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Role of Sales Manager for Crazy T’s T-shirt Company


The modern world has changed the conventional concept of doing business around the globe. All companies, irrespective of size and capacity, do contain multiple departments that work together under the umbrella of top management. Undoubtedly all the respective departments have significance in the progress and development of the company, but the sales department is considered the backbone of any company (Liu & Huang, 2022). The sales department in Crazy T’s T-shirt Company is headed by a sales manager responsible for all the leading and secondary functions. The company is well-versed in the T-shirt business in the country. In this concern, a sales manager’s core responsibilities and functions play a pivotal role in shaping and developing the organization’s overall culture in accompanying the staff motivation, training & capacity building, channelizing the communication among pillars of the company and achieving sales targets. However, this paper will explore the role of a sales manager concerning the company’s culture, managing the workforce, handling new changes in the company, devising strategies to motivate the staff, ensuring their job satisfaction, and zealous teamwork.

Culture of Organization and Sales Manager:

A sales manager is a tremendous responsibility that needs immense commitment to discharge one’s duties with complete integrity, honesty, and dedication to following company goals and targets. For this purpose, the overall culture of Crazy T’s T-shirt Company is overwhelming. The company’s primary focus is its valuable and skilled employees instead of monetary benefits. The company’s culture is based on mutual respect, collaboration and progress. However, this company produces and distributes T-shirts according to US cultural and demand parameters with drawing, designing, painting, packaging and sales department. As a sale manager, such a colossal bulk of items is expected to oversee daily based operations. In this concern, it is preferred to take all the stakeholders on board for better efficiency. Meanwhile, I fulfil multiple duties, including achieving targets, giving briefings, conducting meetings, training new hires in my department and customer satisfaction. Our motto goes on as “satisfaction of customers enriches employee’s happiness”. My top priority is two ends of the exact string, i.e., employees and customers. Dedication to our work, high ethical norms and a balance of work have made my department advanced and leading in the company.

Strategies to Manage a Diverse Workforce:

Managing a diverse workforce needs a focused set of multiple strategies to ensure a positive atmosphere in the company. In this concern, building relationships among employees and between employees and management should be based on mutual respect, fairness, overcoming of differences, solution of multi-dimensional problems and mutual adaptation. As a manager, it should be ensured that there will inevitably be no ethnic, religious, or socio-cultural discrimination among employees (Tien et al., 2019). In addition, the management will ensure to conduct of third-party surveys and their unanimous submission and policy-making based on the results of these surveys. All the employees will be encouraged to share their problems by open door policy within the HR department. Another valuable strategy is to offer performance-based benefit packages and transparent promotion policies. All employees are entitled to teamwork to meet the company’s needs and promote a valuable work environment.

Any Recent Change in Organization and respective Strategies:

The flourishing criteria of any company may have an expansion dimension representing its progress and development index (Singh et al., 2019). In this concern, establishing a new unit in a nearby state would be challenging and need the company’s clear strategies and vision. The impact of such change would be the first step, and a comprehensive briefing would be provided to top decision-making authorities. For accomplishment, the smooth transition of staff and the addition of new staff would be another step. So employees would be allowed to ask questions, share their ideas, and provide relevant information based on their experiences. It will enhance their integrity and strengthen the new unit’s foundation. Meanwhile, establishing teams for new units, strong communication channels, reasonable relationship goals among employees, the financial capacities of the company and its purposeful utilization would be practical steps in this regard.

Essentials & Strategies to Motivate Departmental Staff:

The top priority of Crazy T’s T-shirt Company’s management is to fulfil the needs of every employee at multiple levels. For the immense motivation of departmental staff, it would be encouraged to provide a skill-based job environment. For this purpose, the company’s HR department will help and guide to setting career goals for the employees and ways to achieve those goals. The company would devise strategies so that employees would gain equal opportunities to enhance their skill sets and polish their abilities to achieve the set goals (Liu & Huang, 2022). In addition, the company would recognize the employee slots on its front wall to ensure a sense of success and motivation. All the staff members would be treated respectfully and provided equal chances for progress, social gathering and no discrimination on any base. Meanwhile, the company would ensure to provide such guidelines where all employees would represent mutual respect within company premises or outside of the workplace.

Intrinsic Motivation & Job Satisfaction of Employees:

The primary norm or valuable asset for a potential employee is internal satisfaction, and empliyee exhibit this value through intrinsic motivation. Such mounted satisfaction depends on multiple factors instead of the paycheck and monetary benefits. Undoubtedly, the paycheck is the central element for intrinsic motivation, but other elements also significantly impact enhancing internal satisfaction. As a manager, it would be ensured to provide a learning, respectful and knowledge-supporting environment in the company. For this reason, various advanced learning courses and training would be organized for career progress and promotion drives. In addition, various incentives, awards, bonuses, appreciation events, additional leave hours and easy work strategies would be cautiously implemented up to the maximum possible extent. Similarly, every employee would be given a fair chance to progress and move forward according to capacity, competency and capability (Van et al., 2021). Every employee should feel that his work is not the only sole demand of the organization, but their private entity also matters a lot for this organization.

Strategies and Tools to Ensure Teamwork:

Focus, clarity and dedicated engagement are the main features of employees that lead any company towards accomplishing its mission and set goals. At Crazy T’s, it would be the top priority to achieve goals by building a strong team orientation with a democratic environment. The main strategies in this concern include encouraging employees, enhanced trust-based bonds, upward and downward communication propagation and time management. In addition, every employee would be encouraged to share ideas, and their ideas would be considered a valuable asset for the company. The professional and respectful environment would flourish by opening the communication channels with zealous freedom so that every team member would quickly become part of the solution instead of the problem. At group meetings, every employee, including the top slots, would prefer to share relevant information, novel ideas, and reasonable solutions to problems, promoting out-of-box approaches and creativity goals (Liu & Huang, 2022).


It can be inferred that the modern world has been adorned with a complex business world where the sales department has acquired immense significance. The sales manager in Crazy T’s T-shirt Company is the sole person who does look after multiple tasks and plays different roles to accomplish the objectives and goals of the company. Besides training the staff, sales manager plays a central role in establishing an excellent organizational culture. His core responsibilities are mutual respect, self-motivation, job satisfaction, collaborative teamwork, and devising various strategies. In addition, his role also revolves around managing a diversified workforce and handling any initiative in the company. The communication flow under his nose among employees enables him to properly brief the upper management to formulate policies in the company’s best interest. In a nutshell, the sales manager in Crazy T’s T-shirt Company is the central bond which guarantees the imaginable success and growth of the company with its multi-dimensional and substantial role.


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