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Criminology is the study of crime from a social perspective, who commits crimes, why they commit them and their impact

Analysis of Crime Prosecution

Court prosecution is one of the most time-consuming and psychologically challenging moments in one’s life. The process is time-consuming as the court requires collecting and analyzing the evidence before setting up trails and engagement of witnesses in a case. Therefore, it is hard to predict a case outcome since the case tends to develop over time depending on the evidence presented, the availability of a defendant, and the number of

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White-Collar Crime and Political Corruption

White-collar crime and political corruption have taken different forms over the years, with different scholars in constant attempts to give relevant definitions of these crimes. The research conducted on these crimes aims to create a clear distinction between white-collar crimes and other crimes such as burglary, murder, and abuse. Therefore, the scholars have come up with distinct definitions that bring out a clear understanding of the nature of these crimes.

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Deviance Case Study

How does the Shafia murder trial fit into a definition of deviance? On June 30th, 2009 the Shafia murder crime occurred in Kensington, Ohio. The victims included the three daughters and the first wife of Muhammad Shafia and this case is considered one of the numerous examples of delinquencies against women. The background occurrences of this murder case have piqued the interest of criminologists and sociologists for a long time

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Types of Deviance and Crime

The individuals that seem “to get away” with sexual assault are usually the ones that have a high standing in society. In contrast, alleged perpetrators that get convicted are more often than not; people of color and minorities. The reason for such sexual deviance may be due to the position of power held by the perpetrators. The social theory that can be applied to this phenomenon is that it is

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The Development of General Strain Theory by Agnew and its implications in the field of Criminology

Many famous criminologists have influenced the field of criminology for years. While some have attempted to explain the factors of crime causation, others explored its consequences in terms of punishment. This paper aims to analyze the development of general strain theory by Agnew and its implications in the field of criminology. The paper further explores crime, punishment, and the criminal justice procedures as presented by Cesare Beccaria. In modern criminology,

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Classics of Criminology

Human beings show varied behavior, which includes antisocial and criminal amongst others. A plethora of experts have explored this vital realm; however, this brief write-up covers two critical research articles. The first is “The Criminal and His Victim” by Hans Von Hentig, and the second is “Crime and Human Nature” by Wilson and Hernstein. Both articles are revealing because the authors shed light on numerous aspects of the topic, including

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Sutherland’s White-Collar Criminality

The field of criminology has evolved over the years through the contributions of various criminologists who have sought to understand the causes of deviant behavior. Although many theories have attributed criminal behavior to lower class and social differences, criminologists such as Sutherland and Brantingham have strived to comprehend the crimes conducted by privileged individuals as well as those carried out against the environment. This essay aims to explore Sutherland’s White-Collar

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Gottfredson and Hirschi’s Theory Comparison

Criminology has evolved over decades through the works of criminologists attempting to explain the causal factors of crime within the societies. This paper explores such causal factors by analyzing the theory of differential association by Sutherland and the general theory of crime proposed by Gottfredson and Hirschi. Moreover, the paper aims to explore the relationship between the two viewpoints and their implication in society today. The basic elements of Gottfredson

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Overview of the case study: Over the passage of time, bullying has taken different forms and destroyed the future of many young individuals (Brown & Edgar, 2017). In severe cases, people suffering from cyberbullying, physical bullying, and/or body shaming have considered suicide as their only way of ending the misery. Bullying has been observed as a common part of high school where teenagers can’t stand the idea of other teenagers

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Introduction In this case study, Officer Martinez and Officer Williams took the help of a trash collector responsible for the area of the defendant. With the help of the garbage collected, officers were able to charge a defendant due to possession of narcotics. In this paper, an overview of the constitutional amendment relevant to the case will be highlighted along with the validation of the officer’s actions. The relevant constitutional

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The Role of Mental Illness in the Commission of Crime

Mental illness can be defined as a condition that not only affects the thinking of a person but moods and feelings as well. Such medical conditions may influence a person’s capability to relate to other people in life and disrupts normal functions of life as well. It is related to conditions of distress and problems working in social or family activities.

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The Liability for Criminal Attempts

Arguments related to the liability for criminal attempts are divided into two categories. Some advocates of the concept of non-crime victims, as a principle of society, only those behaviors that negatively affect an actor or a person can legally prohibit supporters. However, most policymakers, even if they cannot legally punish a crime, are advised to do some practical reasons why they should not continue discussing. Victims of crimes against non-debate

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Killing a mentally- ill old woman makes sergeant New York police sergeant unethical

The New York City police sergeant Hugh Barry killed a mentally ill woman in October 2017. The action of High Barry to shoot a woman at her Bronx apartment is unethical behavior. The involvement of Barry in the brutal killing of the woman reflects the horrific side of the New York police. The sergeant was arrested for his killing, and the case involved a six-month investigation. Deborah Danner was a

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The Importance of US Security Agencies Fighting Against the Organized Crimes

Abstract The evolution of the human race over the years has transcribed into a new state of defiance and has urged to rejuvenate of the security protocols to ensure that any and every type of lawlessness is dealt. Terrorism has shunned the world. Almost every progressing country has faced the brunt of terrorism. These hideous acts have not only hindered the progression of the targeted countries but have caused significant

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DNA Evidence and it is Effect in Criminal System

Introduction Crime scenes bid the DNA traces, and the recovery of these traces have of decisive significance for reenacting and solving crimes, and this affords the criminal justice system with an impartial indication (Mapes, Kloosterman, & Poot, 2015). There are various techniques used for this purpose, and all these techniques are well established and scientifically validated (Lubaale, 2015). Thus, DNA databases are often mentioned as competent crime-fighting contrivance as these

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Behavior of Investigator and Crime Investigation

The behavior of investigators during crime scene investigation plays a crucial role in the identification of the criminal. Milwaukee Police Department on July 22, 1991, found a man near an apartment building on North Street 25. A handcuff dangled from the wrist of the man who claimed to receive threats from inside. The claims of the victim encouraged police investigation. FBI headquarters then passed orders for Jaffrey Dahmer’s arrest after

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Are police body cameras useful in preventing police corruption and police brutality?

The main concept behindhand to the usage of body cameras is that the video proof would offer certain impartial facts around what occurs in violent happenstances amongst the police and civilians. However, that is the incorrect method to look at it. As the recordings of the beating of King and Garner’s decease make it clear, video proof could be very authoritative however still not overwhelmed the huge fundamental benefits liked

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The Development of Delinquency

Juvenile delinquency has been a crime since time immemorial, and it still exists to date. It is a surprise, and many people fail to understand how juveniles commit murder. Juvenile delinquency has been appearing in the wake of the Cultural Revolution, and it has become a serious problem arousing our concern in our societies today. Research has been ongoing ever since the emergence of such crimes and different scholars have

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Black Lives and Police Tactics Matter

The question which usually pops up whenever a black person is killed by police is whether the killing is instigated by racism or not. According to many studies on how black people are mostly targeted by the police reveal that racism plays a big part in instigating such killings. Police officers seem to be racially biased when it comes to the matter of maintaining law and order. However, one will

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Victimology Case Study

Walter Lamar Scott, a forklift operator, and former US coastguard were shot down on April 04, 2015, in an alleged self-defense attempt by a North Charleston Police Officer, Michael Thomas Slager. The officer was arrested three days after the shooting on murder charges which he denied. Lamar was stopped for driving a vehicle with out-of-order brake light. Slager argued that he was left with no option as Scott snatched his

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