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Business finance covers a multitude of diverse occupations, such as in global finance, budget analysis, portfolio management and financial forecasting

Practicum Reflection- Covid Management and Prevention

During the 2nd week, Preceptor and I had a great conversation about different possible topics for the change project and how we can develop new professional practices and approaches that can devise new solutions for different areas of nursing practice. After careful consideration to address different issues in healthcare, I have narrowed down Management and Prevention of Covid as a potential topic for my change project. I have selected this

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The Risk of a Recession from the Recent Economic Distortions

Economists are warning the globe against an imminent economic downturn exacerbated by a combination of different factors in recent times. Besides the covid-19 pandemic that left the global economy feeble, the unprecedented rise in the global fuel prices arguably due to climate change, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine, has further increased inflation as prices for food and other essential goods and services increase(Griffiths). Although the greatest impact has been

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Client Memo: Retirement Plan

To: Client From: Financial Advisor Subject: Retirement Plan Introduction Every employee works with the notion that one day the withdrawal from the occupation will make employees think of having a retirement benefit plan. People may retire out of will where they feel not ready for work. It is not easy for an individual to be financially stable and sufficiently equipped with assets that have been obtained throughout his or her

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Developing Strategic Options 1.1 SWOT Analysis of Kasemann Cheese Company The principal purpose of this SWOT analysis is to establish the strategies that Kasemann Cheese company can exploit to maximize its opportunities, combat threats, build on its strengths, and eliminate its weaknesses. As one of the companies that have built itself from scratch and attained the reputation of a household name, Kasemann Cheese Company has numerous strengths that can assist

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Business Communication Plan of Sony Group Corporation

Introduction Sony Group Corporation famously referred to as SONY, is a Japanese continental conglomerate, whose central office is in Tokyo, Japan. It was established in 1958 by Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita. As a major technological company, it operates as one of the macroscale manufacturers of electronic products. The company’s total revenue for the year ending 2021 was approximately 2 trillion Japanese Yen (SONY 21). SONY intends to expand its

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Report: Employee Issues Analysis

Motivational Issues and Reward Introduction Motivation in the work environment is a vital factor contributing to the firm’s success. Motivation is established from the conscious and insensible principles such as rewards and strength of desire. The human resource managers have a role in ensuring that the employees are motivated as a lack of it may lead to problems in the company. Motivation is one of the main reasons why employees

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SSJ No Limit Innovation’s Need for Investors SSJ

No Limit Innovations is a brand-new company emerging out of Southern California. Our primary objective is to aid in the fight against cancer by finding a non-chemical treatment that cures the lives of our trusting patients. We at SSJ No Limit Innovations have struggled to attract investors who believe in our business model as a start-up. After discussing many different ideas on how to improve this, we have settled on

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Stock Trading and Stock Exchanges Essay

A stock represents a small share owned by an individual in an organization. The value of a stock fluctuates as the company’s value changes over time. Stocks are made available to the public when the company needs to increase its financial resources. Stocks are a long-term investment opportunity for the people who want to receive a return on investments (ROI). Types of Stocks When looking at the major stock exchanges

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Trademarkia And The Future of Intellectual Property

Trademarks serve as beacons of innovation and accessibility in the complex intellectual property arena. They are the lifeblood of brand recognition and protection, encompassing logos, slogans, and names that distinguish businesses and products in a competitive market. Trademarkia, a prominent player in intellectual property, offers a comprehensive platform for individuals, entrepreneurs, and corporations to safeguard their trademarks and navigate the complexities of this field. This article takes a look at

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A new UK trade agreement with Pacific countries can prevent Britain from rejoining the EU

Though British broadcasters focused on news from Murrayfield that Humza Yousaf had been chosen as SNP leader and would be sworn in as First Minister of Scotland, a far more significant statement of greater strategic significance was about to be made in Westminster. Since political forecasters prepared to scrutinise Yousaf’s ministerial targets, the UK became a signatory to the CPTPP (Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership) through the trading

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Procurement Management

Abstract The procurement process in business is important in assisting managers to achieve organizational objectives. This research reviews various articles while pointing out the authors’ argument on procurement management, reviewing the processes of procurement management, and revealing the relevance of the procurement management process. The criteria for selecting articles for reviewing the procurement process involved four main steps namely selection of materials, description, category, and evaluation of the materials. The

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Case Study: Kasemanns Cheese Company

Company Background Kasemanns Cheese Company was formed by Willem Kasemann. The company produces traditional Dutch-style cheeses, which have become very popular in the Gippsland region. The cheese company is supported and operated by the Kasemann family and generates its revenue from selling the Gouda cheese. The increasing demand for the Gouda cheese resulted in the expansion of the factory. However, due to the loss of significant knowledge, experience, and planning

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Financial Calculations

Salinas Corporation has net income of $15 million per year on net sales of $90 million per year. It currently has no long-term debt but is considering a debt issue of $20 million. The interest rate on the debt would be 7%. Salinas currently faces an effective tax rate of 40%. What would be the annual interest tax shield to Salinas if it goes through with the debt issuance? Annual

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SSJ No Limit Innovation’s Need for Investors

Southern California-based SSJ No Limit Innovations is a brand new startup whose main goal is to help in the fight against cancer by developing a non-toxic treatment that will save the lives of our patients. SSJ No Limit Innovations have struggled to attract investors who believe in their business model as a start-up (Montoliu, 2021). They have settled on the notion of obtaining investors through the use of marketing companies

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Is It Ethical to Target Uninformed Customers?

Corporations try to acquire new and loyal customers to accomplish their sales targets by hooks or by crooks for the future of their business. To achieve the boost of the sale in an industry or a business for a long time, ethics is of significant importance. The essential steps a company requires to identify the target market are effective market research and analysis. To acquire prospective consumers accurately, industries use

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Anji Heng Feng Sanitary Material Company., Ltd.

Company, Brand, and Products Anji Heng Feng Sanitary Material Company Limited is situated in Zhejiang, China. It manufactures medical bandages (crepe bandages, gauze bandages, Plaster of Paris bandages, medical elastic bandages), face shield materials, and surgical masks. This company was started in February 2006 on a piece of land measuring 12,000 meters squared and is so near to different ports including Hangzhou International Airport, Shanghai Port, and the Ningbo Port.

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Unleashing Innovation Through Fintech Companies in Ukraine

Ukraine, a nation renowned for its tech talent and entrepreneurial spirit, has emerged as a vibrant hub for financial technology (fintech) companies. In a landscape where innovation meets tradition, fintech firms are revolutionizing financial services, reshaping the economy, and empowering individuals across the country. The Fintech Phenomenon in Ukraine The fintech revolution has captured Ukraine's enterprising spirit, giving rise to a multitude of companies that are modernizing and democratizing financial

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Regression Analysis of Amazon

To determine the success of Amazon, its sales and income data for 17 years is given. The data is represented in a scatter plot with income as an independent variable and sales as a dependent variable. Income is considered independent as we can see from the year 1996 to 2002 the company shows losses or a negative income even when there are sales. This establishes that income is independent of

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The Digital Marketing Strategy of Rakuten Group

Introduction Rakuten Group was established in 1997 and is one of the leading e-commerce businesses in Japan. It is an online retail business that is centered in Tokyo and is the biggest platform for numerous online businesses. Rakuten, Inc. operates through the largest online website in the world. The Rakuten Group has expanded its services to a variety of domains over the past 25 years and includes Rakuten Advertising, Rakuten

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Financial Performance of a Business

Introduction XXX Limited is a micro-scale trading business. The business is mainly operating in the business-to-business sales (B2B), however it is not limited to it. A quarter of its yearly sales is generated by the sale to the end consumers. The business is a micro-enterprise as the owners have not hired any employees and manage all day-to-day business operations on their own. This paper will discuss few advantages and disadvantages

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