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Admission Essay for Oxford University

For my current follow-on service project, my aim of going to the United Kingdom is to get aware of the English culture as well as the diversity difference of the country concerning my native state. It will be highly significant for ethnic diversity. When I was returning from the United Kingdom, I hope the foster an appreciation as well as an understanding of the technology merged with the English culture. The main aim of the paper is to integrate the cultural and ethnic experiences abroad into my project which would help me in understanding the foreign countries’ cultural diversities.

I would be joining the campaign at Oxford University which is dealing with the cultural differences in the individuals on the campus and all over the region. The program has plans to organize multicultural gathering nights in which the food, dresses, and lifestyle would be shown and practiced as well. There would be a diverse body of students involved in the program which will help in organizing as well as maintaining a good dialogue and interaction making the English and international students as well as international students. The dialogues will consist of constructive discussions as well as the understanding of the different cultures and overcoming the issues while having an intercultural interaction.

The connection, as well as the schedules, will be provided through emails to all the students who will be connected through the university portal and the out of the campus students and visitors would acknowledge about the dates through the advertisements in the form of flyers and pamphlets. The local community will also be welcome for attending the session which would also help us to understand their point of view concerning a mature English citizen as well as a foreign citizen living in English land.

The students will also be informed about the Gilman Scholars and the Gilman Scholarships, its purpose, and the way this scholarship helps the students to survive in a financially difficult environment. Currently, it is the season of new students entering the campus. I plan to immediately contact the institute to organize the event so that there would be maximum participation of the students achieved.

In a nutshell, it can be finalized that there would be a good demonstration of the culture and this event will strengthen the belief of the acceptance of the diverse cultures in the society. The people initially believed that the different culture’s students with weak language skills are bullied and are not appropriately entertained in the initial phases of getting settled on the campus. This concept would be made wrong by starting this session which would be highly beneficial for increasing the cross-cultural studies and analysis. Before arriving at the campus, I will make necessary informative emails about the event and its benefits which would help in considering the proposal and preparing its initial implementation as correctly and according to the needs of the society as possible.



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