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Analysis and Recommendation Letter for Walmart’s Strong Online Presence

I am writing this to you to applaud all the employees of Walmart Inc. for the services they offer through a chain of grocery stores, hypermarkets, and discount department stores to their customers in all parts of the United States. Every individual worker at the company serves at the maximum potential they can to drive functional excellence in their respective areas for fostering Walmart’s role in global business leadership.

I also encourage the executive management team of Walmart which has recently announced that it intends to use blockchain technology in its business in the future. This would surely bring potential benefits to Walmart’s businesses including greater security of data and more secure financial transactions. Given that all the big names of global business are moving towards using blockchain technology, it is important to understand for every individual who wishes to work with big corporations what this technology is all about and how other globally accredited companies have used it successfully. So, in order to understand the potential future uses of blockchain technology, I would also like to meet with you and the executives of the company to discuss the implementation of this new technology in the organization.

As a company that relies heavily on the internet and virtual mediums to interact with its customers, I acknowledge how Walmart has done an exemplary job of developing a strong online presence. The company has been working on improving customer service and online presence through effective strategies such as creating engaging content and increasing its social media following. Through strategic investments in both website and social media channels, Walmart has remarkably managed to position itself as one of the leading online retailers in the country, with over 12 million customers visiting Walmart’s website every month. Walmart has also maximized its online presence by employing a more aggressive search engine optimization strategy on the major search engine to improve its organic search results.

However, despite these impressive numbers, there is still room for improvement in Walmart’s digital marketing strategy. To help improve the company’s overall digital presence and develop a more effective digital strategy, after my analysis of Walmart’s strategies I have come up with some recommendations that are curated as follows:

  • The first recommendation is that Walmart should develop a comprehensive social media strategy to target younger audiences who are most likely to make purchases online.
  • Secondly, Walmart should work on increasing the visibility of the company’s social media accounts through targeted paid advertising for which Walmart can explore the use of AI algorithms to personalize the customer shopping experience.
  • Lastly, I recommend that Walmart should invest in developing a mobile application to allow its customers to conveniently shop from their mobile phones at one stop.

Thank you for taking your precious time to review this analysis. I hope the company’s executives and social media management team will take these recommendations into their consideration to extend Walmart’s reach to almost every corner of the globe.



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