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Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X: Economic Insights and Influences

The people where were celebrating the success and the development of American nation from a tainted past to the glorified present, at the same time few people like Reverend Al Sharpton and Reverend Jesse Jackson were struggling for the rights of the black people that their rights have yet not been fulfilled. The American history of immigration is not like a traditional tale filled with immaculate pleasure and glorified events rather it has series of oppressive, inequity and struggle which supported the American dream to turn into a reality. The foundations of the progressive United States was standing upon millions of deaths and tears of the African American’s who were struggling to live their life independently.

At that time and even in certain cases now too, the blacks were known to be the inferiors to white, and no matter how capable they are, they were not given the accommodative appointment and designation in the society. Then the civil rights movement began which was pushed to work for the black locals to be given the equal rights as any other human being. Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King were the two main pillars of the civil rights movements who were still struggling to insert the spirit of pride, religion, and superiority within the black community (Cushman-Wood, 1993).

It was the effort of these two people that the rights promised in the 14th and 15th amendment were granted to them. Also, Malcolm X worked specifically on promoting the government to take the actions on the appropriate demands, and this was the reason that the Civil Rights Bill and the Civil Rights legislation were correctly pronounced in the form of bills passed by the government. Due to these efforts, it has been observed that the conditions of the African American have been improved since then, but still, the number of increasing black’s in the jails show that the African Americans are considered a third world citizen. Malcolm X and Martin Luther King supported the substantial role of education and developed nationalism among the black people, which raised the genuine spirit to take back their lost home.

The most known slogan raised by the Martin Luther King was “permeated by love and spirituality of nonviolence as it grows from the Judeo-Christian religion.” He was the supporter of peace that even the boycotts should be peaceful and the protests shall be in harmonized way that they influence American society to change their ideological differences and avoid the discriminatory behavior towards the black community.

Thus, due to continuous efforts, the segregation of the two races was avoided, and the most remarkable incident was the affirmation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Moreover, when Malcolm X had to spend ten years of his life in Jail, he realized that discriminatory behavior of the whites towards the black community, and he became a follower of Islam that how this religion proposes equality for every individual. The vitality and the spirit induced by Malcolm’s X in the black nation became the reason behind the assassination. However, both the leaders were able to play a significant role in generating the civil rights movement on the right track.

Pope Francis’ Encyclical proposes a high opinion on the environment on earth which is far from the religion but still connects people because the earth is the common ground for everyone. The field seems to be the masterpiece in the eyes of the Pope Francis in which he has commented that God has been able to create a perfect balance on earth and a subtle and favorable environment to be lived for every human being (Tierce, King, & Washington, 1986).

However, the people who are spoiling the essence of this beauty or could not see that how the earth has comforted them in several ways are poor people. Thus, God has made the planet and has handed it over to the humanity for explore it and make it a better living place, but the humans have not been able to handle the sanctity and have been destroying the mother nature by implementing new human-made tools and projects. Thus, this is the reason that the earth is experiencing the global warming which is not due to nature but due to the unfaithful behavior of the humanity towards the living conditions on the ground.

The humans may have different religion, but Pope Francis insisted that the earth is the common factor among every human and despite that, they are Christians or belong to another faith, an individual could be productive only if he has been persistent in dealing the worldly matters carefully. Thus, Pope has given this message openly to every receiver that with open heart embrace the teaching of the Encyclical which is designed in the light of church’s doctrine.

The Pope in the Encyclical has clearly indicated to the differences being held in the society in the name of injustice, for example, the poor’s are not treated equally because if the environmental injustice being carried in the community #61. Thus, the human interventions and the increasing interests towards the business incentives and changing the demographics of the world, the earth has become lesser attractive and beautiful and has lost its natural beauty.

It is the environmental injustice which leads to the social injustice that when the humans have become insensitive towards the everyday needs which are prevailing in front of their eyes, then how they can be sensitive towards the social needs which are not their responsibility but is considered as a moral obligation. It is becoming the nature and the strong belief of men that they can create something which is not in nature but their minds can transform that well into reality through human efforts (Ittekkot, & Milne, 2016).

The biblical texts support the argument that the Earth was present before the human inception, it has been gifted to the people as it is and it is being mentioned in the Bible that the ‘till and keep’ the garden of the world. Here the ’till’ is referring to continue cultivating and keep is seeing to make it stay as it is.


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