve the sustainability of the country (Shihab, 2001). For the sustainable future of the country, UAE has envisioned 2030 economic

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The Normal Profit vs an Economic Profit

The normal profit refers to the minimal profit that a firm can generate in order to remain in the market and compete with other business effectively. The total revenue generated from the sale of the company’s products and services equals to the total cost incurred by the company. In other words the normal profit occurs when total revenue minus total cost equals to zero. The implication is that no loss

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China is a New Economic Superpower

Over the last years, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) which is one of the most prestigious international financial institutions worldwide has ranked China’s number economic superpower globally. It means that China has surpassed the United States, Japan, and other countries in the world. It is argued that it is because of its purchasing power, growth of domestic product (GDP), and its economic performance over the last thirty years.

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Economic Analysis of Nike

Introduction The economy has an important role in relation to the position of the company in the market. The company’s economic analysis helps to determine the impact of economic factors on business. In addition, it supports the company’s position in the market. For this reason, the company’s economic analysis is very useful in establishing the business in relation to economic variables and understanding. This article gives an economic analysis of

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Accessing the Economic-Geographic Environment

The topic of the research is the economic and the geographical factors that directly or indirectly have an influence on the plan of starting a business outside the country. My research is on finding and discussing the factors which my business outside the country will face. I want to start a clothing factory in Canada, and for this purpose, I have to take into account all the geographical and economic

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The Economic Situation in U.S and China

In today’s world, the leading economies are also facing various challenges, and it’s hard to predict if the leading players will be able to maintain their position in next decade. Attaining higher growth, managing positive changes in tax policy, keeping track of spending behaviour, security situation and political stability are the factors that provide the basis for economic development for any economy.

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Effects of Immigrants on the Business Community and the U.S. Economy

Today, more than 40 million people who live in the United States are immigrants from different part of the world. The United States is the country which leads in accepting foreigners to com, stay and work in the United States forever. This has managed to attract different people with different skills and experience in various field. The United States with a population of 280 million, the immigrants make about 14.7%

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The Effect of Immigration on Economy

Many policymakers tend to blame immigration for slowing down the U.S. economy since the 1970s. However, academic research does not confirm to these trends. Immigration tends to lead to more innovative measures being added to the economy with higher productivity levels. Immigration also has an overall positive effect on the state, federal, and local budgets. All taxpayers will not be able equally from low-income or less education immigrants as natives

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